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Spike antigen DETECTED in blood of adolescents who developed post-mRNA vaccine-induced myocarditis, according to global medical research study


Sure enough, immuno-profiling of younger folks who got the mRNA gene-altering “clot shots” have “free spike antigens” in their blood, leading to inflammation of the heart muscle, that can weaken it, making it more difficult to pump blood, also known as myocarditis. "...

Covid-jab induced AIDS: Sickness and death will increase as mRNA-damaged immune systems succumb to every new disease


The way natural immunity works – meaning unvaccinated immunity – is that the body produces antibodies against “antigens,” in this case coronavirus. These antibodies neutralize antigens by keeping them out of cells, as well as recruit other parts of the immune system to destroy them. "...

Tragic: 6-month-old dies within 10 days of Pfizer jab, VAERS reports


.” > Multiple antigens given simultaneously to an infant risks overwhelming fatal reactogenicity. "...

Planned genocide: Covid jabs were designed to cause harm, warns pharmaceutical executive


“The most important one being that these shots are designed to make your cells attack themselves, make your cells express antigens that are toxic spike proteins, and then create antibodies to attack the cells. "...

Prince Harry claims in memoir that he was bred to supply Prince William with spare organs


Columbia Surgery notes that siblings only have a 25 percent change of being an exact match for living donors and a 50 percent chance of being considered a half match for kidney transplants, as donor compatibility depends on blood types, antigens and other factors. "...

THE NEXT VAX: Big Pharma pushing to release ANOTHER mRNA "vaccine," this one for RSV (respiratory syncytial virus)


“We have observed in preclinical results a very strong immune response against all the antigens,” Ceddia claimed in an interview. “That’s another important feature of mRNA vaccines, particularly our mRNA platform, which allows for including more and more antigens in combination.” "...

mRNA vaccines, a primer: How they work, why they're "cleaner" than traditional vaccines, and why they might prove catastrophic in a rushed coronavirus response


In the context of vaccines, these molecules are called “antigens,” and when these antigens are produced inside the body’s cells and subsequently presented to the cell surface, the immune system, in ideal circumstances, sees these antigens as invaders and builds an active immune response to eliminate those antigens. ... With mRNA vaccines, what’s injected into the body isn’t a weakened virus or even selected antigens but rather protein coding instructions ...

The most damning vaccination study not publically disclosed to date


The researchers used mice that were bred to avoid autoimmune diseases and injected them with solutions that contain antigens. ... Antigens were used without the toxic additives normally used in vaccinations. After seven injections the mice recovered each time with their immune systems intact. "...

Record surge of infections in children


. > ‘So overnight the childhood schedule would go from 54 injections (72 antigens because of combined shots like MMR) to 72 injections (90 antigens),’ Rogers said. "...

Scientists: Mass vaccinations will not stop COVID-19 transmission, herd immunity not achievable


“However, this type of prophylactic vaccines is completely inappropriate, and even highly dangerous, when used in mass vaccination campaigns during a viral pandemic,” A prophylactic or preventative vaccine involves introducing antigens into a person’s body. The goal is that the individual’s immune system will create antibodies for those antigens and become immune to the associated illness. "...

FDA fast-tracking toxic vaccine inflammation chemical to be used on seniors


The antigens in vaccines don't always stimulate an immune response because the person's immune system might be too weak to respond effectively. ... Inflammatory adjuvant added to vaccines to force the body to respond to antigens Knowing that people's immune systems might not be able to respond to the antigens in vaccines, the manufacturers of the vaccines add inflammatory chemicals called adjuvants to stimulate a response in the individual's immune cells. "...

Vaccine-induced tinnitus to be studied, Big Pharma insists "no correlation" between vaccines and painful ringing in the ears


Researchers believe that cross-reactivity between anti-spike SARS-CoV-2 antibodies and otologic antigens can be a possibility. Anti-spike antibodies may react with antigens anywhere along the auditory pathway and fuel an inflammatory reaction. "...

mRNA spike proteins found in heart, brain of deceased "fully vaccinated" man


“Although there was no history of COVID-19 for this patient, immunohistochemistry for SARS-CoV-2 antigens (spike and nucleocapsid proteins) was performed,” Mörz’s study reads. "...

Food-based antioxidants vastly extend your lifespan by keeping your immune system young


A specific protein in the T-cell membrane called the T-cell receptor is in charge of responding to any antigens that provoke an immune response. ... Cytotoxic are created in the thymus to specifically take out antigens. Regulatory T-cells are made to suppress B-cell response to specific antigens. "...

Can this summer lawn weed help protect you from cervical cancer? Researchers say YES


These cells work by absorbing, processing and presenting antigens for recognition by other immune cells. ... Tumor cells are capable of modifying their surface antigens and changing their microenvironment in order to influence the function of immune cells. "...

Vaccines for everything - The quest for a smoking jab continues


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), vaccines work by imparting the same antigens or parts of antigens associated with a particular disease into the body for the purpose of training the body's immune system to fight off that disease. These antigens are recognized by the body as foreign invaders, which prompts an immune response in which antibodies are sent out to fight them - and should the real disease ever come along, the body will be better prepared to fight ...

Coronavirus vaccine-induced injuries and deaths are a "public health threat," warns Dr. Peter McCullough


A prophylactic or preventative vaccine involves introducing antigens into a person’s body. The goal is that the individual’s immune system will create antibodies for those antigens, and become immune to the associated illness. "...

Propagandists now try to position COVID vaccine "Novavax" as HERBAL medicine after realizing public has lost all faith in deceptive pharmaceutical industry


The Novavax “vaccine” does use coronavirus spike proteins (SARS-CoV-2 antigens) to influence the immune system to create antibodies. "...

The CDC finally tells homosexual men to stop having anal intercourse with so many partners... unless they get vaccinated first


Their immune systems have been depleted by multiple vaccines that damage innate immune function, and they may not even be capable of responding effectively to the antigens in the monkeypox vaccines. "...

Exclusive: Athlete who recovered from COVID facing 'very different future' after second dose of Pfizer vaccine triggers myocarditis


“So these are likely to be some of the critical organs that will contain persistent viral antigens in the recently infected. ... If you’ve had a recent infection and you have viral antigens in your tissues, you can literally and immunologically cause tissue damage.” "...