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Yelp now helping Antifa build lists of "racist" businesses to terrorize


The Middle Eastern-owned food stand apparently displays a “Trump 2020” poster at its location that offended Portland’s white Antifas, which quickly added it to their hitlist. ... Hollywood Beverage and Liquor, Oregon’s oldest liquor store, also met the ire of white Portland Antifas after it was revealed that Dan Miner, the company owner, has an “aircraft-sized Trump flag” in his office. "...

Headless Robespierre's cautionary tale for the 'alt left' unleashed on America


And for Antifas, the ever-evolving “cause” is a facade to justify animal behavior unfit for a free and open society. Sure, not all Democrats are Antifas, but all Antifas are undoubtedly Democrats. "...

Left-wing socialist poster reveals EXACTLY what the United States will become if Democrats win


As one observer noted recently , “Sure, not all Democrats are Antifas, but all Antifas are undoubtedly Democrats” — or, at least, what the Democratic Party is devolving into: A mob-supporting collection of anarchists and revolutionaries who are bent on destroying the civil society because they believe they can somehow make the world a better place if they accomplish their objective. "...

Nolte: Antifa, Black Lives Matter move terror campaign to residential areas


Nolte: Antifa, Black Lives Matter move terror campaign to residential areas Monday, August 10, 2020 by: News Editors antifas , Black Lives Matter , BLM , chaos , left cult , politics , protests , racism , riots , social justice , terrorism , violence - (Natural News ) If you are paying attention to the ongoing Antifa/Black Lives Matter terror campaigns in Democrat-run cities, you might have noticed that these left-wing marauders have begun to move into residential areas. ... Read more at: ...

BREAKING: Rep. Mo Brooks says 'evidence growing' Antifa 'orchestrated' assault on Capitol building


“Evidence, much public, surfacing that many Capitol assaulters were fascist ANTIFAs, not Trump supporters. "...

Leftist thugs explode in violent outlash against Trump supporters following Million MAGA March


The Antifas and BLMs also targeted female Trump supporters. > Young couple in DC followed by crowd of BLM-antifa thugs who hit them and throw liquid on them. "...

WATCH: Antifa mob attacks pro-Trump free speech rally at Twitter HQ


. > 🇺🇸🇺🇸⚡️#EtatsUnis #USA #ABD #protests > > Heurts entre la #Police et les #Antifas à #SanFrancisco > > ⤵️ ⤵️ pic.twitter.com/dntbJmZ92B > > — La Poutre d'Istanbul (@martopirlo1) October 17, 2020 The AP reported that “several hundred counterprotesters descended on the conservative protesters. > Police in riot gear now separating the two groups. "...

Police prevent GOP poll challengers from monitoring ballot count in Detroit


One of the Antifas, an apparent female, was seen carrying what appeared to be a shiv, prompting observers to notify police. "...

New York Times says violent Antifa terrorists need to terrorize Portland even more to stave off "fascism"


Describing Antifa members as grassroots folks who “have long denounced police militarization and a punishing criminal justice system,” Baker suggests that only some Antifas wear black and embrace “anarchist-style tactics.” "...

Undercover video shows Antifa revolutionaries plotting "complete abolition" of system


Redneck Revolt also opposes “white supremacy,” wherever that supposedly still exists Deviating very little, ideologically speaking, from the donned-in-black Antifas most people are familiar with, Redneck Revolt claims to be anti-fascist and anti-“white supremacy,” the latter of which really does not even exist. "...

Abandoning any last pretense of law and civility, Democrats now openly support MOB RULE in America


“And for Antifas, the ever-evolving ’cause’ is a facade to justify animal behavior unfit for a free and open society.” "...

Biden blames Trump for BLM, Antifa violence even though not a single Democrat has condemned this monster created by the left


Following her statement, the other BLMs and Antifas in attendance were heard laughing and cheering about Danielson’s death. "...

Antifa's 'inspired' violence is simply an 'idea?' Biden owes police officers an apology (op-ed)


Biden owes police officers an apology (op-ed) Minneapolis laws barring business owners from protecting property resulted in widespread death and destruction Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler wants police officer deputization to end so that violent criminals can be given a pass by the corrupt local DA Cotton: Democrats “threatening to riot in the streets” as Trump names new Supreme Court justice 18 of top 20 cities with projected highest murder rates have Democrat mayors Elected Democrat caught offering ...

CNN continues to serve as Antifa’s propaganda network even though more than 15 journalists have been violently assaulted by the left-wing group


Domestic terrorism in Portland: Indy journalist Andy Ngo attacked with chemical-laced quick-drying cement as mayor, police do NOTHING Ted Cruz calls for federal probe into criminal Portland mayor for encouraging antifa terrorism in his city following Andy Ngo attack - Disqus Take Action: Support Natural News by linking to this article from your website Permalink to this article: https://www.naturalnews.com/2019-07-02-cnn-continues-to-serve-as-antifas-propaganda-network.html Embed article ...

New double standard: It's not "domestic terrorism" when Antifa attacks federal buildings


> > — The Cincy Buckeye 🇺🇸 (@CincyBuckeye) February 23, 2021 > When I watched the AG nominee Garland say that the ANTIFAS attack on the Federal Courthouse in Portland was not a domestic terrorist attack because it was carried out at night, it was as if his hand came out of the computer screen and violently slapped my intelligence. > > — Emilson Nunes Costa (@EmilsonNunesCo2) February 23, 2021 > Today, Merrick Garland: > > —Refused to say if men should play in women's sports > > —Refused ...