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QUACKERY: After granting EUA to covid vaccines for antibody response, FDA now says antibodies are useless


Antibody tests can play an important role in identifying individuals who may have been exposed to the SARS-CoV-2 virus and may have developed an adaptive immune response,” Stenzel says. ... Sources for this article include: FDA.gov NaturalNews.com Previous :J&J forced to toss 60 million covid vaccine doses due to “contamination” Next : Chinese nuclear plant is “imminent radiological threat,” scientists warn - More news on antibody response QUACKERY: After granting ...

BioNTech CEO pushes for booster doses, says vaccine protection wanes after 7 months, implying that the answer to a failed product is MORE of it


Antibody levels are dropping seven months after immunization among some vaccine recipients,” said BioNTech CEO Ugur Sahin. ... Aseem Malhotra: The whistleblower who put the dangers of mRNA vaccines back in the news String of deaths among young Canadian doctors prompts call to end COVID-19 vaccine mandate Canada’s military to discharge unvaccinated soldiers despite withdrawal of vaccine mandates Tokyo Disney Resort to charge unvaxxed patrons higher ticket fees Johnson & Johnson sells its ...

Upcoming FDA-approved covid-19 vaccine is largely ineffective, so get ready for multiple shots every year


The duration of the antibody response is unknown, typically lasting 2 to 3 months; therefore, the long term efficacy of the vaccine is a mystery. ... Clinical studies show that the vaccine’s antibody boost begins to decline in 2 to 3 months, requiring recipients to get up to 6 follow-up covid-19 shots each year. "...

GREAT NEWS: Natural immunity to coronavirus is comprehensive and DURABLE – study


The natural infection also boosts antibody titers to SARS-CoV-1. The CD4 T cells target the SARS-CoV-2 proteins equally, promising a comprehensive immune response. ... These B cells persist eight months after infection recovery, providing a rapid antibody response if the individual is re-exposed to coronaviruses in the future. "...

UNZ.com: Research "game-changer": Spike protein increases heart attacks and destroys the immune ?system


Answer– “The severity of the disease”? You mean a virus that is survived by over 99.98% of the people who catch it? ... Instead, severe cases might very well be caused or aggravated by pre-existing immunity through antibody-dependent enhancement. > > This study confirms the above assertion that the immune response to initial contact with SARS-CoV-2 is of the memory type. "...

New coronavirus variants in California reduce immune response from vaccines and therapies


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) moved quickly in response to the California strains’ purported effect on those who received antibody treatments. ... (Related: Eli Lilly monoclonal antibody drug trial paused over safety concerns .) "...

Pharma hack Paul Offit accidentally admits that the FDA's process for licensing vaccines is fraudulent


In a recent video published by the “Vaccine Education Center” at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) where he works, Offit tries to make the case that antibody blood tests, which measure antibody levels as an indicator of immunity against disease, aren’t medically useful. ... Using antibody blood tests to try to measure a protective immune response, in Offit’s own words, is “not as easily done as you would think.” "...

Boron, a trace mineral, found to be a potent cancer-preventing substance


The answer is boron. An often-overlooked trace mineral, boron reportedly plays a big part in ensuring healthy joints, strong bones, and prevention of certain cancers, according to an article from Natural Health 365 . ... Sources include: NaturalHealth365.com LifeExtension.com Previous :Small, flexible sensor being developed to detect specific chemicals or viruses Next : More evidence emerges that cell phones trigger abnormal cell growth and cancer - More news on anti-cancer Study: 5 Hours ...

New video sums up everything that’s wrong with healthcare in the U.S.


It’s hard to know where to even begin to answer that question, but Dr. Edward F. ... Sources for this article include: YouTube.com GlobalHealing.com Previous :Former Arizona sheriff worried coronavirus crisis is being used to take away individual liberties Next : FDA identifies dozens of inaccurate coronavirus antibody tests - More news on 5g SciFi or real life? "...

Evidence-backed reasons to begin supplementing with curcumin


You’ve probably figured out that it must be good, but if you’re wondering what makes it so special, there is no simple answer. ... Sources for this article include: GreenMedInfo.com Care.DiabetesJournals.org NCBI.NLM.NIH.gov Previous :From your favorite breakfast cereals to your orange juice, here is a list of foods that have “tested positive” for glyphosate contamination – (with editor’s note) Next : Boswellia is a powerful anti-inflammatory herbal extract that can prevent cancer - More ...

Another study shows how quickly COVID-19 antibodies disappear


At the peak of their battle against the disease, 60 percent of the patients had a “potent” antibody response; two months later, however, only 16.7 percent of them had such a response. For some patients, the antibody response against the virus went on to become undetectable. "...

‘Head-spinning’: FDA quietly grants full approval of Pfizer Comirnaty vaccine for adolescents


We spend a good amount of time reviewing antibody data. We have no doubt antibody data is important. We don’t have a level of antibody that anybody is comfortable stating is correlated [with] protection. "...

Coronavirus antibodies plummet by half in under 3 months after peaking – study


Thomas’ National Health Service Foundation Trust in London found that only 16 percent of the people who caught the virus had a potent antibody response two and a half months later. The researchers observed that those who recovered from severe infection had a stronger and longer-lasting antibody response. "...

Fact check: WHO scientist caught lying to public about vaccine safety


(Article republished from JeremyRHammond.com ) According to a Facebook “Fact Check” now appearing on posts containing a link to a YouTube video that claims this is so, the answer is firmly “No”. ... Previous :New York City library hosts Chinese propaganda exhibit on Tibet Next : Purell run starts, sold out across the country amid pandemic fears - More news on badmedicine South Sudan confirms new outbreak of vaccine-related polio VACCINES KILL: Study finds positive correlation between COVID-19 ...

CDC admits measles outbreak is caused by people from other countries who enter the United States and spread the disease


After natural infection, an individual gains lifelong immunity because their humoral antibody response and intra-cellular cytotoxic T-cell response have learned to target measles viruses both outside and inside the cells. ... The first is the humoral response, mediated by T-helper-2 cells which encourage B-cell antibody response for killing viruses outside of cells. "...

A simple quiz to check someone's basic knowledge of math and statistics in the middle of a pandemic


Math answer #2: The answer is at minute 59. And at minute 58, it’s only 1/4th full. ... Math answer #4: The answer is 63.4% To answer this question, flip it around and calculate the odds of 100 people all not carrying the virus. "...

Dear Dallas: no one ever proved West Nile disease exists!


The answer to the first question is: antibody tests. These extremely unreliable diagnostic tests are indirect. ... But antibody tests can and do register positive for irrelevant reasons. It's called cross-reaction. "...

UK Government refuses to publish further COVID-19 Data because it suggests the Triple Vaccinated are developing AIDS & the Double Vaccinated are suffering ADE


Because UKHSA data also suggests the double vaccinated are suffering Antibody-Dependent Enhancement. ... According to scientists VAED occurs as two different immunopathologies, antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) and vaccine-associated hypersensitivity (VAH). "...