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The planned sterilizations of black people is sanctioned by "humanitarian" organizations


The planned sterilizations of black people is sanctioned by “humanitarian” organizations Tuesday, December 31, 2019 by: Ethan Huff anti-minority agenda , deception , depopulation , depopulation agenda , eugenics , humanitarian , kiwanis , minorities , population control , sterilization , UNICEF , vaccines , WHO - (Natural News ) Most Natural News readers are probably already aware of the fact that not everything is as it seems when it comes to government “health” programs ...

In Joe Biden's America, Whites are the enemy


But his handlers clearly do not see any risk in Biden engaging in anti-white demagoguery. ... It’s a pretentious term for anti-white discrimination. And Biden has made it the lodestar of his domestic agenda. "...

Same leftist media attacking Indiana's religious freedom law openly supports doctors discriminating against parents who avoid vaccines for religious reasons


And so the real philosophical fraud of the leftist media agenda is exposed. It's not about protecting human rights, human dignity or minority groups. If it were, then the minority group of anti-vaxxers would merit the same protection as other minority groups. "...

If you don't respect my freedoms, I don't respect your pronouns


Control is obviously the agenda rather than the defense of minorities; all you have to do is examine how they treat minorities that step out of line. ... The battle over pronouns is indicative of this agenda because it requires the forced participation of everyone in the delusions of a minority of people with mental instability. "...

WaPo’s Jen Rubin celebrates the decline of the white population in America


Rubin then opined, “now we need to prevent minority White rule.” Rubin’s racially charged bile is sadly characteristic of the way leftist politicians talk about the issue of race in America. ... Because when we do re-districting in 2021, if we have not changed the electorate, especially in the South, we will have a majority minority population that is governed by a minority white conservative coalition. "...

The WAR on WHITEY: Schools and colleges are now teaching children to believe that being born white makes you a bad person


It’s all part of a much larger anti-white agenda – one that leftist extremists are using to divide the country and create chaos. ... The intention is to impose their agenda on the white majority. It is a fight for equality only in the Orwellian sense … We are observing a grab for power by vocal minority groups that want to be more equal than others. "...

Cigna admits to being a racist health insurance company that discriminates against white men


It turns out that the candidate was actually a “minority,” at least according to the politically correct definition of minority – white people are the true minority when looking at global population numbers. ... These anti-white racial quotas have left many positions at Cigna empty and unable to be filled, employees say. "...

NBC cheers 'end of White politics' with far-left partisan pundit


Because Pew Research predicts that by 2045, white voters will be a minority of the American electorate. So I don’t like to say majority/minority country. Just say white voters will be a minority, that has never happened before, it will have a transformational impact on our politics. > > MELVIN: And this is sort of the thesis for your book. "...

Biden White House pushes race war narrative by blaming urban violence on "white supremacy"


The latest news about the Biden regime’s anti-white policies, which is an extension of Obama’s race war agenda, can be found at Genocide.news . Sources for this article include: ThePostMillennial.com NaturalNews.com Previous :STUDY: Young people are twice as likely to die from AstraZeneca vaccine than from covid Next : TRULY WICKED: UMass Memorial Health Center refuses kidney transplant for unvaccinated patient - More news on anti-white Biden White House pushes race war ...

AG Garland declares his full support for murderous violence against unborn human babies, calls abortion "reproductive health services"


The reason this could be the case is because the FBI has an extensive history of staging false flag events to frame political enemies while pushing an agenda. In this case, that agenda involves protecting the “right” of women to murder their unborn children. "...

Investigation: Medical education and research crumbling under racial identity politics


Activist Ibram Kendi was invited to speak by the Boston University School of Public Health on injecting his “antiracism” agenda into medical care. ... Read more at: LegalInsurrection.com Previous :Obama ordered FBI, CDC to implement globalist ‘health security agenda’ shortly before leaving office Next : ’70s Redux: Biden takes US back to runaway inflation, embarrassing embassy troop withdrawal - More news on anti-science Investigation: Medical education and research crumbling ...

The Left's true agenda revealed: Satanic human sacrifice on an industrial scale and the complete decimation of whites, conservatives, Christians and Western values


Blacks make up only a small minority of the population but commit most of the crime, and Whites and Asians are their favorite victims. ... Top psychiatrist warns of modern day eugenics and compares LGBT agenda for kids to giving children a frontal Lobotomy Google alters search results to discredit nutritional supplements and natural health websites An examination of the Leftist cult and their religion Former staffer admits the SPLC is a money-making scam Politically correct mainstream ...

Bill Gates says we can REDUCE the world’s population with vaccines, but aren’t they supposed to PREVENT disease and death?


Agenda goal one: Decimate the booming economy Trump built over the past three years. ... Health enthusiasts aren’t “anti-vaccine,” we’re just anti-stupidity. Did you know that Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos just saw their wealth increase by $280 billion in just the last month during the COVID outbreak? "...

New report shows China using students to steal American tech


A not so trivial minority of these students, who are enrolled in scientific and mathematical programs, do indeed pose national security threats to America through their theft of research. ... - More news on Agenda New report shows China using students to steal American tech Pope Francis pushes globalist Communism as solution for COVID-19 pandemic in latest encyclical Bill Gates’ global agenda and how we can stop the machine and defend our humanity Democrats threaten to ...

Stunning videos show Aussies finally waking up, fighting back. When will Americans do the same?


He went on to say that officials have “had to tighten the current public health orders because of the minority who exploited them.” Yes, those minority of Australians who still foolishly believed they lived in a free country. "...

China running a chemically-induced depopulation agenda against Muslims, whites


As we reported in the past, communist China does not care for its minority populations and would prefer to see all minorities exterminated to create a “perfect” Chinese race. ... Sources for this article include: APNews.com NaturalNews.com Previous :Claim: Coronavirus has mutated to become more contagious Next : Henry Ford health study finds hydroxychloroquine to be effective against COVID-19 - More news on bigotry China running a chemically-induced depopulation agenda against Muslims, ...

SHAME SHOPPING: Giant Foods now labeling all grocery brands owned by non-whites


If you are white and male, you have no worth, no dignity, and will receive no recognition for your existence or efforts, thanks to the rabidly anti-white leftist agenda. ... And the endgame, if this evil agenda is allowed to persist, is their destruction. "...

Google head Eric Schmidt named the mastermind behind the "fake news" censorship agenda


Rather, these two companies are out to suppress and censor conservative content on the Internet, primarily because it poses a significant threat to the advancement of the progressive agenda. ... As conservatives, it is our responsibility to continue spreading the truth about Facebook and Google, and exposing them for the anti-Trump, pro-Hillary Clinton companies that they are. "...

Exposed: Anti-gun teachers, along with Pravda media, exploiting students of Parkland, Florida shooting


Exposed: Anti-gun teachers, along with Pravda media, exploiting students of Parkland, Florida shooting Saturday, March 24, 2018 by: JD Heyes Alt-Left , anti-gun , anti-Second Amendment , democrats , exploitation , gun control , left cult , March , Marxism , Parkland Florida , propaganda , protests , school shooting , Students , Teachers , Washington D.C. - (Natural News ) In the weeks after the Parkland, Florida, high school shooting I was extremely critical of the American ...

Anti-Trump protests escalate as BLM affiliated school teacher claims "We need to start killing people"


(RELATED: Find more White House news at Whitehouse.news ) The speaker continued her curse-laden speech moving on to things we “need to dismantle” including patriarchy, anti-blackness, anti-queerness, and anti-transphobic. ... Crazy racist outbursts like this are normalized by the left when it fits their views, goals, or agenda. "...