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Anti-Trump AG in New York resigns amid reports he beat, abused women: Another white, male Leftist falls from grace


Anti-Trump AG in New York resigns amid reports he beat, abused women: Another white, male Leftist falls from grace Tuesday, May 08, 2018 by: JD Heyes abuse , Alt-Left , Anti-Trump , Attorney General , democrat , democrats , domestic violence , eric schneiderman , evil , hypocrite , left cult , liberals , New York , resignation , secrecy , sex assault , sexual abuse , Sexual assault , violence against women - (Natural News ) New York’s attorney general, Eric Schneiderman ...

Procter & Gamble declares MEN are bad, attacks "toxic masculinity" in latest virtue-signaling surrender to the Left Cult


Dollar Shave Club welcomes thousands of new male customers who tossed their Gillette products in the trash in response to anti-male, anti-white ad But the good news is that people are beginning to wake up to this anti-white, anti-male agenda, and are responding with both ridicule and rejection. ... For more news about how corporate America is succumbing to the anti-white, anti-male agenda, be sure to check out ...

Gillette goes full libtard; tells men to shave their "toxic masculinity" because being a man is BAD, according to corporate America


As reported by InfoWars.com , the ad in question portrays white males of various ages engaging in various behaviors that have to be “corrected” by women and non-white males – arguably the most blatant display of anti-white, anti-male sexism and racism to date by a major American corporation. ... Bhalla went on to contend that his anti-male, anti-white corporation is “aiming to inspire change by acknowledging that the old saying ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ ...

Alleged suspect in Waukesha SUV incident has posted violent anti-white threats and BLM slogans and rhetoric


Alleged suspect in Waukesha SUV incident has posted violent anti-white threats and BLM slogans and rhetoric Tuesday, November 23, 2021 by: JD Heyes anti-white , attack , black male , Christmas , domestic terrorism , hatred , Kenosha , Kyle Rittenhouse , left cult , murder , parade , race wars , SUV , terrorism , violence , Waukesha Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.afinalwarning.com/573061.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) LA black male suspected ...

We have paid a high price for our insouciance - We have lost our country and our liberty


We have paid a high price for our insouciance – We have lost our country and our liberty Monday, October 25, 2021 by: News Editors American People , Collapse , crime , democrat , Joe Biden , Liberty , politics , rape , school board , Tyranny , vaccine , White House , woke Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.afinalwarning.com/564087.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) In Loudoun County, Virginia, an anti-white, Democrat, woke, corrupt, and immoral school board covered up the ...

ORGAN FACTORIES: Israeli company develops "artificial womb technology" to synthetically grow human embryos for organ harvesting


Renewal Bio says the goal of the project is to create a steady supply of human baby tissue for organ transplants and other “anti-aging procedures,” to quote CBN News. ... “A female’s egg is fertilized by a male’s sperm and the resultant embryo grows in the womb until the baby is ready to be born. "...

How media fell for a racism sham


She was threatened by a white male that told her to watch her back going to the team bus. ... Prior generations of (mostly male) journalists didn’t take sexual assault seriously? "...

Google is a threat to freedom — Regardless of what Mike Lee says


James Damore, a former Google engineer who was fired for writing a memo criticizing the tech giant’s “ideological echo chamber,” filed a lawsuit against his old company over its ideological and anti-white male bias. "...

Woke academics are destroying American history with left-wing bias, new study finds


He noted that other activists posing as ‘historians’ chimed in as well, with many posting profanity-laced tirades attacking Sweet’s gender and race (a white male ) and calling for his firing or resignation. ... Our culture is terminally ill, and our society is in a death spiral thanks to the insanity of anti-Western left-wing ideology. "...

California passes new law to protect abusive parents who mutilate their children in the name of transgenderism


Melendez brought up the case of Chloe Cole, who at 15 years old removed both of her breasts in a failed attempt to become a “male.” ... She is still a female and always will be, but her chopped up body is now a mish-mash of male and female characteristics that she will carry with her for the rest of her life. "...

No, Pfizer can't use the government as a shield from liability for making false claims about covid vaccine, lawyers argue


In a desperate attempt to destroy Jackson over the lawsuit, Pfizer is now claiming that she is “anti-vaccine” and “anti-government,” and thus not credible. ... Sources for this article include: TheEpochTimes.com NaturalNews.com Previous :NYC declares state of EMERGENCY after claiming polio found in SEWAGE (NOT spreading in people) Next : Astrophysicist says climate change has “nothing to do with man,” just a “gravy train” to make money - More news on badhealth No, Pfizer can’t use ...

British astrophysicist: Climate change is a scam, scientists promoting it are only trying to make money


Corbyn was also fined £10,000 ($11,512.6) in August 2020 for organizing an anti-lockdown rally. ... Sources include: NewsPunch.com NewStatesman.com Twitter.com DW.com BBC.com TheGuardian.com Brighteon.com Previous :DREAMING OF YOU: Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence said she sees Tucker Carlson in her “nightmares” Next : Americans to pay more for gas as EU sanctions on Russian oil take effect by end of 2022 - More news on badscience Fragmented, low-integrity mRNA now being blamed for covid ...

Nobel Prize-winning German biologist: Multiple genders are "nonsense" and "unscientific"


That’s called male.” (English translation courtesy of Google Translate .) While there are animals that produce both sperm and eggs, such as snails, and thus can create offspring without having to mate, this “does not change the fact that there are two germ cells, eggs and sperm, and therefore two sexes,” said the 79-year-old winner of multiple scientific awards, including the 1995 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. ... She did, however, insist that one cannot change from male ...

K-12 teachers compelled to take LGBTQIA+ training to brainwash students with perverse propaganda


Teachers are trained to define gender identity as “one’s authentic identity” and the “innermost concept of self as male, female neither or both.” ... WHO recently announced its “gender mainstreaming manual” which asserts that “sex is not limited to male or female.” "...

British government quietly BANS covid jabs for children under 12 while U.S. government still pushing shots on BABIES


“So they literally harm the chances of your little boy child to grow up normally as a male human adult.” ... Nathaniel Pawlowski tells Karen Kingston: The Church has to be involved in politics and fight for the nation – Brighteon.TV The Zelenko Report: Trump critic-turned-supporter Harriet Hageman wins GOP primary against RINO Liz Cheney – Brighteon.TV HIS Glory: Prophetic voice Joseph Z encourages America to stand up against rampant anti-life culture – Brighteon.TV CDC finally ...

Angry transgender sues psychiatrist after hormones and surgery destroyed her body through removal of healthy breasts and womb


She visited him because she was struggling with gender dysphoria and the feeling that she was a “male” stuck inside a female’s body. Langadinos’ endocrinologist referred her to Toohey, who upon her first visit diagnosed her with gender dysphoria and “found she was suitable for hormone therapy, in this case testosterone, which encourages the development of male secondary sexual characteristics.” "...

American Babylon and the LGBT plague


As Paul warns in Romans 1, suppression of truth about God doesn’t just foreclose salvation to you, it sets you on a path away from sanctification, so that instead of becoming increasing more clean, healthy, life-affirming and Christlike, you become increasingly more dirty, sick, death-affirming and anti-Christlike. ... The plainest, most inescapable truth about Creation is that we are male and female by design. "...

BEYOND STUPID: Nearly 25% of Democrat voters believe men can get pregnant


Conducted from August 22-25, the survey found that overall, 22 percent of Democrats are in agreement that a male body is capable of growing and delivering a human baby after about nine months. ... Sources for this article include: DailyWire.com NaturalNews.com Previous :PhD economist says energy and financial situation in Europe is “much worse than many understand,” warns of “mayhem” in weeks or months Next : OBEY OR BE LOCKED DOWN: Trudeau threatens that covid tyranny will return this fall ...

TRANS TYRANNY: Teacher arrested and IMPRISONED for using "wrong" student pronouns


“She believes God created each person as male or female and that there are only two anatomical sexes (except in very rare medical circumstances),” one report explains about Ricard’s position. ... Sources for this article include: 100percentfedup.com NaturalNews.com Independent.ie Previous :“Disinformation Dozen” say collusion between Biden regime and Big Tech is undeniable Next : Tech billionaires are buying up large-scale bunkers and survival gear in preparation for what’s coming - More ...

Global monkeypox study finds nearly all cases involve gay male sex, but "woke" researchers won't admit it


Because it’s so anti-woke to point out an obvious fact because it involved a ‘protected’ class of person, the LGBTQ community. ... Gay male sex acts, obviously, mostly involve the genitals and the anus — how can it then not be “immediately clear” how monkeypox is concentrated primarily in the gay and bisexual male community? "...