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Why the media loves fake news (when it serves their agenda)


It all started when the left-wing Anti-Defamation League (ADL) ran with a story about how Cruz was allegedly a member of the Tallahassee-based “white supremacist” Republic of Florida militia group. ... The Anti-Defamation League may as well be called the Anti-White League As we’ve previously reported , the Anti-Defamation League may as well be named the Anti-White League. "...

YouTube videos to be censored by groups that don't see Left-Wing terrorism as a form of hatred or violence


If this group isn’t extreme enough to get the attention of the Anti-Defamation League, then what group is? ... Then again, maybe not – the Anti-Defamation League has yet to condemn Redneck Revolt as well. "...

YouTube claims to be banning all "bigoted" videos but won't stop bigotry of the hate-filled Left and its attacks on Trump, conservatives and Christians


YouTube claims to be banning all “bigoted” videos but won’t stop bigotry of the hate-filled Left and its attacks on Trump, conservatives and Christians Tuesday, June 11, 2019 by: Ethan Huff Anti-Defamation League , anti-white , bigotry , black supremacy , Censorship , Christians , conservatives , Crybullies , discrimination , Facebook , fake news , First Amendment , free speech , Google , Hate speech , hatred , Holocaust , intolerance , left cult , mark zuckerberg , President ...

Fact Check: FBI/DOJ is LYING; stats show Black terrorists far more dangerous than White supremacists


They are relying on propaganda from left-wing thought control groups like the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) instead of using the actual data to make their determinations. ... Big League Politics has reported on how lives are being destroyed because of the ADL’s paranoid and neurotic campaigns to thwart internet memes: > Days after the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) listed the “OK” hand gesture as a hate symbol ...

Cultural Marxist academic proposes abusing children based on their skin color: 'White kids don’t deserve innocence'


Cultural Marxist academic proposes abusing children based on their skin color: ‘White kids don’t deserve innocence’ Saturday, June 06, 2020 by: News Editors abuse , Anti-Defamation League , antifa , Black Lives Matter , Child abuse , civil unrest , insanity , left cult , lunatics , mainstream media , Marxist , mental abuse , politics , propaganda , race wars , racism , Social media , terrorism - (Natural News ) Marxist academic Tim Wise appeared on CNN where he proposed subjecting ...

ADL, NAACP call for Facebook boycott because platform supposedly doesn't censor ENOUGH


ADL, NAACP call for Facebook boycott because platform supposedly doesn’t censor ENOUGH Tuesday, July 07, 2020 by: Ethan Huff ADL , Anti-Defamation League , Big Tech , boycott , Censorship , Facebook , NAACP , Social media , vote interference - (Natural News ) Two civil rights groups are pushing advertisers to stop doing business with Facebook because they claim the social media giant is not doing a good enough job of censoring “hostile” content. The Anti-Defamation ...

Black Lives Matter is nothing but hate, and Facebook fully supports it


Black Lives Matter is nothing but hate, and Facebook fully supports it Thursday, July 09, 2020 by: Ethan Huff Anti-Defamation League , bias , Black Lives Matter , BLM , Facebook , free speech , hate , Hate speech , mark zuckerberg , NAACP , Sheryl Sandberg , Social media , Stop Hate for Profit , suppression , zuckerberg - (Natural News ) In response to a left-wing censorship crusade that includes a massive advertiser boycott , Facebook has finally caved to the speech police. .....

Declaring "It's okay to be white" now considered a HATE CRIME in America


Being white “excludes people” and is thus evil, according to the Anti-Defamation League A similar incident also took place in Newton, Massachusetts, where someone reportedly affixed an “It’s okay to be white” banner on the edge of a local highway overpass. ... The Anti-Defamation League of New England was also immediately informed about the “incident,” to which they issued a statement about how it’s “pretty disappointing to see people in Massachusetts ...

Apple gave millions to SPLC "con" that bilked gullible liberals out of their dollars to fund fraudulent "anti-hate" campaigns


The iPhone maker also announced that it would match two-for-one all employee donations both to the SPLC and to the Anti-Defamation League, another racist, anti-white hate group posing as a civil rights organization that profits heavily by spreading lies and deception. In an announcement at the time, Cook virtue-signaled to the max about how Apple’s partnership with both the SPLC and the Anti-Defamation League somehow honored the civil ...

ADL and the fake news media are pressuring Parler to censor 'hate speech' accounts


(Article by Shane Trejo republished from BigLeaguePolitics.com ) The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) issued statements last week whining about supposed “hate speech” on the platform. ... “These are the kinds of individuals and organizations whose toxicity is well-known and whose racism and anti-Semitism isn’t very well disguised,” said Jonathan Greenblatt, ADL’s CEO. "...

Stupid white women fall for 4chan prank, shave heads in "solidarity" with black lives


“That troll job was so effective that people have had their lives ruined by ravenous jackals, enabled by the anti-American leftist Anti-Defamation League (ADL), for flashing the innocuous symbol,” writes Shane Trejo for Big League Politics. ... “They now classify those symbols next to burning crosses, Nazi swastikas, and Klan robes,” Big League Politics notes. "...

Gab calls on Facebook and Twitter to be banned from App Stores following Capitol riot


The legacy press, such as the New York Times, and activist groups such as the Anti-Defamation League, each also blamed two challenger sites – Gab and Parler – rather than the big sites like Twitter and Facebook where rioters actually planned their activities. "...

Twitter is looking to further censor conservatives through expanded "hate speech" policy


But many of the groups involved in the Council and in Twitter’s Online Safety and Harassment advisory groups are infamous far-left activist organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). ... In the same panel, Greenblatt smeared online conservatives as being anti-Semitic for their criticism of liberal billionaire George Soros, claiming that the latter was “patient zero for the anti-Semites.” "...

Liberal snowflakes freak out as Black-on-White hate crime is reported at Ohio State University


(Article by Shane Trejo republished from BigLeaguePolitics.com ) OSU reported earlier this month that at least one black student allegedly committed the hate crime, punching a white student in the face after calling him a racial slur. ... They are relying on propaganda from left-wing thought control groups like the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) instead of using the actual data to make their determinations. > > According to the Justice ...

The left's plan to purge military of conservatives under guise of fighting "hate groups"


According to the “lawmakers, retired military leaders and experts on extremism” that Politico selectively quotes, “tackling the influence of hate groups, racist propaganda and anti-government sentiment in the officer corps and enlisted ranks must be an immediate task for Joe Biden’s pick for secretary of Defense, retired Gen. ... Mark Pitcavage, a “specialist” on far-right groups for the Anti-Defamation League, said to the House Armed Services Committee last year ...

Bank of America just shut down all bank accounts belonging to a Baptist Pastor because of his Christian beliefs


Apple CEO Tim Cook brought home some “Courage Against Hate” award at a New York gala sponsored by the Anti-Defamation League. ... Sources include: InformationLiberation.com FaithWire.com BigLeaguePolitics.com FaithWire.com Previous :FDA cracks down on fluoride levels but still allows the neurotoxin to be DELIBERATELY added to bottled water Next : Showy Biomedical CEO injects himself with untested herpes treatment in front of live audience and calls it “science transparency” ...

Jeff Bezos applauds Islam non-profits on Amazon's "smile" donation program, but BANS Christian groups... wow


(Related: EXPOSED: The SPLC is a hate group pretending to be an anti-hate group .) ... As The Daily Caller notes, unlike the ADF there are hardline Islamic organizations — real hate groups — that are allowed to take part in the program including the Islamic Center of Jersey City, whose imam called Jews “apes and pigs,” as documented by the Anti-Defamation League. "...

Twitter censors all searches for "cannabis" to protect profits of Big Pharma... then reverses decision after massive backlash


This might not have been so bad had the Council not consisted of anti-Christian and anti-conservative organizations, such as GLAAD, the Anti-Defamation League, Feminist Frequency and the Wahid Institute, an Islamic organization. "...

Politicians are now a special "protected class" on YouTube


“Correction: Except for anti-white racism, that will still be allowed and encouraged,” tweeted conservative commentator Mark Dice in response to an NBC News tweet about the new YouTube guidelines that was titled, “YouTube bans insults based on race, gender expression and sexual orientation.” ... “This is purely about suppressing content the Anti-Defamation League doesn’t like and propping up legacy fake news media outlets so they can more efficiently lie to the ...

Black Lives Matter 'canceled' after criticizing Israel


Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 1, 2020 Jewish Currents reported last week on a leaked memo from the Anti-Defamation League suggesting they’re “strategizing” behind the scenes on how best to support Israel’s annexation of the West Bank while shielding the foreign state from “political consequences.” > A leaked memo shows the ADL strategizing how to defend Israel against annexation's critics. > > The ADL is particularly worried annexation could exacerbate already strained ...