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Aussie federal government cries poor on fuel taxes – but still has billions to spend on climate action


(Article by Eric Worrall republished from WattsUpWithThat.com ) > ‘It will be difficult’: Prime Minister Anthony Albanese concedes cost of living crisis will worsen ahead of increase to fuel prices > > Ahead of an expected rate hike and an increase to the price of fuel, Anthony Albanese has conceded the coming months will be difficult for many Australians. > > Joseph Huitson Digital Reporter > September 5, 2022 – 10:45AM > > Prime Minister Anthony Albanese ...

Australian and Japanese PMs to sign new security declaration in response to rising threat from China


According to the Epoch Times, Australian Prime Minister (PM) Anthony Albanese is set to welcome Japanese PM Fumio Kishida on Oct. 22 in Perth, Western Australia. ... Meanwhile, Albanese last visited Japan in late September to attend the state funeral for Abe, who was assassinated in July. "...

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet: Australia needs to rethink current COVID restrictions


Australia’s National Cabinet – made up of Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and chief executives of the country’s seven states and territories – announced the decision on Aug. 31. ... Jason Clare, the federal education minister, agreed with Albanese on the “right decision” to shorten mandatory COVID-19 quarantine. "...

Australian MP condemned for speech saying mask mandates, lockdowns are unscientific (even though he's right)


Leader of the Opposition and leader of the left-wing Labor Party Anthony Albanese successfully moved a motion to condemn Christensen’s comments . ... But Albanese believes this is not enough, and he wants the coalition government to expel him from the party. "...

King of the globalists: Charles III is a key figure behind WEF that's pushing the Great Reset


Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Australian Opposition Leader Peter Dutton have differing views on the new British king’s remarks. ... Albanese, meanwhile, defended Charles III’s outspokenness on the climate issue as “appropriate.” "...

Australia's central bank may aggressively increase interest rates as inflation hits 32-year high


Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said the budget would provide the cost-of-living relief without putting pressure on inflation. "...

Hackers leak stolen medical records on dark web after Australian health insurer refuses to pay ransom demand


Australian Federal Police blames Russian hackers Meanwhile, Australian Federal Police (AFP) announced on Friday, Nov. 11, that Russian hackers carried out the cyberattack on Medibank that breached the data of 9.7 million people, including Prime Minister Anthony Albanese. "...

Details of over 1.2M credit and debit cards LEAKED onto BidenCash website


Federal police moved to protect the most vulnerable victims of the attack, with Prime Minister Anthony Albanese conforming that Optus agreed to cover the costs for passport replacements. "...

New trials show naked body scanners have up to 40% error rate


These radiation-launching machines, also known as Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT), have once again been proven completely incompetent and absurd even though Australian Transport Minister Anthony Albanese described the scanners as the "most advanced passenger screening technology available in the world." "...