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Scientists find MICROPLASTICS in samples taken near Antarctica


“Sea ice is mobile, can travel vast distances and reach the permanent ice shelves of the Antarctica continent where it can be trapped indefinitely with its gathered microplastic pollutants,” explained the study’s co-lead author Eoghan Manus Cunningham, also from Oxford. ... Sources include: - More news on - Disqus Take Action: Support Natural News by linking to this article from your website Permalink to this article: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-11-30-scientists-find-microplastics-samples-taken-near-antarctica....

No, Antarctica's glaciers aren't shrinking


The piece explains that both science and media are misrepresenting the situation, as glaciers in Antarctica, the article’s focus, constantly ebb and flow in size throughout the seasons. ... Another thing is that Antarctica is huge, and knowing what truly happens there from year to year is impossible. "...

Don't believe the hype about Antarctica's melting glaciers


(Article by Steven Koonin republished from WSJ.com ) Much more modest ice loss is normal in Antarctica. ... One study used an underwater drone to map the seabed at a depth of 2,000 feet, about 35 miles from the terminus of the Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica. "...

Adaptability and preparedness: 8 Important survival lessons from Antarctica


Unfazed, Amundsen completed his preparations and sailed for Antarctica in June 1910. ... In fact, more people have succeeded in living in the desert than in Antarctica. "...

Disaster averted: NASA confirms the ozone hole over Antarctica is CLOSING


According to the study, the amount of ozone-killing chlorine in the atmosphere over Antarctica is dropping by a rate of 0.8 percent each year. ... A look at the facts - More news on CFCs Ninety-five percent of climate software models have turned out to be flat wrong … but the alarmism continues, despite all the failed projections China caught emitting ACTUAL greenhouse gases that are harmful, while ignorant AOC claims U.S.A. is the problem Earth’s ozone hole rapidly shrinking following ban ...

Volcanic activity in Antarctica responsible for changes in climate in the region; not global warming


These eruptions, they say, released gases that formed an ozone hole in the stratosphere above Antarctica. ... Sources include: ScienceDaily.com IBTimes.co.uk DailyMail.co.uk IFLScience.com Previous :Scientists discover breakthrough method for engineering gut bacteria to treat certain health conditions Next : Peer-to-peer energy breakthrough could allow solar and wind energy sources to be shared across entire communities during grid down blackouts - More news on Antarctica No, Antarctica’s ...

High geothermal heat beneath West Antarctica glacier responsible for its melting


Unlike East Antarctica, West Antarctica is a geologically young region. In addition, it doesn’t consist of a large contiguous land mass, where the Earth’s crust is up to 40 kilometres thick, but instead is made up of several small and for the most part relatively thin crustal blocks that are separated from each other by a so-called trench system or rift system. ... The findings will provide the first opportunity to comprehensively verify the new heat flow maps from West Antarctica....

Study: Fiery "airburst" of superhot gas crashed into Antarctica millions of years ago


Van Ginneken and his colleagues launched an expedition to Walnumfjellet in Sor Rondane Mountains of Queen Maud Land, which is located south of Africa on the eastern side of Antarctica. ... Sources include: LiveScience.com PhysicsToday.com Previous :Light pollution lured more than 45 million grasshoppers into Las Vegas in 2019, new study finds Next : Solar “superflare” could hit Earth within the next 100 years, researchers suggest - More news on airbursts Study: Fiery “airburst” of superhot ...

Antarctica has cooled – not warmed up – over the last 40 years


This influence will likely accelerate the long-term cooling trend for Antarctica in the coming decades. ... Key factors to Antarctica’s climate Antarctica’s climate remains windy and dry, with wind speeds that vary across the continent. "...

Volcanoes beneath ice in Antarctica could erupt and leave the planet "uninhabitable," warn researchers


Volcanoes in Antarctica At least 5,000 researchers from all over the world reside in Antarctica to study the icy, unspoiled continent. ... These zones are responsible for getting most of the ice in Antarctica delivered to the ocean. "...

Scientists harvest first crop of vegetables grown without sunlight, soil, or pesticides in Antarctica


According to Bernhard Gropp, the successful harvest is a treat that reminds them of the normal planting and harvesting methods under normal conditions outside of Antarctica. ... And there are many places outside of Antarctica where they could be quite useful. "...

Extensive sea ice in Antarctica causes disaster for colony of penguins with only TWO chicks surviving


Downie added that opening up the waters of East Antarctica to krill fisheries as the Adelie penguins are still trying to recover from two horrific breeding seasons in a matter of four years is “unthinkable.” ... Unfortunately, a second proposal to create a sanctuary in East Antarctica, where the penguins died, was never officially approved. "...

Ice cores drilled in Antarctica, Greenland reveal scores of gigantic volcanic eruptions during Ice Age


More related stories: Volcanic activity in Antarctica responsible for changes in climate in the region; not global warming . Volcanoes beneath ice in Antarctica could erupt and leave the planet “uninhabitable,” warn researchers . "...

Geothermal heat, internal climate responsible for Antarctica ice melting – not man-made climate change


But the same so-called scientists also forget to mention that Antarctica is a volcanic and geothermic continent to begin with. ... Sources include: StrangeSounds.org Phys.org Previous :Face masks are adding to plastic pollution, and its effects are seen across Asia Next : Pumpkin seed oil found to reduce hypertension risk in postmenopausal women - More news on Antarctica No, Antarctica’s glaciers aren’t shrinking Don’t believe the hype about Antarctica’s melting ...

Geothermal heat, internal climate responsible for Antarctica ice melting – not man-made climate change


Ice is also melting on the surface of Antarctica, but a new study shows that changing wind patterns stemming from internal climate variabilities have been bringing warmer water to Antarctica and contributing to West Antarctica melting. Antarctica is home to a giant “volcanic province” Scientists also recently announced they found what they believe could be another volcanic heat source beneath Antarctica’s Pine Island glacier. "...

Something strange going on in Antarctica: COVID outbreak at fully vaxxed base soon after alleged Antarctic NWO meeting - One attendee tweeted: 'This will change everything... everything'


“Next stop Antarctica.” FACT: There is a “Rothschild Island” in Antarctica. FACT: There is a “Delta Island” in Antarctica. FACT: There is an “Omicron Island” in Antarctica. FACT: There is a “Coronation Island” near Antarctica. "...

ALL official climate models radically over-predict warming, analysis reveals


Someone else pointed out that the global warming crowd is deliberately ignoring the fact that Antarctica has had record cold, snow, and ice accumulation over the past several decades. ... “Even over the past few years, Antarctica’s cold, snow, and ice have hit record numbers,” this person added. "...

17 out-of-place artifacts that suggest high-tech civilizations existed thousands — or millions — of years ago


Charles Hapgood in 1961 saying that this landmass seems to accurately show Antarctica’s coast as it is under the ice. ... He hypothesized that the land masses shifted, explaining why Antarctica is shown as connected to South America. "...

Media lies about Antarctic ice shelf collapsing; the mass has actually gained more ice than it lost


In actuality, Antarctica has been undergoing 40 years of cooling and ice expansion, despite what the corporate-controlled media and the climate alarmists are claiming. “Official data reveals that East Antarctica, which covers two thirds of the South Pole, has cooled 2.8C over the past 4 decades, with West Antarctica cooling 1.6C,” reported Climate Depot about this phenomenon. "...

Discovery of covid-related genetic material confirms lab origins of SARS-CoV-2


While examining DNA from soil collected in Antarctica, researchers say they identified “traces of a unique variant of coronavirus” that they then sent to “firm Sangon Biotech in Shanghai.” ... Yet another questioned the idea that DNA was somehow magically discovered in Antarctica, of all places, and immediately sent to China? "...