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Scientists accidentally discover life 3,000 feet under Antarctic ice


And with temperatures averaging below zero degrees Celsius, researchers have rarely seen animals or traces of life in the waters beneath Antarctic ice. In fact, the discovery marks the first-ever record of a hard substrate community deep beneath an Antarctic ice sheet. "...

Geothermal heat, internal climate responsible for Antarctica ice melting – not man-made climate change


Geothermal heat, internal climate responsible for Antarctica ice melting – not man-made climate change Monday, September 20, 2021 by: Ralph Flores Antarctica , climate alarmists , climate change , deception , geothermal activity , Greenhouse Gas , natural climate change , real science , volcano Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.afinalwarning.com/517247.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) Researchers say that geothermal heat flow, not man-made climate change , is responsible ...

Bombshell science study reveals internal heat from Earth's hot core is what's causing Greenland's ice sheets to slide


The Greenland Ice Sheet is a major player in future climate trends According to Science Daily, the Greenland Ice Sheet is a huge body of ice that covers four-fifths of the surface of Greenland. ... It’s the second-biggest body of ice in the world , second only to the Antarctic Ice Sheet. "...

Volcanoes beneath ice in Antarctica could erupt and leave the planet "uninhabitable," warn researchers


Mount Takahe: Learning from the past In a 2017 study , researchers took a closer look at Mount Takahe, one of Antarctica’s volcanoes near the remote center of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. ... The West Antarctic Ice Sheet is wet, not frozen to its bed. This means the meltwater would act as a lubricant that can make the overlying ice slip and move more rapidly. "...

Something strange going on in Antarctica: COVID outbreak at fully vaxxed base soon after alleged Antarctic NWO meeting - One attendee tweeted: 'This will change everything... everything'


Next, this very interesting thread about the photographs andtweets seen above and below in which we learn that numerous globalists, including ‘Great Reset‘ proponent Klaus Schwab, allegedly recently hinted of a very important meeting going on in the Antarctic of which one attendee tweeted: “Antarctica? ... David Martin exposes the ‘the great reset and COVID-19 vaccines’ agenda - More news on Antarctica Something strange going on in Antarctica: COVID outbreak at fully vaxxed base soon after ...

Alien life may exist in Jupiter's moon Europa and other frozen worlds


In a Space.com article , new research suggests that heat from the hydrothermal vents at the bottom of global oceans could be reacting with oxidants that penetrate the ice sheet, there providing the conditions for life in these icy moons. ... Antarctic and Arctic ecosystems suggest Europa could harbor similar forms of life During this six-month-long summer, there is a massive boom in algae underneath the Antarctic ice. "...

Geothermal heat, internal climate responsible for Antarctica ice melting – not man-made climate change


The radar, which penetrated through nearly two miles of ice to create a map of the conditions beneath it, showed that the ice is melting from the bottom upward. ... Sources for this article include: StrangeSounds.org NaturalNews.com Previous :Colonial Pipeline cyber attack draws attention to serious vulnerabilities in U.S. energy - More news on Antarctica Geothermal heat, internal climate responsible for Antarctica ice melting – not man-made climate change Over 5,000 tons ...

Antarctic news, articles and information:


Antarctic news, articles and information: Tweet Pin It Antarctic fungi could be able to colonize Mars 2/7/2016 - Fungi from the rocks of Antarctica may be tough enough to survive on Mars, according to the results of a study published in the journal Astrobiology. ... Warm water currents melting Antarctic glaciers? 4/10/2015 - An international research team has discovered that warming ocean currents are undercutting one of Antarctica's largest glaciers, with potentially catastrophic ...

Landslides on Mars may be caused by melting underground ice, study suggests


Now, a team of researchers has found that small-scale melting ice beneath the surface may be causing landslides on the Red Planet. ... Coronavirus cases in the worst-hit Asian nation suddenly dip Next : GOP senators who voted to impeach Trump face censure - More news on breakthrough Landslides on Mars may be caused by melting underground ice, study suggests Scientists accidentally discover life 3,000 feet under Antarctic ice Researchers are developing AI that can ...

Warm water currents melting Antarctic glaciers?


"The Totten Glacier is the most rapidly thinning glacier in East Antarctica and this melt has the potential to drive substantial regional ice loss," Australian Antarctic Division glaciologist Jason Roberts said. ... That's because, once the ice overlaying the valley melts enough, the entire ice formation above it could collapse and fall into the ocean. "...

Climate alarmists hype sea level rise by 2050, claim it could be 50 times greater than actual data


In their research, DeConto and his colleagues say that there’s a tipping point of global temperature rise before the West Antarctic Ice Sheet is set to slip into rapid collapse. ... It focuses on warm ocean waters that will eventually chew away floating ice shelves from the Antarctic glaciers today. "...

Ancient plant remains discovered two miles below Greenland ice sheet; evidence questions current Ice Age theories


Ancient plant remains discovered two miles below Greenland ice sheet; evidence questions current Ice Age theories Sunday, December 05, 2004 by Mike Adams , the Health Ranger Editor of NaturalNews.com (See all articles...) ... What this core sample reveals is that the ice sheet must have formed very quickly. "...

Antarctica has cooled – not warmed up – over the last 40 years


A study from Western Washington Universityin Bellingham showed that most of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet is cooling, with the warming constrained in the Antarctica Peninsula. ... Sea ice also increased substantially since 2012, and surface temperatures at 13 stations over the Antarctic Peninsula have been cooling sharply since 2006. "...

Large reservoirs of "fire ice" beneath the ocean can potentially trigger devastating disasters if released


A song of fire and ice Also known as methane hydrate, fire ice – which is also thought to contain up to 40 percent of the Earth’s total carbon deposits, or up to 10,000 gigatons – is a crystalline solid that forms at low temperatures and under high pressure, and is made up of methane gas molecules encased in ice. Due to its unique properties, fire ice only occurs naturally in subsurface deposits where temperature and pressure conditions are favorable for its formation, ...

Ice sheets have always melted quickly when the climate warms, according to research


This major ice sheet is just one of many that has melted over the course of time due to ever-changing climate. ... The more we know about the retreat of the Cordilleran Ice Sheet, the better we’ll be able to predict what’s to come for the Greenland Ice Sheet,” said Caffee. "...

Volcanic activity in Antarctica responsible for changes in climate in the region; not global warming


Ice core studies provided valuable insight The scientists reached their conclusions after taking high-resolution measurements of ice cores that were extracted from various remote locations. One ice core they studied, the West Antarctic Ice Sheet Divide (WAIS Divide), was drilled more than two miles deep and analyzed for over 30 chemical species and elements. "...

Iceberg ecosystems may help ease global warming


The number of icebergs in the Antarctic Ocean has been increasing in recent years, as its ice sheets have begun to break up due to global warming. ... "While the melting of Antarctic ice shelves is contributing to rising sea levels and other climate change dynamics in complex ways, this additional role of removing carbon from the atmosphere may have implications for global climate models that need to be further studied," said Ken Smith, an oceanographer at the ...

Climate change app terrorizes youth with wildly exaggerated sea level projections


A 2015 article by the Express.co.uk has pointed out that satellite images have shown that Antarctic ice is growing, not shrinking. ... The truth is that neither the Antarctic nor the Arctic have shown any outward signs of lost or losing ice. "...

Scientists confirm that slight global warming is GREENING the Antarctic Peninsula with new life, dramatically boosting ecology


Adding that if this trend continues and the amounts of ice-free land from continued glacier retreat keeps increasing, the Antarctic Peninsula will be a much greener place in the future. ... At the moment, there is about 0.34 percent of the entire Antarctic continent that is predominantly ice-free. "...