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Democrats are pushing to pack Supreme Court with left-wing activists, financed by "dark money" donors trying to buy our government


Democrats are pushing to pack Supreme Court with left-wing activists, financed by “dark money” donors trying to buy our government Tuesday, April 27, 2021 by: JD Heyes anonymous donors , Cheating , court packing , dark money , deep state , fourth branch , government , high court , Joe Biden , Judicial Branch , left cult , liberal groups , rigged , scotus , Supreme Court Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.afinalwarning.com/513284.html Copy URL - (Natural ...

Surge in infertility tourism leads to Viking babies


In 2007, Denmark changed its laws and now permits anonymous donors, which has led to a surge in foreign women coming there to receive IVF treatment. ... Many women are hoping that UK laws will once again allow for anonymous sperm donors. "...

RIGGED: New Jersey hospital gives coronavirus vaccine preference to relatives of hospital executives, trustees and donors


Two longtime hospital donors were among the vaccine recipients included in the list. ... It informed donors to call Director of Major Gifts Steve Lapicki to facilitate appointments. "...

How safe are blood transfusions? Some experts warn of potentially deadly side effects


This discovery has raised concern over the quality of blood received from anonymous donors. "...

Tucker Carlson: Doxing of 'Libs of Tik Tok' was a foreign government-funded 'intimidation campaign'


This week, days after sobbing on MSNBC while decrying online harassment, Washington Post reporter Taylor Lorenz drew massive backlash when she doxed Libs of Tik Tok’s anonymous creator in a hit piece in which she exposed her name, workplace, religious affiliations, and political views, after tracking down her family members. > Hi @TaylorLorenz ! ... The Prototype Fund gets its money not from private donors, but from the government of Germany. "...

"Dark money" is what led to Biden's installation as "president"


Despite previously criticizing the acceptance of dark money by politicians, China Joe and his cohorts had no problem accepting a whopping $145 million from shady donors. ... The reason this money is called dark is because it is hidden behind layers of “non-profit” organizations and other corporate fronts that are designed to conceal the identities of the original donors. "...

Libs of TikTok doxxing by WaPo actually exposes globalist left's war on MAGA Americans


The Daily Caller noted : “Taylor Lorenz, a Washington Post columnist, wrote a Tuesday article titled, ‘Meet the woman behind Libs of TikTok, secretly fueling the right’s outrage machine,’ revealing the identity of the user who had intended to remain anonymous. ... In February, the hacker collective Distributed Denial of Secrets (DDoS) leaked hacked materials from GiveSendGo that doxed donors to the Canadian trucker convoy.” "...

Russia's invasion of Ukraine seen as perfect opportunity for World Economic Forum to launch its 'Cyber Pandemic'


The following year, ‘Russians’ along with ‘Chinese’ hackers as well as the “Anonymous” collective hacked into a major pipeline and several companies including JBS Foods, Accellion, Kaseya, Molson Coors, Epik DNS and even Microsoft. ... And now, all of a sudden, Anonymous is back after Russia invaded Ukraine, to declare “cyber war” against Moscow, as reported by Australia’s ABC News : Hacker collective Anonymous has disabled several Russian government websites including ...

Libs of TikTok doxing uncovers secret hacker-government mercenary alliance behind regime's war on MAGA Americans


In February, the hacker collective Distributed Denial of Secrets (DDoS) leaked hacked materials from GiveSendGo that doxed donors to the Canadian trucker convoy. ... Back in 2013, Anonymous carried out operations against the Assad government in Syria. "...

The Epstein fallout continues... and it ensnares MIT and The New York Times


MIT’s Media Lab also solicited consultations with Epstein about how to use the funds he was donating, as well as covered up these contributions by tagging them as “anonymous.” ... Epstein apparently helped raise money from billionaires like Bill Gates for MIT’s Media Lab These other wealthy donors, it turns out, include technologist and “philanthropist” Bill Gates, one of the founders of Microsoft. "...

Crybully WashPo journo Taylor Lorenz doxing Libs of TikTok, visits homes of her family members


(@ChristinaPushaw) April 19, 2022 > Taylor Lorenz is about to “expose” the private citizen behind some anonymous account on Twitter, and when people criticize her for it, she and her friends will claim Taylor is the Real Victim™ and anyone criticizing this type of “journalism” will be guilty of causing her trauma. https://t.co/RnAsVLRbDu > > — Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) April 19, 2022 > Only the narcissists in corporate media could take someone who grew up in Greenwich wealth and Swiss ...

CDC whistleblowers come forward over ethics issues


CDC whistleblowers come forward over ethics issues Wednesday, January 25, 2017 by: Vicki Batts CDC , CDC SPIDER , corruption , Whistleblower - (Natural News ) An anonymous group of scientists from the CDC have joined forces to create a coalition against the uncouth practices the government agency has been undertaking — and to expose them for all they’re worth. ... One must wonder if the relationships with other cash donors might also be viewed as unsettling. "...

Planned Parenthood abortionist caught on video joking about aborted baby EYEBALLS "rolling into our laps"


Planned Parenthood abortionist caught on video joking about aborted baby EYEBALLS “rolling into our laps” Sunday, June 04, 2017 by: Jayson Veley abortion , Center for Medical Progress , fetus , health , National Abortion Federation - (Natural News ) If you were to read anonymous quotes about eyeballs popping out of the heads of babies, skulls being crushed into sharp shards of bone, or the sale of brains for the purpose of making a profit, what’s the first thing you would think of? ... ...

Pollak: The Atlantic hit piece is a hint of Democrats' Orwellian future


Fox News reporter Jennifer Griffin then claimed to have “confirmed” parts of the story — though not its main allegation — based on two anonymous sources. ... Two, or even four, anonymous sources can be used to claim absolutely anything. The Atlantic described them as “four people with firsthand knowledge of the discussion that day.” "...

NYT finds a new way to print fabricated news about Trump: Run a slew of smears and call them "unverified"


While the firm generally works for business clients, they are sometimes hired by candidates, party organizations, or donors to do opposition research as “side work”. ... “Anonymous” author who trashed Trump and tried to blow up his administration turns out to be low-level staffer with little access Video: TV journalists flat-out lying about Hunter Biden’s laptop Defund NPR: Man plots to kill Biden, NPR omits from story that he was Bernie bro with books on Islam ‘Mid-level douche ...

GiveSendGo founders want hackers of truck convoy fundraiser brought to justice


. … It is interesting that this hacker, who’s named himself online, has connections to Canadian intel and doing work for them in the past, and the group Anonymous—a very high level sophisticated orchestrated attack against GiveSendGo .” ... The Freedom Convoy 2022 organizers created the fundraiser on GiveSendGo after rival fundraising platform GoFundMe blocked potential donors and attempted to seize more than $8 million in funds. "...

Investigative issues: The troubling fact is that the media's fact-checkers tend to lean left


Alphabet executives and employees comprise a politically active group that ranks among the largest political donors to Democrats in the country. ... First Draft tends to fact-check topics in a vein that’s consistent with its major donors’ opinions and interests. "...

Joe Biden finally admits the TRUTH, that he's "Kamala's running mate" [VIDEO]


Speaking of gaffes, I’m not sure exactly when this is from but it’s hilarious: > Lol pic.twitter.com/h05QHqbjuV > > — Michael Sebastian (@HonorAndDaring) October 27, 2020 Read more at: TheRightScoop.com Previous :‘Mid-level douche bag’: Miles Taylor blasted after ‘anonymous’ reveal Next : Defund NPR: Man plots to kill Biden, NPR omits from story that he was Bernie bro with books on Islam - More news on 2020 elections Far left Twitter identifies only 7 approved outlets to announce presidential ...

Biden appointee Neera Tanden spread the conspiracy that Russian hackers changed Hillary's 2016 votes to Trump


Morgan, the Walton Family and Michael Bloomberg, while hiding the identity of some of her think tank’s largest donors. ... In 2018, she outed a CAP employee at a staff-wide meeting who had filed an anonymous complaint of sexual harassment and retaliation against one of Tanden’s male allies. "...

#BlueLeaks reveal fusion centers employ undercover agents to target activists


The documents were reportedly obtained by “a source aligned with the hacktivist group Anonymous” after a security breach of Netsential. ... An anonymous source within HPD sent me pictures of training sessions where the activist group I started, The Houston Free Thinkers, and my name were specifically mentioned. "...