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Global magnetic anomaly hit the Earth out of nowhere during deep solar minimum


Search Follow Global magnetic anomaly hit the Earth out of nowhere during deep solar"...

Mysterious "sonar anomaly" turns out to be 500-year-old shipwreck with massive copper payload


Search Follow Mysterious “sonar anomaly” turns out to be 500-year-old shipwreck with"...

NASA is monitoring a weird dent in the Earth's magnetic field over the South Atlantic


observations and forecasts revealed that the anomaly’s valley – the portion within the region"...

Dr. Rick Sheff seeks to merge science and spirituality after having telepathic experiences


aside each as a rare occurrence or an anomaly. But these “data points,” as he calls"...

"Bermuda Triangle of Space" causes ISS computers to crash


magnetic field called the South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA) has been causing computers aboard"...

Up to 25,000 mail-in ballots simultaneously requested by nursing home residents in Pennsylvania


Trump in scrutinizing every statistical anomaly and every claim of voter fraud in the"...

Twitter swamp: Site's $17 million immigrant censor who banned Trump & hid Biden scandal donated 18K to Democrats


Democrats. In this she certainly was no anomaly at her workplace, Twitter, where 98.7"...

Research: Strange behavior of Earth's magnetic field in the South Atlantic believed to be symptoms of an event that repeats every few million years


Atlantic Ocean. Called the South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA), this area makes it easier for"...

MIT Climate Scientist Dr. Richard Lindzen explains: Believing that CO2 controls the climate "is pretty close to believing in magic"


relation of global mean temperature anomaly to extreme weather, that warming has"...

Earth's magnetic field over the South Atlantic is WEAKENING and scientists aren't entirely certain why


researchers. Known as the South Atlantic Anomaly, this area stretches from Africa to South"...

North Carolina Republicans OVERRIDE Dem Gov. Roy Cooper's veto of bill restricting abortion after 12 weeks


24th week if there is a “life-limiting anomaly” in the unborn. Physicians will also"...

Weak spot in magnetic field may be caused by an ancient planet buried inside the Earth


the South Atlantic Anomaly. (Related: .) The South Atlantic Anomaly stretches from South"...

VACCINE ROULETTE: Some vaccine batches far more toxic than others, analysts find


Paardekooper discovered that certain anomaly batches “produced thousands of times"...

Russian missile strikes destroy massive Ukrainian ammo dump containing dangerous, environmentally unsound depleted uranium shells


This indicates that the Khmelnitsky anomaly is indeed a spike and corroborates the"...

Joe Biden is the beneficiary of statistical anomalies that "magically" impacted Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Wisconsin vote counts on November 4th


data that diverges from the norm. If an anomaly is identified, it could be evidence that"...

Media confirming strange cattle mutilations: Cows with tongues removed found in Texas


on it. Skin Walker Ranch is another anomaly. The American people aren’t being told"...

Problematic but not apocalyptic: Weakening magnetic field prompts scientists to ponder what life on Earth would be like without it


regions, such as the South Atlantic Anomaly located east of Brazil, that allows for"...

So-called "manifesto" of El Paso shooter was NOT uploaded to 8chan by the alleged shooter, warns 8chan owner


these, as revealed by Watkins, is this anomaly pertaining to the manifesto, and how"...

Discrepancies between vote tally in Arizona's governor and treasurer races point to BLATANT FRAUD and vote count manipulations


position, who is much less known. “The anomaly was also taken as evidence the governor’s"...

NPR undoubtedly a STATE PROPAGANDA outlet despite its denials


Johnstone, Lansing’s history “is not an anomaly” as NPR is often headed by executives"...