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Black Lives Matter 'canceled' after criticizing Israel


“If violence erupts, the Middle East will be looked at from the prism of the George Floyd domestic movement.” > > The memo makes clear that the ADL does not want to be seen publicly as defending annexation, even as it hopes to mollify annexation’s critics. ... “Do not give the impression that ADL is an ally of PM Netanyahu and a supporter of annexation.” "...

FACT CHECK: It was Obama who denied foreign aid to Ukraine, not Trump, causing the nation to be threatened by Russia


FACT CHECK: It was Obama who denied foreign aid to Ukraine, not Trump, causing the nation to be threatened by Russia Monday, December 16, 2019 by: JD Heyes annexation , attack , barack obama , Budapest Agreement , corruption , Crimea , democrats , foreign aid , Hunter Biden , Joe Biden , lethal assistance , lies , military assistance , President Trump , propaganda , quid pro quo , Russia , threats , Ukraine - (Natural News ) Central to Democrats’ narrative for impeaching President Donald ...

Russian government warns against panic as national currency plummets toward collapse


Actually, do panic At this writing, the ruble was still worth a bit more than it was at its lowest last spring, when it was 50.22 rubles per euro following Moscow's annexation of the Crimea in March. The annexation is a violation of a 1994 agreement between Russia and the U.S. to never use military force against Ukraine, in exchange for the latter's surrender of thousands of Soviet-era nuclear weapons following the collapse of the U.S.S.R. "...

Black Lives Matter goes full anti-Jew: Now racism is part of the terrorist organization’s manifesto


The official Twitter account for the Black Lives Matter movement in the United Kingdom, declared: “As Israel moves forward with the annexation of the West Bank, and mainstream British politics is gagged of the right to critique Zionism, and Israel’s settler colonial pursuits, we loudly and clearly stand beside our Palestinian comrades. "...

Israel is preparing to deal with a looming second wave of the coronavirus


The surge in cases comes as Netanyahu has been focusing his government’s political capital on the impending annexation of parts of the West Bank. "...

Homebuilders inject pesticides into home foundations to kill termites


The contaminated water is an imminent public health risk, so the utilities department is asking Raleigh's city council to waive the annexation requirement. "...

Threat of global nuclear war now even higher than during the Cold War


Russia's "annexation" of Crimea and its sponsorship of a rebellion in one of its neighbors and former Soviet republics, Ukraine, has led to economic sanctions by the U.S. and the European Union, but that only seems to have emboldened Russian President Vladimir Putin. "...

Russian analyst proposes detonating nukes over Yellowstone, fault lines, causing massive volcanic explosion, tsunami and radioactive rain over US


Tensions and animosity between the West and Russia have reached levels not seen since the 1980s, as evidenced by a failed , Russia's "annexation" of the Crimea in Ukraine and the Bear'sincreased haranguing of Western nations . "...

Collapse contagion? Former Soviet Republic devalues currency by 18% as currency wars ignite


It was a move described by financial experts as "contagion" tied to the recent devaluation of Russia's currency, the ruble, which is plunging due to falling oil prices and Western economic sanctions over Moscow's annexation of Crimea. "...

Tumbling oil prices to unleash social unrest across the globe


Meanwhile, in Russia - whose economy is much larger but still suffering, especially after sanctions were imposed by the West following Moscow's annexation of the Crimea and suspected military involvement in Ukraine - the country's currency, the ruble. is collapsing. "...

Cascading global financial collapse now a very real risk as Russia heads for default


Meanwhile, some geopolitical analysts believe that the economic turmoil - touched off in part by Western sanctions in response to Moscow's "annexation" of Crimea and suspected military involvement in Ukraine, and in part due to slumping oil prices - could put Russian President Vladimir Putin in a position where he may use aggression to distract his people from their plight. "...

Global nuclear war is increasingly probable, experts warn


As for the great powers, tensions have clearly risen between the U.S. and Russia, and the U.S. and China - the former over its annexation of Crimea and suspected involvement in fomenting conflict in Ukraine, and the latter over its rising aggression towards neighbors, most of whom are U.S. allies, in Asia. "...

Impossible! Every single one of the 17 flaws and omissions listed in IG report went against Donald Trump — but IG said there was no bias?


Omitted information that Page played no role in the Republican platform change on Russia’s annexation of Ukraine as alleged in the report. "...

Another massive lie revealed in the Mueller Report as the entire conspiracy against Trump unravels by the day


In his report, Mueller claimed that Kilimnik brought a “peace plan” to Trump’s campaign after Russia’s illegal 2014 annexation of the Crimea, which was part of Ukraine. "...

Fact check: Texas has both the legal and moral right to secede from a corrupt union


There, you'll find a list of several other organizations exploring the same topic: Texas Nationalist (www.TexasNationalist.com ) (formerly Republic of Texas), (President, Daniel Miller) TexasSecession (www.TexasSecession.com ) United Republic of Texas (www.texas.freecountries.org ) Yahoo Group: UtdRepTex, established 2005, functional as of 2007 (Combining the New Republic of Texas and Historical Republic of Texas) active as of 2008 Republic of Texas (www.texasrepublic.info ) documents the annexation ...

Indy film industry infiltrated by Nazi-linked SLOAN Foundation: Science propaganda money influences movie scripts at Sundance, Tribeca, Carnegie Mellon and more


In July 1938, four months after the German annexation of Austria, he accepted the highest medal that Nazi Germany could bestow on a foreigner, the Grand Cross of the German Eagle. "...

Black militants are now anti-White, anti-Jew, anti-Israel: Armed Black extremists vow to "take Texas" as BLM protesters declare "death to Israel and America"


.” > 1/2 At Brooklyn “No to Annexation” Rally, Speakers Call to Abolish Police, Israel, and U.S. "...