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Shooting at Maryland newspaper follows left-wing media's complicity in escalating anger and violence across America


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Beginning of American Water Wars marked by 3,000-gallon theft from elderly woman's water storage tank


The Dimaios' home is about 16 miles from an earlier case reported at the Horicon School in Annapolis, where up to 13,000 gallons of water disappeared one weekend in late January, forcing the school to shut down for a day, local reports said. "...

Ottawa police ban bringing supplies to trucker Freedom Convoy – no soup for you!


More than 150 cars were seen protesting in Windsor in the Annapolis Valley. They drove 50 kilometers to Halifax and more cars joined them all along the way. "...

Maryland governor confirms first coronavirus death in the state


Hogan, who called for the press conference at the Maryland capitol in Annapolis, said the state now has a total of 107 confirmed coronavirus cases and that the state saw an 88 percent increase in cases within the last 48 hours. "...

Total surveillance state: TSA plans to track all of your daily travels, whether to social events, grocery store or work


Using technology to abuse liberty is no 'solution' Daly, the director of intelligence-watch operations for iJet, an Annapolis, Md."...

"Pedo professor" from SUNY has lectured at U.S. Air Force, Army military academies


Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colorado, June 29, 2019 - “Statistical Discrimination at the Military Academies,” International Society for Military Ethics, Annapolis, Maryland, January 29, 2016 - “An Axiomatic Theory of Just War,” International Society for Military Ethics, University Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana, October 13, 1014 - “Pfc. "...

Petra Mayer: 46-year-old National Public Radio book editor "died suddenly" from blood clots


Another Twitter user mentioned the vaccination site at Six Flags America in Annapolis that commenced in February . "...

Alleged TRAITORS caught trying to sell nuclear submarine secrets to a foreign enemy had Black Lives Matter sign in their yard, are obvious LEFTISTS who hate America


A humanities professor at the Key School for the past decade, a progressive private institution in Annapolis, Md., where she taught English and history, a former student, Craig Martien, 20, who graduated in 2019, described Diana as “insanely smart” but who was also upset by Trump’s victory and contemplated moving to Australia. "...

Arsenic in your chicken: Guess who is defending its use?


They didn't have your health in mind though when Pfizer employed Tim Perry, who made a cool million last year during a 90-day session of the legislature in Annapolis. "...

Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, author of


I'm the medical director of the Annapolis Research Center for Effective Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia Therapies. "...



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