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Is this still America? High school students forced to wear ankle bracelets so they can be monitored, tracked for COVID


High school students forced to wear ankle bracelets so they can be monitored, tracked for COVID Thursday, August 26, 2021 by: JD Heyes ankle monitor , campus insanity , coronavirus , COVID tracking , covid-19 , fascism , freedom , high school , Liberty , privacy , public education , public schools , tracking , Tyranny Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.afinalwarning.com/546803.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) High school athletes in a Washington state public ...

Should Australia open its borders, politician wants returning travelers to wear ankle bracelets for home quarantine


This would not be the first time that ankle bracelets have been proposed as a way to keep track of returning travelers. ... “Daily contact with those asked to self-isolate – using GPS tracking to monitor compliance, if necessary, as happens in Taiwan and Poland,” Hunt stated at the time. "...

China's health code surveillance system now used to monitor citizens and RESTRICT their movement


The non-custodial code is used to monitor criminals via their mobile phones, without the need for electronic tracking devices such as bracelets or ankle rings. ... [Meanwhile,] the most important thing for the totalitarian CCP dictatorship is to monitor everyone,” said Li. "...

Churches report Chicago officials are threatening to bulldoze their facilities for not complying with COVID-19 mandates


Tony Spell got into words with an anti-Christian protester outside of his Life Tabernacle Church a week ago, which resulted in him being given an ankle monitor after a contentious incident on the road. Regardless of the possible consequences, he was back preaching today while showing off his ankle bracelet in defiance of the consequences. > > Spell told his flock that it is a “dirty rotten shame when you’re hiding in America.” "...

Jen Psaki confirms that ILLEGALS are given FREE SMARTPHONES for tracking purposes


However, she defended the initiative as part of efforts to monitor these immigrants as they enter the United States. ... Second, the SmartLink technology utilizes facial recognition technology to monitor where an illegal immigrant is located using their smartphone. "...

New baby biometric monitoring devices threaten to disconnect parents from their newborns


It is a monitor that signals your smartphone with what's going on with your baby while sleeping. ... And it straps onto your baby's ankle easily, purportedly without introducing toxic or allergy-inducing materials. "...

Basic first-aid every prepper, survivalist, and camper should know


Perform rescue breaths in between, and at the same time, monitor the rise and fall of the chest. ... If you sprain an ankle or wrist, immediately stop and rest the affected area. Then, apply a hot or cold compress to it, if possible. "...

Police group confirms left-wing cities, DAs failing to enforce the rule of law, leading to crime spikes, officer deaths


“We get all these criminals – many who have committed gun crimes, sex crimes, and other terrible felonies – they are released with no bail, and they maybe have an ankle bracelet to monitor them. "...

JB Bardot


Homeopathic first aid books and remedy kits abound in most health food stores and specialty book stores; so it should be easy for a lay person to find a common remedy for an earache, a runny nose, muscle aches or a sprained ankle. ... Forget personal privacy - UK to microchip prescription medicines with new smart pill (NaturalNews) Under the guise of helping people remember to take their medications as prescribed, a new microchip product called Helius, or the Raisin Personal Monitor, ...



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