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Commercial octopus farming could have a "negative ripple effect on sustainability and animal welfare," warns scientists


Commercial octopus farming could have a “negative ripple effect on sustainability and animal welfare,” warns scientists Tuesday, May 07, 2019 by: Edsel Cook animal farming , Animal Feed , badscience , conservation , discoveries , environment , fishmeal , food industry , marine animals , marine ecology , marine life , octopus , wildlife - (Natural News ) Experts spoke out against the ongoing attempts to raise and farm octopus on a commercial scale. ... She and ...

Harvard Medical School fined $24,000 for animal welfare violations including deaths of four monkeys


Harvard Medical School has been fined just over $24,000 by the Department of Agriculture for violation of animal welfare at its research centers. ... Follow real-time breaking news headlines on Animal welfare at FETCH.news The world of independent media, all in one place. - More news on animal welfare Eating with a conscience States weigh laws that would make it an act of terrorism to report abuses at factory farms Pharmaceutical company receives ...

American Humane Certified is raising the bar in animal agriculture


American Humane Certified is raising the bar in animal agriculture Saturday, April 10, 2010 by: Ethan A. ... Animals that produce food products like milk or eggs must also be given proper living conditions, and AHA has established guidelines for its certification program that it believes ensures animal welfare while allowing farmers to operate both practically and profitably. "...

Humane Society Leads Broad Livestock Welfare Reforms


In an article dated June 30, 2010, The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) reported that major farm animal welfare reforms were being enacted in Ohio. ... John Dinon, executive director of the Toledo Area Humane Society and president of the board of directors of Ohioans for Humane Farms, agreed, saying, "Ohioans should be proud that our state will be implementing these meaningful animal welfare reforms." "...

Neurosurgeon murdered dog to demonstrate medical device, animal advocates say


The USDA would not comment on whether the hospital would face penalties for any Animal Welfare Act violations, said USDA spokesperson Darby Holladay. ... "This neurosurgeon should have his licensed revoked and be charged with violating the Animal Welfare Act," Adams said. "...

Frankenstein experiments combine human and animal DNA in the name of "science"


Frankenstein experiments combine human and animal DNA in the name of “science” Monday, April 09, 2018 by: Tracey Watson animal welfare , animal-human hybrids , bad science , badscience , chimeras , cross-species , Dangerous Medicine , ethics , genetic engineering , genetic experiments , genetic lunacy , organ transplants , organs , transplants , weird science - (Natural News ) There are not too many subjects which remain controversial in modern society. ... Sources ...

States pushing to register animal abusers just like sex offenders


The goal of these registries is to protect animal welfare by enabling pet shops and shelters to check that prospective owners are not on the animal abuse list. ... “Current animal welfare law is a start, but there are serious loopholes. It’s a surprise to many that at the moment there is no legal requirement to record an animal abuser’s name and details on any register, or to make abusers report any change in their details or address. "...

Eating with a conscience


Eating is something we take for granted due to conditioning. ... Health and fitness expert Paul Chek deconstructs humanity's battle with the toxic food industry in eye-opening video lecture Unraveling food industry lies - Your meat is held together by 'meat glue' Junk food industry fights against consumers' right to know about added sugars in foods Processed food industry pushing America toward 'perfect storm' of runaway diabetes and death Disqus Take Action: Support Natural News by linking to this ...

Fiendish pharmaceutical animal testing does not help humanity


This is animal cruelty. All drugs on the market have gone through animal testing to be considered safe. ... The Animal Welfare Act (AWA) only protects lab animals before and after testing. "...

Scientists genetically modify animal clones to survive factory farming conditions


Experts predict that genetically altered and/or cloned animal food products could be sold to Britons in about two years. "Cloning raises animal welfare concerns, both for the clones and for their parents," said Dr. "...

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Good news? Kellogg's will use animal cruelty food practices for ONLY 10 more years, company claims


The company recently announced that as part of its "ongoing dedication to corporate responsibility" and "commitment to animal welfare" that it will only source cage-free eggs for its foods. ... That's not "corporate responsibility," that's laziness and an utter disregard for the welfare of humans and animals everywhere. "...

The truth about animal studies: Do they really model human health?


What are the benefits of animal experimentation in medicine? The practice of using animal models in medical experiments, according to its proponents, is hinged on the fact that most human diseases affect other animals . ... (RELATED: Frankenstein experiments combine human and animal DNA in the name of “science” ) “Animal welfare is paramount — if the animal is not well, then the results of your experiments will be meaningless,” Jo Neill, a professor ...

U.S. health agency seeks government funding for animal-human hybrids


Will the United States really be paying for the next wave of gruesome genetic experiments? ... The NIH itself admits that uncertainty surrounding the effects of human cells in the chimeric cells raises ethical and animal welfare concerns. "...

Not so natural: Natural Prairie accused of animal cruelty and illegally filling federally regulated ditches and farmed wetlands


Not so natural: Natural Prairie accused of animal cruelty and illegally filling federally regulated ditches and farmed wetlands Wednesday, August 26, 2020 by: Zoey Sky abuse , agriculture , Animal abuse , animal cruelty , animal welfare abuse , badfood , badhealth , corporate agribusiness , deception , food production , food supply , greenwashing , harvest , lies , Natural Prairie , organic farming , organic lies , Organic Trade Association , organics ...

Intolerant liberals OUTRAGED that head of animal rescue organization is also a Trump supporter


You do great work, but having a Trump on your board while they eliminate USDA animal welfare records is not okay.” ... They don’t care about animal rights! I’m so disappointed in @beaglefreedom. #TROPHYHUNTING.” "...

Calves have conversations with their mothers: cows are intelligent, conscious animals


He added, "By investigating vocalisations in behavioural contexts outside of mother-offspring communication, further research could reveal vocal indicators of welfare - and influence change in animal care policies." ... McElligott also asserted that another animal - goats - are underrepresented in animal welfare studies, even as their numbers are increasing on farms to provide milk, dairy products and meat. "...

States weigh laws that would make it an act of terrorism to report abuses at factory farms


Wallis was the subject of a conflict-of-interest complaint filed in 2010 by animal welfare groups. ... The three federal statutes that address animal welfare, including the U.S. Animal Welfare Act, do not apply to animals raised for food. "...

Industrial Farm Animal Production Linked to Increased Human Disease


Today, there is one more aspect to consider about the consumption of animal protein: the connection between industrialized animal farming and human disease. ... It is the result of two and one half years of investigation centered in four areas: public health, environmental impact, effects on farm communities, and animal health and welfare. "...

McDonald's purchased chicken from farm where workers stabbed and stomped on chickens: undercover video


The statement by McDonald's reads in part: We're working with Tyson Foods to further investigate this situation and reinforce our expectations around animal health and welfare at the farm level. We're committed to working with animal welfare and industry experts to inform our policies that promote better management, strong employee education and verification of practices. "...