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Deep-sea trawling for seafood is destroying pristine marine habitats


The fishing practice known as deep-sea trawling is devastating pristine marine habitats that provide critical habitat for sea life, a prominent marine biologist has warned. ... "It doesn't matter what ocean you go to, these habitats are being trashed by international fishing fleets," he said. "...

Elephants pass the mirror recognition test, demonstrating higher animal intelligence


A large "elephant-proof" mirror was constructed at the Bronx Zoo so experiments could be performed that would provide an index of an animal's ability to conceive of and recognize itself. ... Over the years, researchers have used body-sized mirrors in front of hundreds of animals contained in zoos and other habitats. "...

Study finds beef the most environmentally harmful animal product in American diet


Yet another reason to remove meat from diets has surfaced, this time from a study that identified the most environmentally harmful animal product in the American diet as beef. (1) The study, which was conducted as part of a collaborative effort from several respectable institutions, aimed to show that "current US farm policies and agrotechnology... can change markedly in response to changes in agricultural technology and practice, national policies, and personal choice." (1) The authors ...

One MORE problem with the plastic in the oceans: It acts as a raft, transporting predators to new habitats


One MORE problem with the plastic in the oceans: It acts as a raft, transporting predators to new habitats Tuesday, November 07, 2017 by: Russel Davis animal life , aquatic habitat , clean water , Ecology , environment , human impact , ocean environment , Oceans , Plastic , plastic garbage , seas , water pollution - (Natural News ) Scientists have recently warned that plastics and debris washed into the sea may bring more than garbage to wherever they eventually end up. ... Sources ...

Preserving riverside forests by connecting fragmented habitats may conserve biodiversity, ecosystems


The high soil moisture in forests on the riverbanks or along streams is one reason for the thriving plant and animal life within them. ... Saeki concluded that remnant populations of A. miyabei are essential reservoirs of genetic diversity and that their habitats must be preserved. "...

Study: Demand for biodiesel in Europe has caused huge areas of forest land to disappear


Study: Demand for biodiesel in Europe has caused huge areas of forest land to disappear Tuesday, July 13, 2021 by: Ramon Tomey animal habitats , badclimate , biodiesel , carbon dioxide , CO2 emissions , deforestation , European Federation for Transport and Environment , greenhouse gases , habitat loss , Malaysia , Orangutans , palm oil , palm plantations , Renewable Energy Directive Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.afinalwarning.com/533448.html Copy URL - (Natural ...

Killing the cure? Deep sea habitats hold promise for human health solutions but are being decimated by pollution


Deep sea habitats hold promise for human health solutions but are being decimated by pollution Saturday, August 11, 2018 by: Zoey Sky badpollution , cancer , cancer cures , cancer treatment , coral reefs , corals , deep sea , deep see habitats , environment , marine ecology , marine ecosystems , marine life , medical research , natural remedies , ocean life , Oceans , pollution , research , sponges - (Natural News ) According to Shirley Pomponi, a marine biotechnology expert, cancer ...

Baby bison euthanized after clueless tourists separated calf from herd and put him into their vehicle because they thought it was 'too cold' outside


Outraged citizens began taking to social media, some blaming the tourists who tried to rescue the animal, some blaming the park rangers, and others mistakenly attacking Richardson on the assumption that she was the one who took the calf out of the field. ... When we are fortunate enough to spend time in natural surroundings we must remain respectful observers and do our best not to disturb the few wilderness habitats we haven't yet destroyed. "...

Your toilet or tissue paper may be contributing to extinction of tigers


Converting carbon gases to oxygen more important than providing cheap toilet paper Rain forest deforestation goes beyond even the importance of local animal habitats and their endangered species. ... Hemp is easily farmed without exploiting or destroying natural habitats of vanishing tigers and other wild animals (http://wwf.panda.org/?"...

Climate change didn't hurt the dinosaurs... they were thriving until the asteroid struck


Multiple habitats supported dinosaur populations, but did not always support fossilization In the end, the researchers found multiple habitats that could support dinosaur populations by the end of the Crustaceous Period. Most importantly, they realized that these habitats were not conducive to supporting fossilization when dinosaurs perished. "...

Study: Habitat destruction to blame for the demise of monarch butterflies in California


Experts say that the loss and destruction of natural habitats are to blame for the plummeting numbers of monarch butterflies. ... Other researchers are teaching locals about the importance of leaving at least some milkweed around to serve as habitats for the animals. "...

Only 3% of Earth's land is ecologically intact, study finds


However, many of those pristine habitats exist in northern latitudes, which are not bursting with biodiversity. ... Many of these animals have disappeared from their habitats because of overhunting and poaching. "...

Long-term exposure to chemical ingredients in sunscreen is lethal to freshwater organisms, warn scientists


To this end, the researchers examined the effects of UV filters on water fleas (Daphnia magna), a small aquatic crustacean often found in freshwater habitats. Water fleas are a promising candidate organism to examine because of their integral role in the food web within their habitats. "...

Conserving biodiversity in active pastures: The ecosystem can be preserved with scattered trees, according to research


The findings suggested that areas with scattered trees may help support the preservation of ecosystems by providing habitats and resources around the fragmented agricultural landscapes, which could promote forest recovery. ... The researchers posited that areas with scattered trees can be regarded as keystone structures for animal species and terrestrial plants in landscapes worldwide, promoting greater levels of biodiversity than open areas. "...

Millions of animals are intentionally killed each year by US Wildlife Services


In 2013, the US Department of Agriculture's Wildlife Services killed more than 4 million animals, an ironic twist of fate for an agency that is supposedly charged with preserving and protecting the country's wildlife. ... They include greedy feral hogs, giant swamp rats called nutria, big aggressive Argentine lizards called tegus and swarms of hungry starlings that destroy the habitats of animals native to the United States. "...

Evolutionary biologist says that the rapid growth of cities has forced animals to evolve at "unprecedented speeds"


Human settlements and natural animal habitats According to a study by researchers from the Goethe University Frankfurt, human activity has forced animals around the globe to abandon their “wild ways” so they can stay close to their habitats. ... Read more articles on how urban environments can influence animal evolution at Environ.news. "...

Protecting eagles: Researchers develop detection and deterrent system to reduce wildlife casualties from wind turbines


Impact on wildlife habitats and ecosystems At land-based wind farms, collisions and mortality rates are typically assessed by carcass surveys and long-term visual monitoring. ... Ecological impact assessments were said to have failed at predicting the risk of wind farms to habitats and wildlife. "...

Crabs are nature's "gray men" – experts are looking at how they blend in with their surroundings


Animal adaptation and camouflage Camouflage is a crucial aspect of the animal kingdom. ... The limit lies in the animal’s outline. If the animal moves too much or casts a shadow, predators may be able to spot them. "...

Solar development could negatively affect desert plants and animals, experts warn


Solar development could disturb habitats, harm animals Life in the desert is slow. ... Bulldozers and fences may also severely impact the habitats of other desert animals, such as kit foxes, iguanas, burrowing owls and kangaroo rats, as well as hundreds of rare plant species. "...

Endangered reptile species being sold as pets could be in danger of extinction, warn scientists


This is the case with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), a UK-based animal rescue organization. ... (Related: Modern destruction of animal populations rivals extinction of dinosaurs, scientists warn .) "...