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EVIL: Fauci-run NIAID funded animal testing on beagles, Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene reveals

5 days ago -

"I want you to know Americans don't pay their taxes for animals to be tortured like this," the congresswoman told Fauci as she held up a photo of two beagle test subjects. "As a dog lover, I want to tell you that this is disgusting and evil, what you signed off on. The type of science you are representing, Mr. Fauci, is abhorrent and it needs to stop."

The said testing that used beagles as guinea pigs has been widely reported to be funded by NIAID under the National ...

Avian bird flu suddenly becomes COW FLU as dairy farms begin culling animals to destroy the domestic food supply

4 days ago - animal populations enters new phase

Now, nearly two decades after cows were targeted for population reduction by the UN, there is a new strain of avian bird flu that is suddenly attacking cows! Many of these sick cows are not being treated or given the opportunity to heal. Instead, the recovering dairy cows that do not produce enough milk during the healing process, are euthanized.

Moreover, a brand-new testing system is being ramped up to produce positive test results ...

ANIMAL SLAVERY: Chained monkeys in Thailand made to harvest coconuts for trendy vegan milk

July 06, 2023 -

According to the Sun, coconut farmers in Thailand are utilizing slave labor from monkeys. The primates are put in chains and forced to harvest hundreds of coconuts every day under the watchful eye of their handlers. The farmers reportedly pull on ropes that are tied around the animal to control them while they carry out their grueling shifts in the treetops.

To prevent them from escaping, the monkeys are chained to the floor. But even the monkeys' supposed respite ...

Animals getting sick, dying near “hellish Ohio train derailment site”

February 16, 2023 - animals ... or people."

(Related: These same chemicals are likely to cause "cancer clusters" among local residents in the coming months and years.)Exposure to vinyl chloride linked to liver, lung, and "several other types of cancer"

Vinyl chloride, one of the chemicals the train was transporting, is linked to dizziness, nausea, headache, and breaching complications, said University of Toledo environmental engineering professor Ashok Kumar to the media.

"Breathe ...

Animal feed halt is a Biden Regime attempt to wipe out ALL LIVESTOCK and usher in new era of disgusting test-tube meat

May 01, 2022 - animals, that's genetically modified and mutated to cause sickness in anything that consumes it. No safety tests have been run for human consumption of Bill Gates' GM meat, not for the short term or long term.

Once all animal feed supplies are destroyed and cut off from farmers in America, they will be forced to sell their farm animals for slaughter just to pay their bills, and then there will be no more livestock at all, just lab-meat made from ...

ANIMAL CRUELTY: China slaughters pets as part of its zero-COVID measures

April 13, 2022 - animals could transmit the virus to humans.

More recently, another pet dog was beaten to death by a health worker in Shanghai – an incident that sparked fury online. The beating apparently happened at a residential compound in Pudong district and was met with horror after going viral on April 6.

The clip appeared to have been filmed by a resident from a nearby building. It shows a COVID-19 prevention worker dressed in protective gear chasing the pet down and ...

Animal drug fenbendazole shows promise in treating parasites, cancer in humans

February 03, 2022 -

Fenbendazole, as it is called, is normally administered to fish, birds and mammals. It kills parasites like roundworms, hookworms, whipworms and some tapeworms. It is commonly sold under brand names like Panacur and Safe-Guard.

It turns out that some people with serious cancers have had success taking fenbendazole for certain types like pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, colorectal cancer, non-small cell lung cancer, melanoma and colon cancer. (Related: Ivermectin ...

Animal feelings: Study reveals elephants mourn their dead like humans

January 11, 2022 - animals that live in very complicated social societies with groups that merge and divide over long periods make remembering a wide range of individuals a necessary ability. (Related: More like humans than most realize, Asian elephants are very social creatures with complex personalities.)

With their notorious cognitive abilities, extensive memory, and highly sophisticated sense of smell, witnessing elephants interact with their dead "sends chills up one's spine," ...

Animal study reveals cadmium exposure and Alzheimer’s risk gene may be linked to cognitive impairment

August 04, 2021 -

The effects of cadmium plus an Alzheimer's risk gene

The so-called human apolipoprotein E (APOE) gene codes for a protein called apolipoprotein. This combines with fats to form lipoproteins, which carry cholesterol through the bloodstream. The APOE4 gene is a variant of the APOE gene. It significantly raises a person's risk of developing Alzheimer's, which is why it is considered an Alzheimer's risk gene.

For their study, the researchers wanted to know how being carrier ...

Animal testing could end in America by 2035, announces EPA

August 28, 2020 -

The announcement garnered strong reactions from both scientific circles and animal rights groups. Those in opposition to animal testing applauded the EPA’s decision, citing the antiquated methods and inaccurate results of animal testing as grounds enough for the ban.

But scientists in support of animal testing blasted the decision, arguing that a ban nullifies its role in keeping dangerous chemicals from getting into consumer products....

Animal study finds that Dendrobium orchids can help regulate immunity

July 03, 2020 -

Many factors can affect the function of the immune system. A poor diet, medications and certain health conditions can weaken it or prevent it from functioning properly.

When the immune system’s ability to fight is suppressed -- a phenomenon known as immunosuppression -- the body is left without any defense against foreign invaders. Even those that don’t normally pose a threat to healthy individuals can now cause serious infection. This type of infection is called an opportunistic ...

Animal study shows that Rosmarinic acid can reduce hypertension symptoms and skeletal muscle glucose transport in mice

June 12, 2020 -

One of the many useful compounds shared by these edible medicinal herbs is rosmarinic acid. Classified as a polyphenol -- a category of chemicals commonly found in plant-based foods that confer numerous health benefits -- rosmarinic acid has been scientifically proven to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. These properties allow rosmarinic acid to be effective against a variety of ailments, such as peptic ulcers, cataracts, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis ...

Animal study findings suggest a diet rich in omega-3s may help delay the spread of breast cancer cells

May 05, 2020 -

The researchers also found that omega-3 fatty acids also stimulated the production of T-cells, a type of white blood cell that fortifies the immune system against tumors.What is breast cancer?

Breast cancer is the second most common type of cancer among women in the U.S., according to recent reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In fact, about one in eight American women is expected to develop invasive breast cancer at least once during her lifetime....

Animal study finds that morning exercise improves metabolic response, while night exercise increases energy expenditure

March 09, 2020 -

A study published in the journal Cell Metabolism found that a healthy circadian rhythm and the time of day can make an impact on how aerobic exercises affect your metabolism. The study suggests that a morning exercise session can make it easier for muscle cells to metabolize sugar and fat, while an evening exercise session can give you an overall boost to metabolism for a longer duration of time.

“There appear to be rather significant differences between the effect of ...

Animal study reveals that Chinese mulberry demonstrates protective effects against liver injuries caused by oxidative stress

March 06, 2020 -

The fruits, leaves and roots of the Chinese mulberry have great medicinal value. According to studies, they contain large amounts of B-vitamins and vitamin C, as well as phytonutrients called flavonoids, which exhibit various biological activities, including anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory effects.

To find out if they also possess liver-protective properties, researchers from South Korea investigated the in vitro and in vivo activities of Chinese mulberry extracts using ...

Animal trials find zero-calorie sweeteners during pregnancy wreck gut health and cause liver toxicity

February 11, 2020 -

One of the most common changes expecting mothers make is to cut out sugar. While eliminating this type of sweetener has proven health benefits, many of these women replace sugar with non-nutritive zero-calorie sweeteners, and these are anything but healthy.

The American Pregnancy Association states that stevia, aspartame (Equal or Nutrasweet), acesulfame-K (Sunett) and sucralose (Splenda) are safe for use during pregnancy, as long as they are consumed in moderation....

Animal study findings suggest targeted ultrasound can be an effective treatment for Type 2 diabetes

January 07, 2020 -

A non-invasive way to treat diabetes?

Ultrasound, the targeted emission of high-frequency sound waves, is often used in imaging. As the sound waves hit tissue, the “echoes” (reflected sounds) produce an image. In particular, physicians use ultrasounds to probe a person without resorting to surgery or radiation.

Many people associate ultrasound with prenatal care, but it also has its uses in cardiology and urology. For the former, it is used to measure blood flow in the ...

ANIMAL DIE-OFFS escalate: Alaskan cod populations are plummeting and Australian beaches are littered with dead seabirds

December 17, 2019 -

The conveniences offered by globalization strain regional resources and ravage the food web

It’s Friday and you’re sitting down for dinner at the nearest Red Lobster. You peruse the menu for some fresh seafood. Eyeing the pictures, you decide to order baked cod fish, seasoned with parmesan and tomatoes. You’re just another person living in the middle of the country, treating yourself after a long week of work. You don’t think twice about where the food comes from, how it got ...

Animal-assisted therapy has “paw-sitive” effects on brain injury patients

October 30, 2019 - animal-assisted therapy to their rehabilitation programs for brain injury patients. The animals help increase the participation and motivation of a person during social interactions.

Thanks to the encouraging effect of the therapeutic animals, the patient may improve or even fully recover his ability to communicate and interact with other people. (Related: Analyzing the effects of silibinin against prothrombin kringle-2-induced neurodegeneration....

Animals get stressed out, too: They “remodel” their bodies to deal with it, says study

May 09, 2019 -

Like humans, animals can get stressed out by overcrowded areas, lack of food, and other issues. But while stressful situations often cause humans to develop physical and mental problems, some animals respond by changing the structure of their bodies.

Some of these structural alterations include a covering that protects them from harm and changing their color so that they can blend into their surroundings to hide from predators. These stress-induced forms help ...

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