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Doctor who discovered omicron: I was instructed NOT TO REVEAL it's mild


Angelique Coetzee, the chairwoman of the South African Medical Association (SAMA), made this revelation during her interview with German newspaper Die Welt. ... (Related: Doctor who discovered omicron reveals she was told to label the variant as “serious.” ) Coetzee denounces overreactions to omicron Virologist Jaap van Dissel was among those who criticized Coetzee for her remarks toward omicron. "...

Top South African doctor says COVID-19 omicron variant symptoms are "mild"


Angelique Coetzee, the first doctor to alert the authorities about the omicron variant of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), told the public that the variant doesn’t deserve the hype because it only causes “mild” symptoms . ... Omicron symptoms were “unusual but mild,” says Coetzee Coetzee said that symptoms of the omicron variant are “unusual but mild.” "...

Doctor who discovered omicron reveals she was told to label the variant as "serious"


Angelique Coetzee, the chairwoman of the South African Medical Association (SAMA), recently made this revelation. ... Coetzee had earlier denounced the over-the-top responses of various countries to omicron, which included travel bans to South Africa. "...

No need to panic: South African doctor says omicron has MILD symptoms


Angelique Coetzee, a board member of the South African Medical Association, said high pulse rate and intense fatigue are two new symptoms, but none of her patients have experienced the typical loss of taste or smell. ... “Their symptoms were so different and so mild from those I had treated before,” Coetzee told the Telegraph. "...

Omicron hysteria made 8 top Pfizer, Moderna shareholders $10 billion


Angelique Coetzee, who was credited with the discovery of the omicron mutation, said she believed that the strain could help lead to herd immunity. ... Preliminary data supports Coetzee’s hypothesis that while Omicron is highly contagious, it is not very dangerous . "...

South African health workers: Symptoms associated with omicron are very mild


Angelique Coetzee, a private practitioner and Chair of the South African Medical Association, said: “What we are seeing clinically in South Africa – and remember I’m at the epicenter of this where I’m practicing – is extremely mild. ... “Looking at the mildness of the symptoms we are seeing, currently there is no reason for panicking as we don’t see any severely ill patients,” Coetzee said, adding that the response from many European countries was “just a hype.” "...

Americans advised to avoid HIGHLY VACCINATED countries due to high number of COVID cases


Angelique Coetzee, chair of the South African Medical Association, said that omicron patients are showing extremely mild COVID-19 symptoms. ... Coetzee urged other countries to not panic. “The majority of what we are presenting to primary health care practitioners are extremely mild cases, so mild to moderate. "...

EPIC HYPE FAIL: WHO admits omicron variant has so far caused ZERO deaths


Angelique Coetzee, a South African doctor and one of the first health practitioners to identify the omicron variant, has already stated that patients with omicron had “extremely mild symptoms .” The WHO’s answer to the evidence presented by Coetzee is to say that it could take a long time to figure out whether the variant leads to more severe illness. "...

CNBC host Jim Cramer demands Biden implement full vaccine mandate and use the military to implement it


Angelique Coetzee said that patients who contract the new variant are only experiencing “extremely mild symptoms.” ... And that’s more or less the big symptoms that we have seen,” Coetzee added. Sources include: BizPacReview.com NaturalNews.com Previous :Of course: Twitter’s new CEO is an anti-white left-wing racist who loves censorship, according to posts he has made to the platform Next : New Twitter CEO bans the sharing of any photos and videos “without consent” as censorship ...

Russian scientist claims omicron strain "could end COVID pandemic"


Angelique Coetzee said that the omicron variant only causes mild disease . “It presents mild disease with symptoms being sore muscles and tiredness for a day or two. "...

Should you be afraid of the omicron variant? The Resistance Chicks don't think so – Brighteon.TV


Angelique Coetzee, chairperson of the South African Medical Association and a consultant for the South African Department of Health, pointed out that the variant is a lot milder than most other COVID-19 cases . "...

The new COVID variant scam was simulated in Israel weeks before it was 'discovered'


Angelique Coetzee described the panic as a “storm in a teacup,” adding that she had only seen “very very mild cases” of the variant so far. "...