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Vatican comes out in condemnation of LGBTQP, says transgenderism is an attempt to "annihilate nature"


Pope Francis did NOT sign his name to this document, suggesting that he fully supports LGBTQP The document goes on to explain that, in rare cases where children are born with “ambiguous genitalia,” it should be up to “medical professionals” to “make a therapeutic intervention,” not LGBTQP activists pushing an agenda of androgyny and misandry. ... Kennedy Jr. to file lawsuits against New York State for repealing religious exemptions from mandatory vaccination - More news on androgyny ...

Procter & Gamble declares MEN are bad, attacks "toxic masculinity" in latest virtue-signaling surrender to the Left Cult


Paglia says that the rapid push towards androgyny has always occurred during the “late phases of culture as a civilization is starting to unravel.” Sources for this article include: TheGatewayPundit.com NaturalNews.com Previous :Medical benefits of cannabis SUPPRESSED and banned throughout most of the 20th century Next : Bitcoin is NOT decentralized: Just 1,000 accounts control 85% of all Bitcoins in the world… and they easily rig market swings to skim profits from the masses - More news ...

Parents sound alarm over children being indoctrinated into transgender cults at universities... "daughters come home with their breasts cut off"


“I’ve always been fascinated, attracted to the subject of androgyny,” says Camille Paglia, a left-wing feminist who’s hardly conservative or anything resembling “transphobic.” “But the more I explored it, I realized that historically the movement towards androgyny occurs in late phases of culture as a civilization is starting to unravel.” "...



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