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More proof that Netflix is a pedophile operation: Show creator admits to stalking, lusting over 14-year-old boy


Julia Vickerman, the mind behind Twelve Forever, tagged the now-deleted Tumblr post with the hashtag #pedophilia, and proceeded to describe the child object of her affections as a: “… beautiful androgynous long black-haired emo 14-year-old boy wearing tight black pants and a black t-shirt emblazoned with the name of some band that probably sucks and his lip-injected fake-red-haired mother who looked like a washed up rockstar.” ... Sources for this article include: BigLeaguePolitics.com NaturalNews....

Even Scientific American has abandoned science by embracing the pseudoscience of transgenderism


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Report: California school district textbook claims there are EIGHT genders


The different ‘genders’ that the book lists include agender, androgynous, bigender, cisgender, gender fluid, gender non-conforming and gender questioning. "...

Why do Democrats celebrate Ukraine's national pride and patriotism but DESPISE Americans who exhibit the same thing?


Squires noted: The entire thread was completely on-brand for NPR, from the thumbnail illustration of an androgynous person of color laying in the fetal position to the language of personal therapy emanating from the subsequent tweets. "...

WOKE CULT: Pentagon officials now say pregnant female soldiers will LEAD America's national defense


Army Twitter account, which featured a photo of an androgynous person handling a Gatling gun. "...

DEPOPULATION assault is working: Sperm viability plunges among men


The whole situation is ominous for the future of not only males, but also the human species as a whole, which is becoming increasingly androgynous as a result of things like endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs). "...

Mother says daughter's entire friend group 'discovered' that they are transgender


The mother continued on to say that “This new subculture could have been quite harmless,” citing androgynous icons like Annie Lennox and David Bowie. "...

COVID HUMILIATION: Service industry workers in Maine now have to wear DOG CONES because of coronavirus


Peak insanity Mills, who again looks like some sort of hideous, androgynous chimera, is directly to blame for the new decree, which she issued supposedly in response to the widespread fear still present throughout the United States over a phony plandemic that, at this point, represents little more than Munchausen syndrome by proxy among mostly Democrats. "...

Human composting legalization now promoted as "organic" fertilizer, just like biosludge sewage sludge from cities


Writing for Grist back in 2015, guest columnist Katie Herzog, who’s “in her late 30s, short-haired and androgynous, and … lives with her girlfriend and two kids in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood,” admitted that liquid cremation differs from traditional cremation in that normal cremated remains “are devoid of nutrients.” "...

Gender is NOT a "social construct" - it has a real biological basis


No matter how much modern-day feminists would prefer that everyone be sex-less and androgynous, nothing could be more unscientific. "...

Nike-owned Converse shoe company exploits child-abused "drag kid" in latest act of corporate pandering to evil LGBT mafia


Though Desmond has admitted that he prefers to do boy things like play with trucks, Wendy in particular has been steering the boy to wear hideously androgynous drag getups and perform at gay clubs pretty much since he was born – and the perverted Cult of LGBTPQ sees nothing wrong with this, naturally. "...

New medicine of the Left: DIY removal of penis and testicles


“It’s kind of a middle ground in-between the two, an androgynous in-between.” For related stories about the gender insanity that’s destroying our youth, be sure to check out Gender.news . "...

Indoctrinating children with leftist transgender dogma is child abuse and sexual assault against minors


Its members instead want to brainwash children into believing that all humans are androgynous and sexless , and that transgenderism is the path forward for humanity. "...

America: The land of total moral depravity


If they achieve their endgame, the entire American population will essentially be transformed into an androgynous mass of genderless, flesh-suited robots that do nothing but work 24/7, pay their taxes to fund socialism, and exist as good little globalist slaves – and nothing more beyond that. "...

Celebrated Democrat "Beto" O'Rourke outed wearing "Devil goat" costume; left-wing media tries to spin narrative away from Satanism


As Vigilent Citizen explains: Baphomet himself is an androgynous character as it is bearing the characteristics of both sexes: female breasts and a rod representing the erect phallus. "...

Progressive men literally start cutting off their own balls as gender insanity reaches new level of dangerous mental illness (op-ed)


The UK Daily Mail also covered the astonishing story, adding that, “Gates said he always felt somewhere between man and woman – ‘an androgynous in-between.'” "...



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