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A land before time: Continents found deep underground could have been formed nearly 4.5 billion years ago


A land before time: Continents found deep underground could have been formed nearly 4.5 billion years ago Monday, August 31, 2020 by: Virgilio Marin ancient continents , ancient earth , Big Bang , discovery environment , geology , goodscience , meteorite impact , Moon , tectonic plates , underground continent Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.clearnewswire.com/452104.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) Primitive continents as old as Earth ...

Study: Plate tectonics that shifted continents across Earth started at least 2.5 billion years ago


This movement causes both earthquakes and the movement of continents across the surface of the Earth. ... “Understanding how the ancient Earth was different to the modern Earth is key to accurately interpreting how Earth’s rocks formed,” said Johnson. "...

Ancient reptilian vegetarians: Scientists discover fossilized teeth of extinct crocs that dined on plants


However, recent research shows that the crocodile’s ancient relatives, which lived around 200 million years ago, were in fact vegetarians . ... The herbivores lived on different continents at different times, some alongside mammals and mammal relatives, and others did not. "...

Moon-creating collision may have stripped up to 60 percent of ancient Earth's atmosphere


Moon-creating collision may have stripped up to 60 percent of ancient Earth’s atmosphere Tuesday, October 06, 2020 by: Virgilio Marin ancient earth , Apollo mission , cosmic giant impact hypothesis , goodscience , Moon , planetary collisions , proto-Earth , simulation , Space , space research Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.clearnewswire.com/462534.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) Ancient Earth may have lost as much as 60 percent of its atmosphere as ...

New satellite data from NASA show how carbon links everything on Earth


Another paper noted that the eruption of carbon was due to how the plants from these continents reacted to the abrupt depletion of this crucial element. ... (Related: Understanding the global carbon cycle: Most CO2 is bound up in Earth’s core, which is why CO2 levels rise when continents move .) "...

Earth may have been a "water world" three billion years ago, new research suggests


Since ancient Earth was much warmer internally then than it is today, it follows that the water storage capacity of its mantle now is higher than it once was. ... Follow Research.news for more articles about ancient Earth and water worlds. Sources include: DailyMail.co.uk AGUPubs.OnlineLibrary.Wiley.com ScienceMag.org Previous :Experts warn that undisclosed ingredients in weedkillers can kill bees, even without glyphosate - More news on ancient earth Earth may have been ...

Other planets may be home to more diverse life forms than Earth, suggest scientists


The group found that a dense atmosphere, the presence of continents and a slow rotation rate all pointed to a great potential for life. ... These conditions include a dense atmosphere, the presence of continents and a slow rotation rate. "...

How the world's largest desert sustains the most biodiverse ecosystem on Earth


"Even tens of millions of years after South America separated from Africa, the two continents are still inextricably linked, like an older brother and a younger brother," says climate scientist Charlie Zender of the University of California, Irvine. It's explained in a NASA Goddard Space Flight Center video that accompanied a Wired.com article on the topic that the crucial link between the two continents comes from something many people might otherwise not readily consider: dust....

A dead supercontinent is partly responsible for the ocean sinking into the Earth's mantle, explain researchers


A dead supercontinent is partly responsible for the ocean sinking into the Earth’s mantle, explain researchers Monday, January 20, 2020 by: Michael Alexander continents , Earth Changes , Ecology , environment , geology , goodpollution , goodscience , Oceans , pangaea , planet Earth , research , science and technology , sea level , seas , weird science - (Natural News ) Every day, hundreds of millions of gallons of water drain from the oceans into the Earth’s mantle , and geologists think ...

Water on the Red Planet: NASA's Curiosity rover discovers high amount of clay on Mars


There is evidence suggesting that the rocks formed as layers of mud around ancient lakes. ... Now, humanity is perhaps only a few decades away from finding out whether ancient microorganisms used to live on Mars. "...

Geologists may have found the remains of long-lost tectonic plate


“When ‘raised’ back to the earth’s surface and reconstructed, the boundaries of this ancient Resurrection tectonic plate match well with the ancient volcanic belts in Washington State and Alaska,” said co-author Jonny Wu of the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences. ... (Related: Study: Plate tectonics that shifted continents across Earth started at least 2.5 billion years ago .) "...

Use cinnamon for colds, coughs and diabetes


This tree first originated in Ceylon, but it is now found on many continents and in many countries, from India to Egypt, and from Vietnam to Brazil. ... The Name of Cinnamon The name of the cinnamon plant comes from the ancient Hebrew word, "amomon," meaning ancient spice. "...

Cassava: A Mythological Super-Food Transcends Time with Health Benefits


Cassava's importance is well known as it is a popularly chosen vegetable for over 500 million people but what was its position amongst other foods in more ancient times? ... The cassava plant appears in many ancient stories. In one mythology, the supreme deity of the Tainos is Yucahu, the lord/giver of the yucca and god of the sea. "...

Underwater geology: Scientists have discovered that ocean currents create avalanches, rivers and other seafloor infrastructure changes


Sources include: Dur.ac.uk Indiana.edu Previous :Alcohol and brain health: Study finds moderate drinking on a regular basis promotes longevity and cognitive function Next : Get that baby outside: New study finds exposure to high levels of vitamin D in early childhood reduces risk of diabetes - More news on geology Ancient rocks provide new clues on how volcanoes caused “biggest mass extinction” ever Is the Cascadia Subduction Zone about to blow? “Tree kill zone” in Yellowstone National Park ...

Top ten healthy reasons to eat chocolate


Food of the gods (and mere mortals too) Relished for over 3,000 years, chocolate (also known as cacao in its purest form) has been used as a potent tonic, aphrodisiac and mighty food across cultures and continents. The ancient Aztecs raised cacao worship to new levels, reserving it for royalty and specific ceremonies. "...

How does TCM diagnose and treat indigestion?


Functional dyspepsia and spleen deficiency syndrome in traditional Chinese medicine Spleen deficiency syndrome (SDS) is a set of symptoms commonly used by ancient Chinese healers to describe a state of low-energy metabolism. ... Sources include: Science.news Nature.com CMJournal.BiomedCentral.com ADA.com HealthCMI.com MindBodyGreen.com Previous :Researchers take a page from ancient TCM practices for treating fibromyalgia Next : Vampirecups are parasitic plants with antioxidant and ...

Search for origin of life intensifies as NASA probes alien oceans on moons in the outer solar system


For instance, it may have originated in the hydrothermal vents of our ocean or in warm tide pools on the continents of an ancient Earth,” said Kevin Hand, head of NASA’s Ocean Worlds Lab. ... “That’s not to say we’d be able to cross off the potential for the origin of life in tide pools on ancient Earth, but if we found life in hydrothermal vents on these moons, we would at least have another data point,” Hand added. "...

Protecting old trees: Self-contained ecosystems, the majestic giants clean more air and produce more offspring than younger trees


The researchers surveyed 673,046 individual trees and more than 400 species, going back as far as 80 years ago, on six continents. ... Oldest living trees For the longest time, an ancient Great Basin bristlecone pine (Pinus longaeva) aptly named Methuselah was recognized as the oldest living tree in the world, having lived a staggering 4,845 years in the White Mountains of California, in Inyo National Forest. "...

Cold temperature lipid created by the body may lower blood sugar, report scientists


Thousands of years ago, the Earth’s average temperatures dropped abruptly, plunging the continents into deeper snow and causing the death of many life forms, including humans. ... Moalem suggests the ancient humans likely had reduced insulin output that elevated their blood sugar levels and raised their bodies’ freezing point. "...

Biodiversity results in healthier, more productive ecosystems and can even help guard against extreme weather


These studies spanned all seven continents and included more than 600,000 sampling locations around the world. ... The domestic horse is evidence of how humans can decimate an ENTIRE species – only 2 types of lineages are left Scientists turn to elk to help restore damaged strip-mined land Raising farmed salmon means KILLING tons of wild fish to make fish food Sailing scientists discover almost 200,000 marine virus species: Data can help biologists understand how viruses affect the marine ...