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Massachusetts high school trying to erase "gendered terms" from biology class


Massachusetts high school trying to erase “gendered terms” from biology class Saturday, February 12, 2022 by: Ethan Huff biology , gender , gender confused , gendered terms , high school , LGBT , lgbtq , Liberal , Massachusetts , Needham High School , Parents Defending Education , perversion , woketards This article may contain statements that reflect the opinion of the author Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://citizens.news/592051.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) The ...

Fascinating biology: Here's why certain animals have DOZENS of bones in their skulls


Fascinating biology: Here’s why certain animals have DOZENS of bones in their skulls Tuesday, August 04, 2020 by: Michael Alexander animals , biology , Bones , cool science , cranial flexibility , cranial kinesis , Ecology , Evolution , feeding behavior , goodscience , real science , research , skulls , weird science , wildlife Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.distributednews.com/403009.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) Contrary to what most people might think, ...

Ancient medicine rediscovered: Cooling compounds ease chronic pain


The ancient Greeks used mint oil on sprains, joint pains and inflammation, and traditional Chinese medicine uses the substance in the same way, according to a team of University of Edinburgh researches who have created a cooling compound with mint oil properties. ... The study, published in the journal Current Biology, also noted that the compounds could provide pain relief for chronic pain sufferers - such as arthritis sufferers or people who endure pain from nerve damage or spinal ...

Perfect predator: The T. rex's stiff skull enabled it to SHATTER the bones of its prey


Perfect predator: The T. rex’s stiff skull enabled it to SHATTER the bones of its prey Monday, August 31, 2020 by: Michael Alexander ancient biology , ancient life , Dinosaurs , discoveries , fossils , goodscience , Mesozoic Era , paleontology , prehistoric , reptiles , research , T-Rex , theropods , tyrannosaurus , zoology Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.distributednews.com/452978.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) As it turns out, the secret behind the ...

Ancient and green: Study suggests billion-year-old green algae is the ancestor of all plants on the planet


Ancient and green: Study suggests billion-year-old green algae is the ancestor of all plants on the planet Monday, September 13, 2021 by: Mary Villareal algae , ancient plants , biodiversity , biology , Ecology , fossils , Good science , goodscience , history , organisms , P. antiquus , plant life , real science , science Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.afinalwarning.com/546440.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) Scientists discovered fossils of what may ...

Analysis of bone collagen from Roman Britons reveal details about their diet and mortality rates


But a study published in the journal Annals of Human Biology found that higher nitrogen isotope ratios, combined with carbon ratios and death rates, correspond to long periods of malnutrition and higher mortality risk . ... Plant foods such as wheat and barley were a staple, while a drink made of vinegar and plant ash was popular as a form of ancient sports drinks, said the researchers. "...

Bioluminescence as a defense mechanism: Study reveals dinoflagellate plankton glow to prevent predators from eating them


In a study published in the journal Current Biology and supported by the Swedish Research Council, researchers found that for at least one dinoflagellate species (Lingulodinium polyedra), bioluminescence functions as a defense mechanism that helps them ward off predatory copepod grazers. ... Sources include: ScienceDaily.com Cell.com Scripps.UCSD.edu Ocean.SI.edu Previous :Turn off the lights: Exposure to light at night is harmful for amphibians, research finds Next : Compounds in broccoli ...

"Young blood" transfusions found to reverse aging in mammals


That’s a major part of scientific discovery, especially when it comes to biology. ... Next : Why Jill Stein’s voter recount is preposterous, won’t change anything for Hillary - More news on animals Octopuses taste with their tentacles – scientists show how The longest trail of fossilized footprints hints at an ancient woman and child’s dangerous trek in the wild Spider web in Missouri forest big enough to “catch” people Theory of mind: Fascinating study suggests great apes can understand ...

Mosquitoes find human targets by following the CO2 they exhale: Study


Mosquitoes find human targets by following the CO2 they exhale: Study Wednesday, May 13, 2020 by: Divina Ramirez discoveries , goodmedicine , goodscience , herbal medicine , Herbs , mosquito control , natural cures , natural ingredients , natural insect repellent , natural medicine , plant medicine , real science , remedies , research Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.distributednews.com/421925.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) A recent study, published in Current Biology, ...

When plants break up: Understanding cooperative relationships between soil microbes


Gijsbert Werner, Postdoctoral Fellow, and Stuart West, Professor of Evolutionary Biology, both in the Department of Zoology at the University of Oxford, explained that plants have various “below-ground interactions with beneficial soil microbes.” ... An ancient beneficial fungus, even if it’s known for efficiently sending nutrients to their partner plants, won’t be compatible with the environment. "...

Got any gum? Prehistoric humans in Scandinavia chewed gum made from birch


Ancient humans used birch bark tar as chewing gum Chewing gum from ancient times served as an alternative source of human genetic data . ... KHM researcher Per Persson said that the genetic data in the ancient chewing gum showed the origin and movement of ancient humans during the Stone Age . "...

Re-imagining cave men: New research finds that Neanderthals were not hunchbacks


“It is therefore time to move beyond making Neanderthals less human, and focus on the subtle shifts in Late Pleistocene human biology and behavior,” they wrote in their report. ... Sources include: DailyMail.co.uk PNAS.org History.com Previous :Tiny tools are uniquely human: We have gained advantage from miniature weapons since the Stone Age Next : A look at how ancient Greeks tended their vineyards - More news on ancient history Ancient Maya civilization purified ...

Medical science embraces the healing power of aloe vera


As far back as the days of ancient Egypt, aloe vera was prescribed as "the plant of immortality." ... Pharmaceutical Biology suggests that an ethanol extract, or tincture, of aloe vera could be used to treat inflammations in the eyes and ailments of the cornea. "...

Why does coral have creatures that make chlorophyll but don't photosynthesize?


(Related: No big deal, just an ancient sea monster with 18 mouth tentacles .) Corallicolids produce chlorophyll but do not perform photosynthesis Keeling explained that corallicolids raise all kinds of questions in terms of their biology and chemistry. ... “There’s some novel biology going on here, something we haven’t seen before.” Since they have the traits of both free-living and parasitic apicomplexans, corallicolids might be at the halfway point of evolution, when ...

Competitive sperm: Study reveals it performs better in the presence of sexual rivals


She and her teammates submitted their findings to the Journal of Evolutionary Biology for publication. ... In turn, this may deepen the understanding of the biology of human development. "...

Humans share 70 percent of genetic code with sea sponges


"The sponge represents a window on this ancient and momentous event," said University of California-Santa Barbara researcher Kenneth S. ... "How things interact is what's more important in biology than just the things that are there," writes Dawson Church in the book, The Genie in Your Genes: Epigenetic Medicine and the New biology of Intention. "...

Collapsing salmon populations now causing population collapse of killer whales


To carry out the study, a team of researchers at the Center for Conservation Biology at the University of Washington, along with partners at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration‘s Northwest Fisheries Science Center and the Center for Whale Research examined environmental factors — food supply, pollutants, or boat traffic — that have caused a steady decline in killer whale population. ... During years of low salmon abundance, we see hormonal signs that nutritional stress is ...

Natural compounds in carnivorous plants could fight human fungal infections


For a study just published in the Journal of Experimental Biology, the Israeli researchers investigated the biology of the carnivorous plant Nepenthes khasiana, which is native to India. ... In fact, the use of this substance has been recorded in the ancient folk literature of India, where people drink carnivorous plant pitcher "juice" as a general health aid. "...

Study shows how plants time their flowering in the spring


Study shows how plants time their flowering in the spring Monday, September 27, 2021 by: Virgilio Marin biodiversity , biology , breakthrough , Climate , cool science , discoveries , Ecology , environment , flowering plants , goodscience , Plants , real science , research , vernalization Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.afinalwarning.com/519338.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) A new study published in the journal Genes & Development found that a key molecule in flowering ...

Brain size linked to ecology: Scientists discover it wasn't a complex social network that grew the prehistoric human brain; it was how far they traveled


Brain size linked to ecology: Scientists discover it wasn’t a complex social network that grew the prehistoric human brain; it was how far they traveled Saturday, November 24, 2018 by: Russel Davis biology , Brain , brain health , brain size , Ecology , Evolution , goodscience , history , humans , monkeys , primates , real science Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.distributednews.com/175669.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) Social group size has nothing to do with the evolutionary ...