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The lying media told me not to watch Netflix's 'Ancient Apocalypse,' so I did


Search Follow The lying media told me not to watch Netflix’s ‘Ancient Apocalypse,’ so I did Sunday, December 11, 2022 by: This article may contain statements that reflect the opinion of the author Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://citizens.news/682457.html - ( ) Archeologists and their friends in the media are losing their minds over author and journalist Graham Hancock’s alternative ancient history Netflix series “Ancient Apocalypse....

Were there advanced human civilizations that existed, but fell, before ours? Netflix's "most dangerous show" says so


At its core, Ancient Apocalypse simply aims to explore the past through a different lens than the one the globalists have put forth as the truth. ... The biggest issue the left seems to have with Ancient Apocalypse is the idea that we are not, contrary to their fervent wishes, evolving towards perfection. "...

Online betting firm unveils surprising odds of how the apocalypse will come


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Comet impacts, pre-Adamic civilization, lost worlds and the Luciferian WAR against humanity - A conversation with Timothy Alberino


Alberino is a meticulous researcher whose work encompasses scripture, ancient civilizations, cataclysms, transhumanism, spiritual warfare and the coming posthuman apocalypse (among other topics). ... This is what Graham Hancock reveals in his new Netflix documentary series, Ancient Apocalypse, as well as his recent book Magicians of the Gods. "...

Comet Research Group analyzes Younger Dryas comet impact, says event dramatically altered the climate outside of humanity's control


Much of this is addressed in the highly controversial “Ancient Apocalypse” series on Netflix, which climate lunatics are from being streamed because it blasts away their narrative. "...

Kevin Hughes


Ancient Europeans were already experimenting with hallucinogenic drugs as early as 3,000 years ago, according to researchers who discovered evidence of the practice. ... Americans saw a 40 percent higher death rate in people aged 18 to 64 during last two quarters of […] in: , - April 13, 2023 - Posted by (Natural News) The zombie apocalypse is already happening and it is known as vaccine injury. "...

6 Ways to tell the time without a clock


Read a sundial Sundials go all the way back to the Ancient Greeks and Romans. These instruments are a relatively reliable way to tell the time. ... Take note of landmarks In ancient Scandinavia, people determined key times of the day, such as midday or high noon, by marking natural features of their environment. "...

The collapse of science: Respected journal publishes "study" that superimposes Trump's face on monkey feces... Penn State professors rejoice


The original definition of the word apocalypse comes from Ancient Greek. An apocalypse is “an uncovering” or a “disclosure of something hidden.” ... As the apocalypse continues, the censorship agenda of Big Tech becomes more and more blatant. "...

Will the world end on December 21, 2012? The Mayan calendar, the Higgs boson particle and fabric of reality


Ancient Mayan technology I've visited Mayan ruins in Mexico and pre-Inca ruins in Ecuador. I've been to Macchu Picchu in Peru and hiked through the Andes Mountains to check out ancient civilization sites. "...

2012 - end of the world or time for change?


As the real 2012 approaches, pop culture speculation continues to fashion an apocalypse-almost-now out of misinterpretation of the Mayan calendar. ... The ancient Mayan Long Count calendar covers a period of 13 bak'tuns, which will end approximately around the winter solstice of 2012. "...

Frankincense essential oil is more effective at destroying cancer cells than Chemo


Sources: Blogs.NaturalNews.com NaturalNews.com Previous :Warning: Drug-resistant bacterial apocalypse is on the horizon Next : Fluoride is destroying your brain: use Curcumin to prevent damage - More news on alternative cancer treatment Scientists study an alternative approach to treating pancreatic cancer Ancient natural substance may be the newest treatment for cancer: Scorpion venom found to be effective at identifying brain tumors Scientists have discovered a way to destroy ...

Mike Adams and Steve Quayle on the Hagmann Report live show - people already telling me it's the best interview they've heard all year - direct link - full show


Steve Quayle’s mind contains an absolute treasure chest of knowledge about ancient civilizations, extraterrestrials, giants, exotic weapon systems and, more recently, plate tectonics and radical geological activity across the West Coast and Pacific Rim. ... Watch here and share everywhere: www.hagmannreportlive.com/mike-adams-steve-quayle-survival-of-the-globalists-agenda-is-victory-full-show-12-19-19/ Previous :You have NO IDEA what’s coming: Virginia Dems to unleash martial law attack ...

Stockpiling food for the long haul: Some essentials will last forever as long as they're sealed


During ancient times, people used to put grains in clay pots. Nowadays, people use plastic buckets and foil pouches to store grains. ... Sources include: TheConversation.com 101WaysToSurvive.com AskaAPrepper.com Previous :Gut microbiota in IBS patients modulated by moxibustion stimulation, according to research Next : Dentists may soon be able to repair and rebuild teeth rather than drilling and filling - More news on bug out Survival 101: What to do after a nuclear blast Survival essentials: ...

Survival food: More wild edible roots you can hunt and gather


Next : Ancient medicine is good prepper medicine: Uses and benefits of myrrh essential oil - More news on bug out Survival 101: What to do after a nuclear blast Survival essentials: 11 Ways to communicate after SHTF PrepWithMike: How to make paint can heater for heating and off-grid cooking Swiss company unveils fortified luxury bunkers designed for the apocalypse Bug out survival planning: Transportation ideas during a financial crisis Survival 101: Preparing for a nuclear emergency ...

The ten most dangerous threats to humanity that must be defeated for us to live as free, conscious beings - part two


The belief that the human soul can merge with silicon would be the equivalent of ancient Man believing he could fly by attaching large wooden wings to his arms and flapping violently. ... Today, we think the ancient civilization of Easter Island was stupid to chop down every last tree in an effort to build ever-more-impressive monuments to their tribal leaders. "...

Is the Yellowstone supervolcano about to blow? Global food supply would collapse for two years, causing a mass die-off of humans


But despite its beauty, there is an ancient monster in Yellowstone that has remained dormant for 70,000 years… and it just might be getting ready to wake up. ... Sources include: Newsweek.com FoxNews.com Previous :Canada just criminalized using the wrong gender pronouns in latest Orwellian “hate speech” insanity dreamed up by Leftists Next : Trump must break up the Google media monopoly for the good of America - More news on earthquake Nuclear ground zero Fukushima remains largely abandoned ...

LIGHT POLLUTION is killing trees because artificial light throws off their sleep cycles


Wohlleben shared that after stumbling upon an ancient tree stump that had been felled hundreds of years prior, he discovered that the remains were still living, concluding that surrounding trees had been pumping the stump with sugar to keep it alive. ... Sources include: DailyMail.co.uk Telegraph.co.uk Global.Nature.org Previous :Woman ends up in emergency room after severe reaction to hair dye Next : Secondhand smoke puts pets at risk of cancer, experts warn - More news on light pollution ...

Trifecta agenda of the INSANE LEFT: Reduce the population, enforce insanely high taxes, and destroy the entire agricultural industry


There is only a cabal of ancient politicians suffering from dementia and Mexican cartel cash syndrome. ... Have plenty of self-defense weapons and ammunition for the Zombie apocalypse. Tune into Preparedness.news for updates on the best ways to plan for the nightmare scenario of the DDC taking over America. "...

Bill Nye earns an "F" in climate change science... can't even answer basic questions on live TV


When John Doe goes to take his Hummer for a drive or plug in his air conditioning unit, is he bringing us closer to a global apocalypse? ... “So bear in mind that in ancient dinosaur days there was more carbon monoxide, the world was warmer than it is now, there was an inland sea in what is now Wyoming.” "...

Health Ranger's predictions for 2011 - 2012; an era of self reliance and human awakening


. • By 2025, the FDA as we know it today will be ancient history, and a new era of food freedom and health freedom will have swept across the former United States of America. ... Oxford University scientists confirm Health Ranger apocalypse warnings three years later Natural News accused of 'fear mongering' for reporting the weather Food riots, China cyber attacks, the rise of conscious AI and other 'what if' predictions for a future in flux Al Gore's 2007 prediction that all arctic ...