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China denies reports that it required US diplomats to undergo anal swab tests


“To my knowledge, China has never required U.S. diplomatic staff stationed in China to conduct anal swab tests,” he said. ... Many users joked about how Americans are so potty-mouthed when it comes to China that it would be expected they would mistake an oral swab for an anal one. "...

American diplomats in China were FORCED to take humiliating and invasive coronavirus anal swab tests


Chinese authorities have long claimed that the anal swab tests are much more accurate than nasal or throat-based testing methods. ... Chinese health officials claim anal swab tests more accurate Anal swab tests were first deployed in Beijing in early January when medical authorities first gave them to people in quarantine sites who were in contact with confirmed coronavirus patients. "...

Japan asks China to stop anal swabs on citizens due to "psychological pain"


The week before, American diplomats based in China claimed they were forced to take anal swab tests for COVID-19. ... (Related: American diplomats in China were FORCED to take humiliating and invasive coronavirus anal swab tests .) "...

China now using anal swabs to detect coronavirus


China virus is never going away, and neither are the lockdowns and anal swabs “Rising cases” throughout China have led to a resurgence in . ... “If we add anal swab testing, it can raise our rate of identifying infected patients,” Li added, as quoted , which revealed that anal swabbing will soon become the No. 2 coronavirus testing method in communist China. "...

China reinstates ANAL swabbing to collect samples for Covid tests


The swab sample is then tested for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 RNA at a laboratory. ... He told reporters: “Some Japanese reported to our embassy in China that they received anal swab tests, which causes a great psychological pain.” "...

Situation Update, Jan 27th - Covid "science" insanity: Anal swabs and face diapers


The new anal swab covid testing is also, of course, another twisted opportunity for left-wing perverts and pedophiles to sodomize children in the name of “science.” ... Brighteon.com/94a83f32-ba4c-46c7-b878-060a62ead456 Hear each day’s new podcast at Brighteon.com: https://www.brighteon.com/channels/hrreport Previous :Situation Update, Jan 26th – Trump makes moves toward parallel presidency as Biden agenda blockaded Next : TRANSTRONAUTS: Transgender astronauts and problems with ...

Covid-19 swab test burst woman's brain membrane resulting in leaked spinal fluid


Is this the excuse they’re going to use to push anal swab testing instead? Timm is hardly the first person to suffer similar injury from a Communist Chinese Party (CCP) nasal swab test. ... Health care professionals are being urged to ask patients about sinus or skull injuries before administering a swab test. "...

How ABSURD can it get? Expect these 10 new MANDATORY "super-safe" COVID mandates for the next wave of the scamdemic (satire)


Wells anal swab , clot shots , COVID , COVID mandates , covid swab , genocide , insanity , lunatics , mandates , mask mandates , new mandates , Plandemic , satire , vaccine death This article may contain statements that reflect the opinion of the author Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://citizens.news/609534.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) Every single COVID “precaution” and “safety” measure the CDC enforced over the past two years was based on pure guessing, ...

New report reveals COVID-19 can even be transferred through the fecal-oral route


In it, researchers reported the presence of the 2019-nCoV in the blood samples , anal swabs and oral swabs of COVID-19 patients. They also found that in the later stages of infection , the virus is more likely to be detected in the patients’ stools than in their saliva, as evidenced by the greater number of anal swab positives versus oral swab positives. "...

Northeastern University expels 11 freshmen over supposed “party,” but keeps all their tuition money


Sources include: ZeroHedge.com BostonGlobe.com News.Northeastern.edu 1 News.Northeastern.edu 2 Northeastern.edu [PDF] Previous :Texas county judge calls for state troopers after police defunding Next : Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton slams “sham” investigation by Durham - More news on China Virus Edible oil prices soar as global food prices approach record highs Dead people don’t sue Big Pharma International scientists and researchers call for more rigorous investigation into the origins of coronavirus ...

Media says dogs can sniff covid on a person – can they also identify vaccinated people who are "shedding?"


It might be better than a Chinese anal swab , but it is still a massive invasion of privacy and bodily autonomy being justified under the excuse of “public health.” "...

DoD document proves that military's purge of unvaccinated servicemen putting country at risk


“He is to be known as Anal Swab from now on, please,” joked someone else. “All this crap will continue until we actually bring criminal charges against the FDA, CDC, NIH, pharmaceutical industry and Fauci, along with the MSM for pushing false information,” suggested another. "...

China's favorability rating among Americans drops to record low


Sources include: TheNationalPulse.com VOAnews.com PNA.gov.ph Gallup.com Previous :China denies reports that it required US diplomats to undergo anal swab tests Next : Emails reveal WHO, NIH caved in to China’s efforts to control information about coronavirus - More news on Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) China’s favorability rating among Americans drops to record low - Disqus Take Action: Support Natural News by linking to this article from your website Permalink to this ...

ICAN sues CDC over the statement "Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism"


Sources include: GreatGameIndia.com TheCowboyChannel.com Previous :Deadly silence: Chinese leaders were already aware of coronavirus’ severity weeks before informing the public Next : China denies reports that it required US diplomats to undergo anal swab tests - More news on autism CDC confirms aluminum in vaccines linked to childhood asthma and AUTISM Mass vaccinations responsible for 1 in 30 children now having autism Medical industrial complex makes children sick to keep the ...

New York AG sues Amazon, says company didn't do enough to protect its workers from coronavirus


Sources include: FT.com APNews.com iApps.Courts.State.ny.us WSJ.com Previous :Biden administration causes confusion over reopening schools, flip-flops on whether to vaccinate teachers Next : American diplomats in China were FORCED to take humiliating and invasive coronavirus anal swab tests - More news on Big Tech “Fact check” labels don’t mean anything is objectively a fact, court rules PayPal bribing customers with $15 to stop mass exodus following backlash over “woke” policy ...

BEGGING FOR THE APOCALYPSE: Biden provokes Putin to strike USA and NATO cities with new long-range weapons that might include nukes or EMP weapons


Download my current audiobooks — including Ghost World, Survival Nutrition, The Global Reset Survival Guide and The Contagious Mind — at: https://Audiobooks.NaturalNews.com/ Download my new audiobook, “Resilient Prepping” at ResilientPrepping.com Previous :USA DOMESTIC food production now collapsing due to fertilizer costs, scarcity, diesel price inflation and food protectionism Next : RED ALERT: Russia and China planning simultaneous attack to ELIMINATE the United States and occupy North America ...

Prevent and treat pinworms naturally with garlic


However, those who get infected may still experience the following : - Frequent and strong itching in the anal area. - Difficulty sleeping because of anal itching and discomfort. - Pain, rash, or other skin irritation around the anus. - The presence of pinworms around a child’s anus - The presence of pinworms in stools. ... Dip a clean cotton swab into the mixture, then apply the salve to the affected area. "...

CLAIM: PCR test swabs may contain "star-shaped microdevices" that are secretly vaccinating the "vaccine hesitant"


Because more than half of America is “vaccine hesitant,” meaning most people want nothing to do with Chinese virus jabs, “science” apparently came up with a hidden injection technology to secretly vaccinate people through the nasal or anal PCR test swabs that are jammed into their orifices. ... “It may be utterly immoral – and likely illegal – but it is certainly feasible …” “Thousands of these sinister miniature theragrippers can be deployed in the GI tract via a simple, innocent swab ...