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Amsterdam now has the first plastic-free supermarket in the world


Amsterdam now has the first plastic-free supermarket in the world Tuesday, March 27, 2018 by: Zoey Sky Amsterdam , Ekoplaza , environ , environment , garbage , grocery stores , Jan Pieter Heijestraat , microplastics , packaging , plastic footprint , plastic packaging , plastic pollution , plastic trash , plastic waste , plastic-free , plastic-free aisles , plastic-free supermarket , plastics , pollution , recycling , single-use plastic , supermarkets , waste , waste management ...

Could bioplastics be a more sustainable option for 3D printed buildings?


Amsterdam company is 3D printing buildings using bioplastics There are already a number of 3D printed buildings in the Netherlands that are constructed with bioplastic. Amsterdam-based construction company Dus Architecture created the model buildings using additive manufacturing systems. "...

Sugar named 'most addictive and dangerous substance' of our time, worse than cigarettes and alcohol


It is important to note that Amsterdam has long tolerated the presence and use of other typically restricted substances such as cannabis, a plant that government authorities the world over have long referred to as a "drug," within its borders. Cannabis, of course, does not harm the body and is not a public health threat, thus Amsterdam's relaxed approach to its availability within the city. "...

'Dementia Village' offers natural alternative to soul-crushing nursing homes


A small village in the Netherlands just outside of Amsterdam provides a home for people with dementia, a place that doesn't confine them to a small area or force them to live in sterile hospital conditions. ... A perimeter wall keeps anyone from getting lost and staff members guard the exits, gently directs patients away so no one accidentally leaves the village and ends up in Amsterdam's infamous red light district. "...

The bigger your brain, the better your cognitive performance: Study


In a recent study — the largest of its kind — researchers at the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam(VU Amsterdam) finally found empirical evidence suggesting that brain volume is positively associated with human intelligence . "...

Is everyone who lives in New York a racist? The true history of the very NAME of the city reveals a shocking truth


Stuart captured several Dutch settlements along the Atlantic coast, including New Amsterdam, which was quickly renamed to New York. ... Another is Stuyvesant High School and Stuyvesant street, named after Dutch colonial superintendent Peter Stuyvesant, who was once known as “the largest private slaveholder” in what was then called New Amsterdam. "...

Small Community Cancer Cure Crushed by Big Pharma, Part II


Welcome to Amsterdam On November 26th, 2009, Rick was crowned the Freedom Fighter of the Year at the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. "...

Study: Poor air quality on cruise ships may endanger the health of passengers, staff and port communities


Air quality was inconspicuously measured in three different environments on each of four cruise ships – the Carnival Liberty, Holland America’s MS Amsterdam, the Emerald Princess and the Carnival Freedom — to try to determine how exhaust fumes from each ship might impact air quality on deck. ... Stand.earth reported: - While all four ships were traveling at sea, average particle counts were significantly higher in the areas behind the smokestacks (stern). - Particle counts on the Holland ...

Social media users obsessed with "likes" think a lot like LAB RATS seeking food – study


Bjorn Lindstrom, a professor of psychology at the University of Amsterdam and one of the study researchers, said about the importance of their study : “Our findings can help lead to a better understanding of why social media dominates so many people’s daily lives and can also provide leads for ways of tackling excessive online behavior.” "...

Alpha Lipoic Acid: Nature's Ultimate Antioxidant


Fred van Waaijen, 60 years old again going strong in Amsterdam the Netherlands, Europe. "...

Sugar named 'most addictive and dangerous substance' of our time; worse than cigarettes and alcohol


Well, make that triple, since sugar is, according to the head of the Amsterdam’s health service, a dangerously addictive substance. "...

Infertility treatment found to actually decrease chance of conception


Researchers from the Center for Reproductive Medicine in Amsterdam tracked approximately 500 couples that had an "intermediate" chance of spontaneous conception - about 30 to 40 percent - for six months. "...

TSA naked body scanners could prove extra harmful to women with BRCA gene


., from the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NCI) in Amsterdam and her colleagues evaluated a series of data on cancer rates with respect to diagnostic scans like mammograms that blast women's chests with ionizing radiation, and found that any diagnostic use of radiation before age 30 increases breast cancer risk by 90 percent among carriers of BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations. "...

Military about to drug soldiers with male bonding hormone?


"Our study shows that oxytocin not only plays a role in modulating cooperation and benevolence, but also in driving aggression," said researcher Carsten De Dreu of the University of Amsterdam. "...

Nature Heals! Green Spaces Prevent Mental Illness


People living closer to green spaces are at significantly lower risk for a wide variety of mental and physical illnesses, according to a study conducted by researchers from the VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. "...

Radiation Therapy Harms the Brain, Causing Memory and Attention Problems


Radiation therapy for the treatment of brain tumors may lead to cognitive decline later in life, according to a study conducted by researchers from VU University Medical Centre in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and published in The Lancet Neurology. "...

Scientists Developing Memory-Erasing Drug


Researchers from Amsterdam University recently tested the drugs by first inducing a spider-related anxiety in 60 men and women - exposing them to electric shocks while showing them pictures of spiders and encouraging them to "actively remember" the pictures. "...

House Committee passes bill that criminalizes free speech, applies US 'drug war' policies across entire world


"Under this bill, if a young couple plans a wedding in Amsterdam, and as part of the wedding they plan to buy the bridal party some marijuana, they would be subject to prosecution," said Bill Piper, director of the national affairs for the Drug Policy Alliance, a group advocating for reform of US drug laws. "...

The Mummy's Curse: Clogged Arteries


At a heart imaging conference in Amsterdam in May of 2011, one paper presented involved a confluence of history and modern diagnostic technology. "...

Hear the Health Ranger live on February 1 with launch of Robert Scott Bell show


In addition to North America, listeners can also join in with high bandwidth clarity from local servers in London, Auckland, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Sydney, Sao Paulo, Amsterdam, Dubai, Paris and many other regions. "...