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Glyphosate byproduct AMPA found to interfere with photosynthesis, the basis of nearly all life on planet Earth


What is AMPA? The website Everything Explained Today explains that AMPA is a weak organic acid with a phosphonic acid group, and that it is one of the main byproducts of glyphosate. ... Many, many plants are therefore indirectly affected by glyphosate and AMPA. The negative effects of glyphosate and AMPA on photosynthesis Studies have proven that both glyphosate and AMPA interfere with photosynthesis, the process which is essential to virtually all life....

Glyphosate breakdown molecule "AMPA" found to harm earthworms and degrade the life of soils


Glyphosate breakdown molecule “AMPA” found to harm earthworms and degrade the life of soils Wednesday, June 26, 2019 by: Isabelle Z. ... One of the main molecules that glyphosate breaks down into, AMPA , has been found to be persistent in soils, where it’s harming earthworms and ruining soil quality. "...

CWC Labs launches glyphosate contamination rating system for foods and supplements


The scientific literature on AMPA’s health risks is very thin at the moment. Few studies have looked at AMPA’s toxicity in any living system, although there are papers that talk about AMPA harming earthworms. Because of the lack of scientific literature on AMPA’s toxicity, even we aren’t sure about the safety or danger of AMPA when it comes to human consumption. "...

Glyphosate and its byproduct AMPA found to heavily contaminate farms, rivers, cities and rural areas across America


Back in 2014, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) funded a study to assess just how widespread glyphosate and its by-product aminomethylphosphonic (AMPA) were in the environment. ... - More news on AMPA CWC Labs launches glyphosate contamination rating system for foods and supplements We’ve completed the lab testing: “Groovy Bee” Collagen Peptides (hydrolyzed collagen) now available through the Health Ranger Store Glyphosate byproduct AMPA found to interfere with ...

The Hidden Dangers of Roundup


Following these findings, the researchers tested G, AMPA and POEA by themselves and concluded that, "It is very clear that if G, POEA, or AMPA has a small toxic effect on embryonic cells alone at low levels, the combination of two of them at the same final concentration is significantly deleterious". Although Monsanto claims that G metabolizes into a harmless and inert substance known as AMPA, the researchers found that AMPA was more toxic to human cells than G....

We've completed the lab testing: "Groovy Bee" Collagen Peptides (hydrolyzed collagen) now available through the Health Ranger Store


Simply put, this means we can now accurately detect glyphosate / AMPA levels in collagen peptide products, even down to sub-ppb concentrations. ... The Groovy Bee Collagen Peptides are A+++ rated from our lab, meaning we found less than 10 ppb glyphosate and AMPA combined. "...

Kellogg's Kashi cereal found to be full of GMOs and cancer-causing glyphosate


GMO Free USA also found high levels of AMPA (aminomethylphosphonic acid), a metabolite of glyphosate, in Kashi GoLean Original cereal. The lab report showed 0.81 ppm, or 0.81 milligrams per kilogram (mg/kg), of AMPA in just one box of the cereal, marking the first time that the group has ever found AMPA in any food product. "...

How frightening levels of Roundup in food became 'Normal'


All of the individual samples of GM-soy contained residues of both glyphosate and AMPA, on average 9.0 mg/kg. ... However, seven of 10 GMO soy samples the researchers tested went past the "extreme level" (of glyphosate plus AMPA), which indicates that there is a trend toward higher levels of residue. "...

USDA scrubs plan to test foods for dangerous levels of Monsanto's glyphosate


This is important, because researchers believe that these AMPA residues are dangerous in their own right. ... The USDA’s plan was clearly still on track on the 11th of January, when the agency’s Diana Haynes wrote to colleagues, “Based on recent conversations with EPA, we will begin testing corn syrup for glyphosate and its AMPA metabolite April 1, 2017 with collection ending August 31, 2017. "...

Study: Roundup Ready GM soybeans accumulate poison more than equivilant non-GM soybeans


GM soybeans contained an average of 3.3 mg/kg of glyphosate residue and 5.7 mg/kg of AMPA residue. ... Both the Roundup Ready GM soy and the conventional soy, taken from actual farm yields, were subjected to pesticides, yet the study found no traces of the glyphosate or its breakdown product, AMPA, inside the conventional soy. "...

Glyphosate testing finds traces of toxic herbicide in Ben & Jerry's ice cream


. – Mike] Glyphosate and aminomethylphosphonic acid (AMPA, glyphosate’s main metabolite) were found in 10 out of 11 samples of the company’s ice cream. ... Cherry Garcia was the only flavor that tested negative for both glyphosate and AMPA. "...

Could magical mushrooms contain the cure for depression?


For their study, researchers wanted to examine the antidepressant effects of the GF mushroom and the role of AMPA in those effects. AMPA are receptors which are typically decreased in the brains of patients with depression. https://prevent-and-reverse-heart-disease.naturalnews.com Discover how to prevent and reverse heart disease (and other cardio related events) with this free ebook: Written by popular Natural News writer Vicki Batt, this book includes everything you need to know ...

Common pesticide combines with Roundup to create even deadlier substance: study


To make this discovery, researchers from France tested the cytogenetic effects of both glyphosate and atrazine, as well as their degradation products, aminomethyl phosphoric acid (AMPA) and desethyl-atrazine (DEA). ... When all four of the tested compounds were combined, for instance, the resultant mixture was determined to have a 20-fold higher level of toxicity in comparison with the active compound AMPA in isolation, which is considered to be the most active of the four compounds....

PETITION: Help pressure the USDA to test food for deadly glyphosate herbicide


Under the plan, the USDA would have looked at more than 300 samples of corn syrup to measure glyphosate and the potentially dangerous AMPA metabolites that are created when it breaks down. ... The Autism blame game: This time, it’s the womb Glyphosate byproduct AMPA found to interfere with photosynthesis, the basis of nearly all life on planet Earth - Disqus Take Action: Support Natural News by linking to this article from your website Permalink to this article: https://www.naturalnews....

Kellogg's cereals found to be contaminated with Monsanto's cancer-causing glyphosate


A recent finding has shed light on the fact that glyphosate, the main ingredient in Monsanto's RoundUp, along with its metabolite AMPA (aminomethylphosphonic acid), exist in the cereal. ... As if that's not bothersome enough, the testing also revealed even higher levels of AMPA: 0.81 ppm. "...

Monsanto has 'an entire department' to discredit scientists who disagree with industry propaganda, insider reveals


"Soil microbes degrade glyphosate to aminomethylphosphoric acid (AMPA). Blood AMPA detection after poisonings suggests intestinal microbial metabolism in humans." "...

Sweet with a hint of herbicides: Almost 99% of Canadian honey contains trace levels of glyphosate


“Two hundred randomly chosen honey samples, which were submitted to our laboratory for another testing, were analyzed using the online SPE-LCMS/MS method to obtain information regarding baseline levels of glyphosate, its main degradation product AMPA, and the other acidic herbicide, glufosinate. ... In addition, the USGS said the occurrence of glyphosate and AMPA in the streams increased with the amount of glyphosate used in the watershed for agriculture. "...

Glyphosate in soybeans and other foods has now reached 'extreme' levels while the USDA and FDA do nothing


Thus, it is relevant to consider, not only the active ingredient, in this case glyphosate and its breakdown product AMPA, but also the other compounds present in the herbicide formulation since these enhance toxicity." Organic foods are more nutritious than glyphosate-laced GMO foods The first study also found that, "Roundup Ready GM-soy accumulates residues of glyphosate and AMPA, and also differs markedly in nutritional composition compared to soybeans from other agricultural ...

BREAKING: Big Pharma blood pressure drugs found laced with cancer-causing chemical; but FDA says don't stop taking them


In our case, we use ICP-MS for heavy metals tests and HPLC-MS-MS for glyphosate, AMPA, atrazine and pesticide tests. ... As an apt example, on my newest LC-MS-MS instrument, I’m currently scanning food samples for both glyphosate and AMPA (a breakdown molecule of glyphosate). "...

Glyphosate and cancer: Read how this deadly weed killer promotes multiple myeloma, leukemia, sperm damage, infertility, kidney damage, autism, endocrine disruption, DNA damage and birth defects


In one study, the beans contained 3 mg/kg of glyphosate and up to 25 mg/kg of AMPA."The presence of high AMPA residues in Roundup Ready soybean was not anticipated and presents a new type of consumer exposure. "...