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U.S. treating meat with ammonia, bleach and antibiotics to kill the '24-hour sickness'


Modern "food" science, processed food and the chemical medicine industry all thrive on one theory: If something doesn't make you sick or kill you within 24 hours, then it's "safe." "...

Window cleaning chemical injected into fast food hamburger meat


Aside from the fact that there's ammonia in the hamburger meat, there's another problem with this company's products: The ammonia doesn't always kill the pathogens. ... Because the ammonia injection process was deemed so effective that the meat products were thought to be safe beyond any question. "...

Top 4 reasons not to eat chemical-loaded processed meat


Avoiding chemical-loaded processed meats can be one of the most important dietary staples in terms of maintaining long-term good health. ... Commonly known as the primary ingredient in many cleaning products, ammonia is used to "sterilize" meat susceptible to contamination. "...

#1) Ammonia at the Factory equals Cancer at Home - Should you be asking the US food industry key questions or just boycotting meat altogether? - NaturalNews.com


About Us Feedback #1) Ammonia at the Factory equals Cancer at Home - Should you be asking the US food industry key questions or just boycotting meat altogether? ... The federal school lunch program uses over 5 million pounds of ammonia-injected beef trimming each year. "...

Eat bad meat and GET EATEN – by parasites


Eat bad meat and GET EATEN – by parasites Monday, December 24, 2018 by: S.D. Wells ammonia meat , Animal abuse , animal factories , badfood , badhealth , bleach meat , CAFO , confined animals , disease causes , feeding operations , food safety , infected pork , meat parasites , parasites , pathogens , Pork , smoked pork , toxic meat - (Natural News ) People think that parasites are only a concern if you eat raw meat, but that’s only ...

The top 4 reasons to avoid processed, conventional meat - NaturalNews.com


Ammonia is also used for the same reasons. Flavors and color are easily added back in using MSG, red dyes, nitrates, and other poisons on top of the fact that you're eating TOXIC meat from animals that most likely led horrendous lives full of pain, misery and shock upon their day of death. For the most part, meat is "murder" in the US and the fast food and restaurant chain junkies are oblivious, until the oncologists and heart specialists break the "bad news," and that's ...

Study - Your fast food hamburger may contain as little as 2 percent actual meat


Besides their lack of meat, some fast food hamburger patties were also found to contain potentially harmful bacteria and ammonia. ... Meat is supposed to contain water, but not bacteria and ammonia Since all meat naturally contains relatively high levels of water, it is not necessarily unusual that the fast food hamburger patties tested in the study also contained high levels of water. "...

Pink slime, meat glue and more: Public reactions force Big Food to make changes


It wasn't whether the food was safe or not but, 'Hey, they're putting ammonia in my ground beef, and I don't like that,'" he said. ... After all, isn't ammonia some sort of cleaner? Should the food industry manufacture their products with ingredients just a little less likely to hurt our health? "...

#2) Fast food meat, for the most part, is a conglomeration of animal scraps, genetically modified soy, hormones, antibiotics and toxic filler - NaturalNews.com


The meat gets doused with ammonia and other bio-hazardous chemicals. What does this do to your bacteria balance in your gut? ... Maybe you're eating transglutaminase or "Meat Glue" and you don't know it! There are no regulations on this meat conglomeration in the USA, in case you didn't know. "...

Global warming researchers says eating bugs better for environment than eating meat


Global warming researchers says eating bugs better for environment than eating meat Sunday, January 16, 2011 by: Ethan A. ... Ammonia emissions, which can pollute groundwater supplies, were also lower among insects compared to cattle. "...

American Meat Institute is pushing irradiation as the solution to E. coli


In response to last year's outbreaks of E. coli, salmonella, and ammonia in beef, the American Meat Institute (AMI) is urging the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to approve slaughterhouse irradiation as the solution. ... The solution to stopping outbreaks of E. coli and salmonella is to clean up the industrial meat processing system. "...

Charity saves 50 dogs from meat farm in South Korea


Ventilation was almost nonexistent in their dungeon-like quarters, with the smell of ammonia being strong enough to make your eyes water as you enter. ... Dog meat industry booming in South Korea Dog meat farms are big business in South Korea, where around 17,000 farms are believed to be in operation. "...

Study: Processed meats increase pancreatic cancer risk by up to 67 percent


The worst part about the flavors is that monosodium glutamate and carmine flavors are derived from the shells of tiny bugs that are boiled in sodium carbonate and ammonia!" ... Follow real-time breaking news headlines on Processed meat at FETCH.news The world of independent media, all in one place. - More news on processed meat Risk of early death directly increases with amount of processed meat consumed Processed meat raises risk of diabetes, heart disease ...

Here's why America's chicken meats have to be washed with toxic chlorine


More crucially, there are no rules which limit the maximum amount of ammonia in the farms, which would indicate the amount of urine and fecal matter is present. ... American chicken farmers need to produce the most meat at the cheapest rates. This has prompted farms to cut corners in animal welfare. "...

Bacteria-eating combo virus sprayed on meats, cheeses and organic foods


You can find this cocktail of six bacteria-eating viruses (bacteriophages) on everything from meat and cheese to fruits and vegetables. ... The American conventional meat industry uses ammonia and bleach to kill viruses, virus combinations to kill bacteria, DNA from insects to kill other insects in corn and soy, insecticide inside seeds to kill beetles and antibiotics to kill pathogens in bred-for-slaughter animals, but it doesn't all work all the time. "...

CDC warns America DO NOT WASH that disease-infested, superbug-infected chicken you're about to eat


Wells 24 hour sickness , ammonia , animal welfare , bacteria chicken , bad meat , badfood , badhealth , bleach , canola , chicken cafo , disease causes , E. coli , groceries , MSG , raw chicken , raw meat , salmonella chicken , spoiled meat , toxic ingredients , vaccines , Whole Foods - (Natural News ) Are you paranoid of germs? ... It’s not any safer than your cow meat or pig flesh. Butchers and factories alike use bleach and ammonia to kill ...

RED MEAT and CANCER – more than just a "correlation"


Still, traditionally, red meat is often butchered and prepped with MSG, nitrates, nitrites, hormones, antibiotics, ammonia, bleach , smoke, salt, more salt, more cooking, and then gassed and dyed to look red and ripe again. ... Top 10 warnings for meat eaters, including processed meat #1. According to IARC experts , eating just one 50 gram portion of processed meat daily (1.8 ounces or about 2 average slices of deli meat) increases your risk of ...

Processed meats or cigarettes - which gives you cancer more quickly?


Wells cancer , cancer causes , cigarettes , Colorectal Cancer , deli meat , deli meat cancer , iarc study , Nitrates , nitrites , processed deli meat , Processed Meats , red meat cancer , toxic deli meat - (Natural News ) When people see someone smoking a cigarette, they immediately think of how much health damage the person is “self inflicting,” and how they are greatly raising their risk of getting cancer from inhaling all those toxins. Cigarettes contain ...

Factory chickens grown in the U.S. are too heavy to stand on their own feet; meat begins ROTTING even before they're killed


Factory chickens grown in the U.S. are too heavy to stand on their own feet; meat begins ROTTING even before they’re killed Saturday, August 05, 2017 by: Isabelle Z. ... The U.S. does not have any minimum space requirements when it comes to breeding chicken, nor does it have rules regarding lighting levels in sheds or maximum allowable levels of ammonia to indicate the amount of fecal matter and urine present. "...

Which gives you cancer sooner: Cigarettes or deli meats? New research reveals they're both Class 1-A carcinogens


Surely you wouldn’t put cigarettes on a sandwich and eat it, because then you’d be consuming ammonia, bleach, aluminum, formaldehyde and insecticide. ... So much for that red meat myth. Another mainstream lie debunked. Thus, avoiding “red meat” is not a health strategy. "...