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Vaccine mandate for truckers entering Canada now in effect; unvaccinated American truckers will be TURNED AWAY


Unvaccinated and partially vaccinated American truck drivers will be denied entry. ... Aseem Malhotra: The whistleblower who put the dangers of mRNA vaccines back in the news String of deaths among young Canadian doctors prompts call to end COVID-19 vaccine mandate Canada’s military to discharge unvaccinated soldiers despite withdrawal of vaccine mandates Tokyo Disney Resort to charge unvaxxed patrons higher ticket fees Johnson & Johnson sells its largest manufacturing plant in India Hurricane ...

Wheels of freedom: American truckers set to launch People's Convoy against Biden's tyrannical COVID mandates


American Foundation for Civil Liberties (AFCL) Chairman Chris Marston said the truckers demand the lifting of the Emergency Powers Act, effectively rescinding the COVID-19 mandates. ... Peter McCullough: COVID-19 vaccines are to blame for healthy people suddenly dying until proven otherwise - Disqus Take Action: Support Natural News by linking to this article from your website Permalink to this article: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-02-20-american-truckers-to-start-peoples-convoy-against-mandates....

American, European, Australian truckers gear up to follow anti-vaccine mandate strategy pursued by Canadian truckers


Aware of the impending protest by American truckers, who intend to drive from California to Washington, D.C., Howse said: “Joe Biden will get his chance to prove his leadership well or lack thereof. ... According to Howse, a Facebook group for the anti-vaccine mandate protest of American truckers has garnered more than 90,000 people thus far. "...

Censorship at its finest: Facebook removes page for DC Freedom Convoy


(Related: 50,000 truckers storm Ottawa to demand end to covid “vaccine” mandates .) ... More related stories: Australian truckers take cue from Canada’s Freedom Convoy, drive to capital to protest pointless COVID mandates . 50,000 truckers vow to stay in Ottawa until government lifts vaccine mandates . "...

Rand Paul urges U.S. truckers to take up cause of liberty like Canadian counterparts: "I hope they clog up cities"


Rand Paul said during an interview last week ahead of Canadian authorities cracking down on truckers blocking an international bridge but who are still protesting against a COVID-19 vaccine mandate in the capital of Ottawa that he hopes American drivers do the same thing and “clog up cities.” ... Sources include: DailyWire.com ThePostMillennial.com Previous :Pfizer panicking after judge orders accelerated release of COVID vaccine documents amid fears “business will be harmed” Next ...

50,000 truckers storm Ottawa to demand end to covid "vaccine" mandates


Well over 50,000 truckers and their supporters are estimated to be joining up with the caravan the further east it moves. ... Non-jabbed American truckers, however, are being denied entry into Canada. The United States imposed a similar requirement for cross-border truckers that took effect on January 22. "...

Biden bans unvaccinated truckers from entering the US, accelerating collapse of supply chains


(Related: Vaccine mandate for truckers entering Canada now in effect; unvaccinated American truckers will be TURNED AWAY .) ... The American Trucking Associations (ATA) believes 10 to 15 percent of its truckers that handle cross-border freight may leave as a result of the mandates. "...

Tens of thousands of truckers on their way to National Mall to peacefully protest COVID-19 mandates


Other groups, including the American Truckers Freedom Fund and the People’s Convoy have also organized convoy protests to arrive in Washington, D.C. ... Kyle Sefcik regarding the upcoming demonstration involving tens of thousands of truckers in Washington, D.C. "...

EXPECT SHORTAGES: Canadian truckers not exempt from new vaccine mandate despite recent announcement


The federal government also denied that it was reversing its decision, saying that because the U.S. is set to enact its own vaccine mandate for essential workers at the border beginning January 22, unvaccinated Canadian truckers are expected to face restrictions once the American policy comes into effect anyway. ... If truckers going into the United States and getting back to Canada must be vaccinated, then American truckers should do it as well. "...

People's Convoy gathers steam as thousands of truckers converge in Indiana before heading to Washington, DC


(Related: Freedom Convoys spreading around the world as truckers fed up with vaccine mandates respond en masse .) ... Sherri Tenpenny exposes the lies spread by government about COVID and vaccines Next : Senate passes bill to end COVID-19 state of National Emergency - More news on convoy Canadians hold nationwide convoy protests in support of Dutch farmers People’s Convoy gathers steam as thousands of truckers converge in Indiana before heading to Washington, DC The People’s Convoy ...

Matthew Bracken tells Dr. Lee Merritt: Fight of Canadian truckers is a fight to the finish against globalists – Brighteon.TV


(Related: Free speech becomes roadkill in the crackdown on Canadian truckers .) ... It’s not that the Canadians are braver than American truckers, it just wasn’t happening to American truckers in the same way. "...

The elite gathers its forces for a counterattack on the Truckers


In other words, the ruling elite is making an effort to starve out the truckers. ... These two American agencies of the ruling elite are there to do “enhanced investigation.” "...

Trucking companies sound alarm, say Canada's draconian vaccine mandate for cross-border truckers will devastate economy


According to The Post Millennial , around 30,000 truckers who deliver goods and products between the U.S.... While Canada relaxed its mandate for Canadian drivers, Reuters noted that American truckers would have to be vaccinated before entering. "...

Recruiting senior drivers could alleviate truck driver shortage, port backlogs


The American Truckers Association reports that the U.S. is currently noting a record-breaking shortage of 80,000 truckers. ... According to the American Trucking Association, the industry could see the driver shortage reach 160,000 in just seven years’ time. "...

Free speech becomes roadkill in the crackdown on Canadian truckers


Canada’s truckers obviously feel marginalized and dismissed by their government. ... I believe the truckers are wrong to continue the blockade unless the government yields to their demands. "...

Biden's vaccine mandate set to worsen supply chain crisis as scores of truckers, already in short supply, contemplate walking away


The outlet notes: American truckers don’t like taking orders. But the Biden administration has increased pressure on some of them to take the vaccine—willing or unwilling. All through the pandemic, truckers endured hardships to keep America’s infrastructure running. "...

Labor Secretary backs away from enforcing covid jab mandate for truckers, realizing entire supply chain will collapse if truckers aren't allowed to work


“We’ve heard some pushback from truckers today,” Walsh stated. “The ironic thing is most truckers are not covered by this because they’re driving a truck, they’re in a cab, they’re by themselves, they wouldn’t be covered by this.” ... Last month, a representative from the American Trucking Associations warned the White House that trying to force truckers to get injected against their will would be disastrous for the economy. "...

Used truck auction prices drop as more truckers abandon their vehicles and leave the industry


More truckers likely to sell their vehicles as skyrocketing diesel prices make work unprofitable Many truckers are warning that skyrocketing diesel prices could have long-term consequences for American supply chains . ... Other truckers are unable to keep operating at a loss and are instead closing shop. "...

Truckers warn of massive disruptions to supply chain due to COVID-19 vaccine mandates


Analysts are warning that unvaccinated truckers might just call it quits and retire from the industry rather than subject themselves to weekly COVID-19 testing. ... By this definition, many truckers believe they may be exempt since drivers almost exclusively work solo. "...