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Take a look at what passes for award-winning "debate" in our twisted, delusional culture (video)


Instead, Towson officials lauded Ruffin and Johnson for their “amazing accomplishment” while offering glowing praise for all the hard work they supposedly put into explaining next-level concepts like “nigga authenticity.” “We are thrilled and very proud of Ameena and Korey on this amazing accomplishment,” said Towson University College of Fine Arts and Communication Dean Susan Picinich. "...

Save the earth and better yourself: 8 reasons why growing your own food is the best decision you will ever make


Another proven health benefit of homegrown produce was shown in a study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association. ... There is a sense of accomplishment and self-satisfaction in growing your own food. - No more worries on food safety – Because you know how your plants are grown, you don’t have to worry about food safety. "...

Experts determine burnout and depression are closely linked


Emotional exhaustion, the hallmark of burnout, was more strongly associated with depression than with depersonalization and reduced personal accomplishment, the two other putative dimensions of burnout. ... Majority of Americans engaged in work to point of excess It's no secret that the majority of American workers spend extraordinarily long hours in the office, or engage in work activities outside of the office. "...

Mass media celebration of woman scientist credited for black hole image was bogus... even SCIENCE is now pushing a liberal agenda


In la-la Leftist land, women somehow deserve credit for accomplishments they didn’t even accomplish Once real news started to leak about how Bouman had basically taken full credit for an accomplishment to which she hardly contributed, the postdoctoral fellow took to social media once again to correct the record – kind of. Bouman, presumably out of reluctance, highlighted the fact that the spotlight for this accomplishment “should be on the team and no individual person,” adding ...

Transgender LUNACY as biological man shatters women's weightlifting records by claiming he's a woman


Transgender LUNACY as biological man shatters women’s weightlifting records by claiming he’s a woman Friday, May 12, 2017 by: JD Heyes Lunacy , priority , sporting events , transgenderism , unfair competition - (Natural News ) If you understand the kind of Marxist/liberalism practiced by politicians like Barack Obama and most Democrats today, you understand that much of what they propose and implement in terms of public policy is aimed at destroying traditional American culture and values, ...

If prescription medicine is such a modern scientific feat, why do Americans who are on medications remain the sickest people?


We are also prone to accept every scientific accomplishment and new discovery as proof that we are on the cutting edge of advancement, without ever questioning anything. ... Presidents royally screwed up American food and medicine - More news on american medicine If prescription medicine is such a modern scientific feat, why do Americans who are on medications remain the sickest people? "...

US World Cup star, the radicalized Megan Rapinoe, shows America what life will be like under liberal rule


Her obnoxious ways have diminished the great accomplishment of the team. Rapinoe is the team bully and presumes to speak for the entire team. ... But because she is anti-American, anti-family and decidedly anti-Christian, her hate speech is celebrated by the MSM. "...

Commercial Alert vs. USDA: How one non-profit is fighting to eliminate junk food from America's schools


Their request was simple: Enforce the existing laws on serving nutritious food to American school children. ... "It's an amazing accomplishment, and one that we must change immediately. We're [Commercial Alert] trying to create a culture that nourishes kids, not harms them." "...

Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Focus needs to shift to prevention


This is an area where the American Cancer Society could be more vocal; however, they express little concern on the subject of accountability by the industries that may be responsible and do little to educate women regarding the role various toxins play in breast cancer. ... In fact, this particular drug is touted by the cancer industry as a great accomplishment in literally preventing breast cancer, or the reoccurrence of breast cancer, by interfering with the body's production ...

Fluoride in drinking water may be harming our children. We need to address it.


Hailed as a major public health accomplishment of the 21st century, community water fluoridation has contributed to significant declines in dental caries. ... (Article by Michele Markel republished from FoodAndWaterWatch.org ) It’s why Food & Water Watch, alongside groups including Fluoride Action Network and American Academy of Environmental Medicine, filed a petition in 2016 asking the U.S. "...

Confident in confirmation: GOP senators confirm Judge Barrett in Oct. 26 final vote


McConnell added: “I think that will be another signature accomplishment in our effort to put on the courts … men and women who believe that the job of a judge is to actually follow the law.” ... Barrett’s confirmation on the Supreme Court bench heralds a more conservative leaning for the courts of the land, much more in line with American values. "...

Millions in taxpayer money used to place Obamacare propaganda in TV shows


The firm's plan is to tap Hollywood, where some of Obama's most ardent support comes from, to sell this turkey to the American public. ... This was a major accomplishment for Obama , yet he rarely mentions it on the campaign trail (EDITOR'S NOTE: HE MENTIONS IT ALL THE TIME) and is never pressed about it by the mainstream media. "...

Round 2: If Dems win back the Senate, Feinstein wants to “investigate Brett Kavanaugh” all over again


The American Communist Party So, is Feinstein and her California challenger, Left-wing Democratic hack Kevin de León – who also pledged another Kavanaugh probe – merely throwing red meat to their supporters? ... The Democratic Party is quickly becoming the American Communist Party, though deep down, it’s really always been that. "...

Following regime change, Americans will be starved into submission


Only now, the intended target are not the LDC’s but, instead, the American people. ... NSSM 200 has come full circle, but in this case, it is specifically aimed at the American people and you and your familiy are the intended targets. "...

North Korea readying nuclear-capable ICBMs for launch, analyst warns


Reports indicate that the North Korean dictator has crossed a new threshold with this accomplishment that brings his country one step closer towards becoming a full-fledged nuclear power, posing new and credible threats to the West. ... “If he utters one threat in the form of an overt threat … or if he does anything with respect to Guam or anyplace else that’s an American territory or an American ally, he will truly regret it,” the President told reporters. "...

After winning the Nobel Peace Prize, Obama drops 26,000 bombs in just one year... peace has never looked so explosive


This prize, to a 48-year-old freshman president, for “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples,” seemed a kind of prayer and encouragement by the Nobel committee for future endeavor and more consensual American leadership. ... (See more news about anti-American traitors at Treason.news ) But through it all, no matter what his Nobel Prize was supposed to have been awarded for, peace wasn’t something Obama embraced fully throughout ...

Huge, rare African elephant killed by German elitist with uncontrollable urge to destroy nature's magnificent creatures


All he saw was a win, an accomplishment, a dream come true. Did he not understand in this moment that he had killed and severed a wonderful, gracious part of himself? ... The unnamed German hunter seems to have the same spiritual sickness as American dentist Dr. "...

Call for Obama to fire Sebelius over 'disastrous' Obamacare rollout


Obviously, she didn't do that, and that has left more than a few people scratching their heads as to why this woman hasn't been fired and is still being compensated by American taxpayers. ... No one ever suggested that commandeering one-sixth of the American economy would be an easy task. "...

Trump crushes the TPP, taking a hatchet to the international profits of Big Pharma


As President Trump signed the executive action officially killing the TPP once and for all, he stated before press cameras in the Oval Office that the move was a “great thing for the American worker.” The president has also indicated that he plans to take a closer look at and renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), another jobs-killing trade deal signed into law by former President Bill Clinton back in 1993 that’s been a gradually progressing death sentence ...

Dangerous Chinese chicken on the horizon at your local grocery store


The recent agreement, deemed by federal officials as a herculean accomplishment for the Trump administration, was a bid to narrow the country’s trade deficit with China. ... American companies, workers, farmers and more are eager for more access to Chinese markets, and they’ll look to ensure reality matches the rhetoric of these promises,” Scott Mulhauser, a former Chief of Staff at the U.S. "...