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Dentists may soon be able to repair and rebuild teeth rather than drilling and filling


Researchers studied amelogenin – the protein required to form crown enamel – and came up with amelogenin-derived peptides. ... Sources include: Healthline.com Dentistry.UIC.edu Previous :Stockpiling food for the long haul: Some essentials will last forever as long as they’re sealed Next : Mediterranean waters filled with microplastics from foam and fishing gear - More news on amelogenin Dentists may soon be able to repair and rebuild teeth rather than drilling and filling ...

Biogenic dental products could rebuild teeth and cure cavities


They took particular interest in the protein called amelogenin, an important ingredient for hard crown enamel. Using what they learned about amelogenin and tooth formation , the researchers came up with a number of peptides. "...

Researchers have developed a new way to regenerate dental enamel


Disordered proteins do not have a fixed or ordered structure; amelogenin, for example, plays a big role in guiding apatite crystal growth during enamel formation. "...



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