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Health systems collapsing around the country as L.A. County orders EMS not to transport patients who have "little chance" to survive


County orders EMS not to transport patients who have “little chance” to survive Wednesday, January 13, 2021 by: JD Heyes ambulance crews , badhealth , badmedicine , Barbara Ferrer , Collapse , covid-19 , Dr. ... For instance, health officials in Los Angeles County have instructed ambulance crews not to transport any patients who have “little chance of survival,” The Epoch Times reported last week . "...

Vaccine mandates leading to massive shortage of 911 staff, putting Americans' lives in danger


And of course, the COVID vaccine mandate is also leading many ambulance and fire personnel out of the industry altogether. ... Deborah Clapp, executive director of Western Mass Medical Services in Massachusetts, said in an interview with local media in her area that overworked ambulance crews coupled with low wages are creating staffing shortages throughout the country. "...

Breakdown: New York EMTs forced to wait for hours with dead bodies before police arrive


But if cops aren't available, then the ambulance crews have to sit there - unable to respond to the heavy volume of calls. ... Tying down ambulance crews for hours Is it just an occasional thing? Not so much, one veteran EMS worker told the paper. "...

Dirty Ambulances May Spread Superbugs


"In many trusts, ambulance crews are responsible for cleaning their own vehicles and this is a waste of their time and training," said Unison leader Sam Oestreicher. ... In these cases, the ambulance is merely mopped out. The best procedure was that of the London Ambulance Service, which has full-time cleaners who deep clean each ambulance when it is brought in and restocked it with medical supplies. "...

Americans too fat to be airlifted by medical helicopters


"It's an issue for sure," Craig Yale, vice president of corporate development for Air Methods, one of the country's biggest air ambulance firms, told ABC News. ... Other air ambulance companies regularly handle heavy patients, however - patients in the 350-400 pound range. "...

Obese patients are injuring emergency workers: Super-sized mannequins purchased for practice


According to the DailyMail.co.uk , this decision was prompted by the rising number of plus-sized patients being dealt with by ambulance and fire and rescue staff. ... To do that efficiently and effectively, we make sure our crews have the skills and equipment necessary to respond to a range of different emergencies. "...

Why do they need that? Amazon awarded a patent for ultrasonic wristband that can track employee’s movements


“Those who could not keep up with the punishing targets faced the sack — and some who buckled under the strain had to be attended by ambulance crews,” he claimed. "...

Amazon warehouse workers attempt to commit suicide on the job due to atrocious "slave-like" work conditions


In 2011, reports emerged that the company hired ambulance crews to wait outside on hot days for workers who experienced problems related to the heat as they tried to keep up with demanding production requirements. "...

'Looting gangs' target victims of Hurricane Sandy with theft and violence: Here's how to stop them cold


With this firmly in mind, let me be the first to say, on the record, something that virtually every cop and SWAT team member would admit privately: You will be assisting law enforcement, emergency rescue crews and even helping protect your neighbors and communities if you shoot violent looters dead before they can harm you or anyone else. ... It's a good idea to say "I need an ambulance and the police. I have been attacked in my home and I shot at the person who attacked me." "...