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Why you should think twice before calling an ambulance


Why you should think twice before calling an ambulance Monday, May 15, 2017 by: D. Samuelson ambulance prices , caling 911 , emergency medicine , high prices ER rides , medical bill strategies - (Natural News ) When there’s a medical emergency, the modus operandi is to call 911 and ask for an ambulance. "...

HORROR: Botched abortion leaves woman bleeding out, begging for ambulance on the phone with 911 operator


- HORROR: Botched abortion leaves woman bleeding out, begging for ambulance on the phone with 911 operator Tuesday, March 05, 2019 by: Ethan Huff 9/11 , abortion , Ambulance , bad doctors , badhealth , bleeding , Dangerous Medicine , depopulation , evil , Flossmoor , Foley catheter , health care , hemorrhaging , left cult , medical violence , Planned Parenthood , violence against women , - (Natural News ) A relatively new Planned Parenthood clinic in Flossmoor, Illinois, was forced ...

Overweight Emergency Recruits Threaten Public Safety


A study published in the online journal Obesity, March 19, found that 75 percent of young recruits for fire and ambulance service in Massachusetts were overweight or obese. ... Firefighters, ambulance personnel and police confront situations that are highly stressful psychologically and physically. "...

Dirty Ambulances May Spread Superbugs


An investigation by Unison concluded that the lack of mandatory standards, combined with shortages of time and money, have led many ambulance companies to adopt unsanitary ambulance cleaning policies. ... In these cases, the ambulance is merely mopped out. The best procedure was that of the London Ambulance Service, which has full-time cleaners who deep clean each ambulance when it is brought in and restocked it with medical supplies. "...

Don't wait for an ambulance if you get shot or stabbed: You are less likely to die if a friend takes you to the hospital


Don’t wait for an ambulance if you get shot or stabbed: You are less likely to die if a friend takes you to the hospital Wednesday, September 27, 2017 by: Michelle Simmons Ambulance , emergency , emergency medical services , EMS , gunshot , hospital , penetrating injuries , stabbing , Uber - (Natural News ) It is important to call for the ambulance in medical emergencies, but new research suggests that calling a friend, an Uber, or the police to take you to the hospital ...

Hundreds of thousands of British pounds spent by the NHS on super-sized ambulances for the obese


In a report by the Telegraph.co.uk, ambulance trusts were said to have spent at least 1.3 million British Pounds on these specially-customized vehicles. ... The new ambulances have become absolutely essential for trusts such as the North West Ambulance Service. "...

The flu is causing chaos in the U.S. and the U.K. ... Hospital beds are full, patients are forced to wait hours for an ambulance


. … Hospital beds are full, patients are forced to wait hours for an ambulance Thursday, January 04, 2018 by: Isabelle Z. ... Sources include: DailyMail.co.uk StatesmanJournal.com SanDiegoUnionTribune.com NaturalNews.com NaturalNews.com Previous :Expert tips for beating colds and flu include natural remedies that are safer AND more effective than any vaccine Next : Cannabis oil for chronic fatigue: A teenager says it cured his debilitating illness, has totally regained his quality of life ...

Colorado medic dies fighting coronavirus in New York City


Both Davis and Cary were stationed in the Bronx where they were helping with facility transfers with on-demand ambulance service Ambulnz. ... For three weeks, Cary drove an ambulance transporting COVID-19 patients to hospitals and helped dispatch 911 calls due to the high volume. "...

News reporter dials 911 for medical emergency, waits 25 minutes for ambulance to arrive (yes, society really is breaking down)


News reporter dials 911 for medical emergency, waits 25 minutes for ambulance to arrive (yes, society really is breaking down) Friday, February 26, 2016 by: L.J. ... Waiting for the ambulance to arrive, Helms waited outside and listened for oncoming sirens. "...

Transportation company pitches oversized hydrogen-powered drones as air ambulances or sky taxis


Transportation company pitches oversized hydrogen-powered drones as air ambulances or sky taxis Saturday, December 14, 2019 by: Arsenio Toledo air ambulance , breakthrough , drone tech , drones , flying taxi , future science , future tech , goodtech , innovation , inventions , research , robotics , robots , science and technology , sky taxi , transportation - (Natural News ) A transportation company is betting that its new oversized drone will, within 10 years, take to the skies as a cargo ...

Tempers flaring, fights breaking out across America ahead of expected coronavirus-related shortages of food, goods


After it was over, according to video posted online, one of the victims was heavily bandaged and was seen being carted out of the store on an ambulance stretcher. ... Sources include: DailyMail.co.uk LawEnforcementToday.com NaturalNews.com Previous :Nationwide lockdowns coming over spread of coronavirus as governors order businesses closed and entire cities idled Next : Secret UK health doc predicts “80%” will become afflicted with coronavirus as outbreak stretches into 2021 and kills 500,000-plus ...

Biological warfare-like 'thunderstorm asthma' killing Australians


Also, Australians are questioning whether the ambulance service should have told people to drive affected loved ones to hospitals on their own because of delays. ... The ambulance demand was so great that Ambulance Victoria officials were forced to call in firefighters, police officers and non-emergency patient vehicles as well as doctors trained in disasters to get them in the field to treat and transport acutely ill patients. "...

Hillary Clinton video: THE WALKING DEAD... collapses into security van... 'medical event'... diagnosed with 'vascular dementia' and Parkinson's... 'one year left to live' says doctor


This video shows Hillary Clinton's motorcade arriving and leaving with an ambulance. Donald Trump's motorcade arrives without an ambulance. This obviously debunks the straw man argument that all presidential candidates have an ambulance in their motorcade. "...

Americans too fat to be airlifted by medical helicopters


"It's an issue for sure," Craig Yale, vice president of corporate development for Air Methods, one of the country's biggest air ambulance firms, told ABC News. ... Other air ambulance companies regularly handle heavy patients, however - patients in the 350-400 pound range. "...

HUGE QUESTION: Why didn’t the paramedic try to resuscitate George Floyd before haphazardly lifting him onto the stretcher? No pulse check? No CPR? No neck stabilization?


Did someone tell the paramedics ahead of time that Floyd was already unconscious and would need to be thrown into the ambulance as fast as possible? Watch the embedded video below and notice how the EMT is taking his sweet time getting the stretcher off the ambulance, not in any rush whatsoever. "...

George Floyd’s FENTANYL OVERDOSE – Multiple officer’s body cams reveal Floyd saying he was choking and couldn’t breathe before he ever hit the ground


Why didn’t the emergency medical staff test Floyd’s vital signs at all, before slinging him onto a stretcher and tossing him in the back of the ambulance? ... There’s a reason why the crisis actors shoved Floyd into the ambulance without checking his vital signs. "...

Sierra Leone under lockdown while residents suspected of having Ebola are cordoned off


According to reports, it often took many hours for an ambulance to even arrive after a victim was identified. ... If an ambulance did make it to a victim, there wasn't much that could be done. At the treatment centers, "There were not enough beds, space," said Dr. "...

Breakdown: New York EMTs forced to wait for hours with dead bodies before police arrive


But if cops aren't available, then the ambulance crews have to sit there - unable to respond to the heavy volume of calls. ... Tying down ambulance crews for hours Is it just an occasional thing? Not so much, one veteran EMS worker told the paper. "...

The reason George Floyd couldn't breathe is because his lungs were inflamed from a fentanyl overdose


In fact, when Chauvin placed his knee on Floyd’s neck, the officers had been waiting for an ambulance to arrive to help Floyd with his overdose symptoms. ... When the ambulance did arrive, Officer Lane went inside and helped administer CPR to Floyd on the way to the hospital. "...

Medically ignorant school officials traumatize young boy


But reports say that before Jessica was able to arrive at the school to pick up her son, officials had already called the police, who came and handcuffed Joseph, loaded him in an ambulance, and shipped him off to a psychiatric facility, claiming he was a "danger" to the other students. ... She went on to add that Joseph is now petrified of ambulance noises, and that he runs and hides every time he hears them or sees a police officer. "...