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Ancient ingenuity: Amazon tribes built fishponds to survive long droughts


Ancient ingenuity: Amazon tribes built fishponds to survive long droughts Friday, February 14, 2020 by: Arsenio Toledo Amazon river , ancient engineering , ancient ponds , Archaeology , bolivia , discoveries , Drought , environment , environmental engineering , fish ponds , fishing , goodscience , history , research - (Natural News ) According to a study led by researchers from the Federal University of Western Para in Brazil along with colleagues from France and Germany, ...

How the world's largest desert sustains the most biodiverse ecosystem on Earth


What does a dry and dusty desert have in common with a lush, green rainforest? ... Follow real-time breaking news headlines on Amazon river at FETCH.news The world of independent media, all in one place. - More news on Amazon river The rainforests: The answer to cancer and other debilitating diseases? "...

Amazon exposed as an extension of the CIA deep state


Much like the South American river after which it was named, the Amazon corporation was established from the get-go by the C.I.A. as “an octopus innervating and interpenetrating every segment of the corporate sector” – just like Walmart before it, the purpose of which was to destroy and take over the entire American retail industry. ... “Just like the gargantuan Amazon River [that] snakes through the northern half of South America as it[s] numerous tributaries ...

Parler says Amazon intentionally let hackers attack data centers


Parler says Amazon intentionally let hackers attack data centers Saturday, January 23, 2021 by: Franz Walker Amazon , AWS , Big Tech , big tech censorship , Censorship , cyber war , Data , DDoS , Glitch , hack , hackers , Parler , technology Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.hangthecensors.com/490449.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) Parler is accusing Amazon of deliberately leaving a back door open in their data center, leaving the former open to attack ...

Unique savanna in Brazil is being converted into cropland, losing biodiversity and endangering river basins that provide hydroelectric power


The Cerrado, located between the Amazon, Atlantic Forests, and Pantanal, is the largest savanna region in South America. ... In addition, it feeds three of the major water basins in South America: The Amazon, Paraguay, and São Francisco rivers. "...

Healing herbs revealed on NaturalNews Talk Hour


- Regina Discover the Amazon Rainforest The Amazon rainforest, also called the "Lungs of Our Planet" is one of the world's greatest natural resources. ... About 30% of the earth's oxygen is produced by the Amazon rainforest. The Amazon rainforest gets its name from the Amazon River, the life force of the rainforest. "...

Amazon Alexa a "DEMON device" that gathers information that can be used to blackmail you for life


And this isn’t a defect, apparently: it’s exactly what Amazon wants Alexa to do. ... It’s all part of Amazon’s efforts to take over the world and everything in it, and sell everyone’s privacy down the river in order to rake in more of the almighty dollar – which is all Amazon has ever cared about. "...

Mars not only had rivers bigger than those on Earth; they flowed more recently than previously believed


Back then, the Red Planet produced mighty waterways that dwarfed the Amazon River , the broadest body of water on Earth today. ... Mars used to have waterways twice as wide as the Amazon River The Chicago researchers theorized that the rivers on ancient Mars measured around twice the width of their widest Earth counterparts. "...

Justice Clarence Thomas makes argument that Big Tech platforms are "common carriers" that should NOT be allowed to discriminate based on political viewpoints


Thomas also touched on Amazon’s digital book burning practices , which threaten to eliminate free speech in the realm of publishing. “… as the distributor of the clear majority of e-books and about half of all physical books, Amazon can impose cataclysmic consequences on authors by, among other things, blocking a listing,” he warns. ... “A person always could choose to avoid the toll bridge or train and instead swim the Charles River or hike the Oregon Trail,” Thomas writes ...

Body of CDC researcher Timothy Cunningham found in a river near Atlanta... what did he know? Why was he murdered?


Body of CDC researcher Timothy Cunningham found in a river near Atlanta… what did he know? ... Atlanta police tweeted the following message: The Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office has identified the body recovered in the Chattahoochee River in NW Atlanta late Tuesday to be missing CDC employee Timothy Cunningham. "...

Scientists use algorithms to calculate ways to reduce the ecosystem impact of large dams


This dam was built in the San Juan River, which is an important tributary of the Colorado River. ... Chen said the river flow patterns that will result from his team’s water release estimates are much better than the state of the San Juan River right now. "...

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Demand for acai berries may help save the rainforests


The Brazilian government estimates that the Amazon forest will have lost 25 percent of its original area by 2020. ... In addition, the Amazon River is the world's largest water basin, with a flow volume equal to 20 percent of the joint volume of all rivers on the planet. "...

PROVEN: Monsanto knew the dangers of its chemicals but kept selling them anyway


Spokane, Washington, sues Monsanto following PCB revelation One of von Stackelberg’s discoveries pertained to PCB chemicals manufactured by Monsanto that he revealed were carelessly dumped into Washington’s Spokane River by the chemical giant. ... Von Stackelberg also put on a special event to talk about it entitled, “Monsanto, PCBs and the Spokane River,” which took place at Gonzaga University back in September. "...

There is a water war brewing out West that will decide the fate of 40 million Americans while changing political, social paradigms


The river itself is said to sustain 40 million Americans or one in eight of us. ... Sources include: NaturalNews.com Grist.org Previous :Media giant News Corp targeting censorship by Facebook, Google and Amazon in push for “Algorithm Review Board” Next : Texas Rep. "...

Camu Camu: The Natural Vitamin C Powerhouse For Peak Mental Function and Nervous System Protection page 9


The Amazon Herb Company: An Independent Review brings you the latest news about the fast-growing Amazon Herb Company and its remarkable success in healing people and the planet at the same time. ... I highly recommend a visit to the Amazon Herb Company website at www.AmazonHerb.net You can also see a list of some of the company's top distributors who you can call right now at: http://www.NaturalNews.com/Report_A... "...

Wild Pacific Salmon Explained


. * Copper River - The pristine Copper River in Alaska is 287 miles long and empties into Prince William Sound. ... The Copper River is the most popular source of gourmet Salmon. * Yukon River - The longest and northernmost river in the Salmon`s habitat is the Yukon River that stretches 2300 miles. "...

Even trace amounts of mercury cause infertility, brain impairment in songbirds


DuPont had been manufacturing Rayon during that time, a type of smooth textile fiber that is often used in place of silk, leaving behind mercury and other chemicals that ended up in the river and on nearby lands. ... The reason for this is that, like fish-eating birds, songbirds get a lot of their food from the river, including insects, arachnids, and other creatures. "...

Creepy life-threatening parasites straight out of science fiction – only they’re real: Tips for avoiding these 6 nightmares


. - Candiru “vampire fish” (Vandellia cirrhosa) – You may have heard of the vampire bat, but a tiny catfish from the Amazon River has the same blood-sucking reputation. ... There was also one account of candiru entering a woman’s vagina while also in the river. "...