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Cuba blocks internet access, ham radio broadcasts after protests to prevent the people from communicating


Cuba blocks internet access, ham radio broadcasts after protests to prevent the people from communicating Sunday, August 08, 2021 by: Ramon Tomey 40-meter band , amateur radio , Censored , Censorship , citizen protests , Communications , Cuba , government censorship , ham radio broadcasts. , Internet access , Operation Cuba Libre , oppressed , preparedness , radio , signal jamming , Social media , survival , telecommunications , Tyranny Bypass censorship ...

Sunspot unleashes a dozen solar flares in a day, causing radio blackouts worldwide


Sunspot unleashes a dozen solar flares in a day, causing radio blackouts worldwide Thursday, May 27, 2021 by: Virgilio Marin blackout , CME , coronal mass ejections , cosmic , Disasters , geomagnetic storm , grid down , NASA , power grid , radio blackouts , radio burst , radio interference , solar cycle , solar flares , solar storms , Space , sun , sunspots Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.afinalwarning.com/521618.html Copy URL - (Natural News ...

California to ban use of all Ham radio repeaters unless operators pay the state massive fees


There are “three types of licenses for ham radio operators are being granted today: Technician, General, and Amateur Extra. ... “A repeater is an automatic controlled radio station that automatically takes an incoming signal and simultaneously repeats it out to a wide area,” MyOffroadRadio notes . "...

Survival essentials: How to communicate after TEOTWAWKI


Survival essentials: How to communicate after TEOTWAWKI Thursday, November 19, 2020 by: Virgilio Marin disaster , FRS radio , GMRS radio , ham radio , how-to , preparedness , prepping , radio communication , radio devices , survival , survival communication , survival essentials , survival kit , survival radio , TEOTWAWKI Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.distributednews.com/474506.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) Having the ...

4 Must-have communication devices for a grid down situation


The Federal Communications requires a license to use the GMRS frequencies; there is no examination necessary. - Amateur (or ham) radio. The FCC has allocated a wide range of HF, VHF, and UHF frequencies to the high-tech Amateur Radio Service. "...

Mysterious weather clouds appear on Mars: What is NASA not telling us?


A BBC report explained that several amateur astronomers around the globe have noticed strange plumes above Mars, but the British amateur astronomer, Damian Peach, was the first to take photos of them. ... According to Timothy Good, author of Above Top Secret (1988), ham (amateur) radio operators capable of receiving the type of VHFs used between mission control and the first moon walkers intercepted a transmission that was censored out of public disclosure. "...

10 Ugly truths about long-term power outages and how to deal with them


10 Ugly truths about long-term power outages and how to deal with them Friday, October 25, 2019 by: Arsenio Toledo amateur radio , ammo , ammunition , barter , blackout , CB radio , Collapse , communication , community defense , Community Organizing , credit , disaster , emergency , energy , firearms , Food Preservation , Food storage , food supply , garbage disposal , gas , gasoline storage , grid collapse , grid down , gun confiscation , gun safety , guns , ham radio ...

Five must-have communications devices for any emergency


This does more than receive police and emergency calls; you can also use it to listen to amateur, utility, military, and family radio service channels. It can also pick up two-way radio signals. It comes in different forms: handheld, in-dash, under-dash, and home radio. "...

Be prepared: 3 Tips to better communicate with your family during an emergency


This includes cellphones, citizen band, family radio service, general mobile radio service, multiple user radio service, and amateur radio service. "...

Astronomers are baffled by a mysterious object left in space by top-secret Chinese spacecraft


It was also emitting radio signals, fueling speculations that it was more than just a piece of debris. ... Amateur radio operator Scott Tilley picked up the signals at 2,280 megahertz and said that they were waxing and waning. "...

U.S. satellites being threatened with destruction - prepare NOW to be able to communicate in a crisis


Ham radios: These are the best for emergency communications, as Graywolf Survival notes, because it is used by MARS (Military Auxiliary Radio System) and ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service). ... There are a number of emergency frequencies available on ham radio, too. However, you need a license to operate a ham radio, and though they’re easy to get, they do require some studying, nonetheless. "...

Prepping the essentials is not enough: 10 Crucial skills to ensure your survival in a disaster


Amateur radio classes Every serious prepper knows that it is important to have a backup radio at their disposal, and preferably one that can be powered by a hand crank. Possessing the ability to operate a Ham radio will allow you to access an emergency communication source during a time when most other forms of communication are down. "...

Mars-sized sunspot is turning toward Earth, raising concerns over intense solar flares


Amateur astronomer Martin Wise of Trenton, Florida, captured an image of the sunspot using an eight-inch telescope with solar filters. ... Solar flares are huge explosions in the sun that can release great levels of radiation into space, which can interrupt radio communications on Earth. "...

Bootleggers go legit as local moonshine gets legalized in many states


The author of "Chasing the White Dog: An Amateur Outlaw's Adventures in Moonshine," Max Watman, told National Public Radio recently that the connection between farmers and distillers is growing - and thriving. "...

Boston: locking down the city where the American Revolution was born


No amateur would have a clue. Do we have evidence either one of the Tsarnaev brothers was a pro? ... That was a transistor radio or a cigar humidor. The celebrations are on in Boston. "...

Flashing lights in the night sky: Scientists launch study to analyze the moon's "flashing" phenomenon


Amateur astronomers with decent telescopes can even witness TLPs themselves, but they might have to wait between a few hours to several days as they are impossible to predict. ... Sources include: DailyMail.co.uk Space.com TechTimes.com LiveScience.com Previous :Researchers tease “surprising” DNA results of Loch Ness study Next : 7 Possible causes of lower back and leg pain and how to address them - More news on discoveries Researchers synthesize halichondrin b, a powerful ANTICANCER compound, ...

SETI launches new tool to help improve the search for extraterrestrial life


These were divided into 38 studies that used optical instruments and 102 studies conducted with radio telescopes. ... When Frank Drake conducted the very first SETI search in 1960, he spurred amateur and professional researchers alike to help him look for any evidence of life in outer space . "...

Kansas governor declares October Zombie Preparedness Month; urges citizens to prepare for zombie apocalypse


. * Kansas Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service http://www.ksready.gov/default.asp?"...

More athletes choose real food and reject synthetic 'high-tech' sports drinks and supplements


In fact, top-selling Powerade is the "official" sports drink of the 2012 Olympics, National Public Radio reported recently, implying that "processed sports foods and neon-colored drinks are the stuff that gold medalists are made of. ... Among them is mountain biker Gary Fisher, who said all the "engineered nutrition" products keep many an amateur athlete on the hefty side. "...