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Biden spins his proposed nationwide mask mandate, now calling it "guidance"


Biden spins his proposed nationwide mask mandate, now calling it “guidance” Wednesday, October 07, 2020 by: Ethan Huff Amalgamated Transit Union , Biden , Chinese Virus , COVID , covid-19 , face masks , flip-flop , guidance , hypocrisy , Joe Biden , masks , national mask mandate , personal protective equipment , PPE , Tyranny , Wuhan coronavirus Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.distributednews.com/463880.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) After earlier ...

Teachers union sues mom for demanding to see her child's curriculum


France now requires proof of having received a COVID vaccine to access restaurants, public transit, and other businesses. ... Teachers Union Sues Mom for Demanding to See Her Child’s Curriculum The National Education Association teachers union is suing a Rhode Island mom after she made Freedom of Information requests of her child’s school. "...

SPLC demands big tech silence conservatives in the name of fighting white supremacist terror


The union-backed Amalgamated Bank led a campaign to pressure charitable funds to cut off “hate groups” last March. ... “While arguing before Congress that Bible-believing groups who oppose same-sex marriage and the transgender agenda ought to be lumped together with white nationalist terrorist groups, they argue behind the scenes in federal court that their ‘hate’ designations are actually meaningless—a mere matter of personal opinion.” "...

NYPD news, articles and information:


In late 2013 / early 2014, Mike Adams (the Health Ranger), editor of Natural News, transitioned from outspoken activist to environmental scientist.... 7/12/2013 - You may not have heard much of anything about it, but millions of New Yorkers who use the Big Apple's underground public transit system recently become the victims of a major chemical attack - no, not an attack by some unknown terrorist cell from the Middle East, but one initiated by the New York Police... ... The total surveillance ...

Pesticides news, articles and information:


A new study published in the journal Chemosphere has revealed that the amalgamated toxicity of certain pesticides and herbicides increases substantially... ... The citrus exposed to these pesticides are marked on the boxes with a message something like this: "Treated to maintain freshness in transit with one or more of... 5/15/2013 - Tom Laskawy, writing at Grist, points out how the next generation of GMOs is following in the track of present disasters: "...the growing pest and ...



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