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University departments ditch genderless term ‘alumni’… for genderless ‘alumnx’


Alumni” is the gender-neutral plural form of the word. Some websites use “alumnx” and “alumni” interchangeably. ... At Syracuse, the LGBT resource center uses “alumnx” in both the URL and throughout the page, only using “alumni” when referencing the school’s alumni association. "...

Baltimore private school alums outraged over headmaster's condemnation of anti-Semitism


Paradis’s condemnation of this rhetoric prompted the group of white alumni to pen their own open letter defending the Black at Park Organizing Collective’s original statements. ... The alumni accused Paradis of being “backed by a far right media outlet, white parents, alums and board members.” "...

Ivy League professor says intimidation campaigns gaining ground on campus


An alumni petition began on June 11 calling on the university to “take immediate action” to drive him out. ... The meeting was contentious, as law school dean Eduardo Peñalver read the professor letters from alumni calling for his firing, according to Jacobson. "...

Americans no longer live in a free society


Graduate students and alumni of the Harvard Kennedy School have dishonored the name of President Kennedy by demanding: “Harvard must revoke the degrees of alumni whose incendiary language and subversion of democratic processes — rooted in a history of white supremacist voter suppression — incited the violent insurrection on January 6.” "...

These are the words colleges don't want you to say


UPitt scraps “homecoming king” and “homecoming queen” titles After the University of Pittsburgh’s Alumni Association called for a policy change to end the use of the terms “king” and “queen,” the university announced in October that it will no longer use the traditional titles. Vice Chancellor for Alumni Relations Nancy Merritt called the terms “antiquated” language. "...

ACADEMIC PURGE: Harvard students launch petition to revoke degrees from graduates who support Trump


ACADEMIC PURGE: Harvard students launch petition to revoke degrees from graduates who support Trump Tuesday, January 19, 2021 by: Ethan Huff academia , Confederate flags , degrees , education , fascism , Harvard , insanity , left cult , Leftists , Libtards , lunatics , Nazi , obey , petition , Purge , Trump , Trump supporters , violent white supremacy Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.hangthecensors.com/490409.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) In an attempt to stop “violent white ...

Rhode Island professor finds “nothing wrong” with murdering Trump supporters from a “moral perspective”


Four universities – University of California-San Diego , Syracuse University , University of Michiganand Loyola University of Maryland – have stopped using the term “alumni” to refer to their graduates in favor of the supposedly inclusive and politically correct “alumnx.” However, the original word “alumni” is actually gender-neutral to begin with as it refers to graduates regardless of their gender. "...

Conservative Cornell law professor under "coordinated attack" after criticizing Black Lives Matter


BLM calls for Jacobson to be fired after op-eds For publicly critiquing their ideology, supporters of the BLM movement , with help from the Black Law Student Association, law school faculty and Cornell alumni are calling on the university to fire Jacobson . ... According to the latter, the meeting was contentious, with law school dean Eduardo Penalver reading Jacobson the letters from alumni calling for his sacking. "...

New York's Mayor de Blasio condemned as a bigot for horrific discrimination against Asians and whites entering public schools


Several of the schools that would be affected have large populations of whites and Asians, as well as alumni legacies made up of the same two demographics. “Correct me if I’m wrong, but they’re saying these schools are too Asian, so there must be something wrong,” stated Soo Kim, president of Stuyvesant High School’s Alumni Association, one of the schools in question. "...

Academic journal seeks evidence of 'structural racism' in policing, won't promise to accept contrary evidence


A ‘slap in the face’ to Northeastern alumni in law enforcement Law Enforcement Today, a pro-police publication that allows vetted officers to anonymously publish articles, noted that the suggestions in the call for papers don’t “clarify if contradictory research will be printed to contrast the false narrative of systemic racism in policing.” It said it received a tip about Cuevas’s email from a person who called it a “slap in the face” to the “thousands of alumni [who] serve in ...

Jon Lovitz blast cancel culture, tells snowflakes to avoid the comedy club


(Article by Gabriel Hays republished from NewsBusters.org ) The latest comedian to come out against Cancel culture is SNL alumni Jon Lovitz, who told Page Six in an interview that the far left-motivated phenomena is “no different than McCarthyism,” that political tactic by which people who disagree on politics are tarred and feathered as bad people and blacklisted from polite society. "...

Form Energy CEO claims iron-air battery can "fully retire thermal assets like coal and natural gas"


“We’re the alumni of a generation of failed battery companies who all came back for more.” "...

'The endpoint of critical race theory': Columbia University faces backlash for segregated graduations


In most instances, these celebrations evolved from ceremonies originally created by students and alumni.” "...

SICK: Keith Olbermann calls for President Trump to receive "death penalty"


There’s no word as to a potential Secret Service investigation into the hysterical MSNBC alumni as of yet. "...

Facebook caught funding CCP-linked "Marxist Journalism" programs to brainwash users with left-wing propaganda


Alumni of Tsinghua typically go on to work for fake news outlets like China Central Television, the Xinhua News Agency, China Daily and the People’s Daily. "...

'Okay White boy!' ... Ossoff's new digital director has history of anti-White tweets


along with other generally racially motivated comments aimed at white people, such as insisting they’re all “waaay too comfortable ” and disbelief at the prospect of marrying a “white guy”: FEB 25, 2012 MARCH 17TH, 2012 AUGUST 16TH, 2011 O’Neal’s racial obsessiveness is also evidenced by her repeatedly heckling Asians, noting “this dude in my class has huge lips for an Asian”: A PLETHORA OF ANTI-ASIAN TWEETS O’Neal’s Twitter bio reveals that, in addition to Ossoff and Biden, she worked for the Florida ...

Why You Should Grow Sweet Potatoes in Your Self Reliance Garden


He is an alumni of American College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. His acupuncture website is HeavenlyNeedles.com. "...

Pomegranate Juice Could Benefit Diabetics (press release)


The majority of the founders and managers of Israel's high-tech companies are alumni. "...

Pomegranate Juice Could Benefit Diabetics (press release)


The majority of the founders and managers of Israel's high-tech companies are alumni. "...

Pomegranate Juice Could Benefit Diabetics (press release)


The majority of the founders and managers of Israel's high-tech companies are alumni. "...