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Avoid aluminum - Locate the unexpected sources of aluminum in products


Senile dementia is the term given to many different diseases producing dementia. ... Food Additives: The following food additives contain aluminum compounds: E173, E520, E521, E523 E541, E545, E554, E555 E556, E559. "...

People are still routinely exposed to aluminum … and it's in more than just food


Our regular exposure to and ingestion of aluminum compounds come from daily products that include food, cosmetics, baking tools and aluminum foil. Scientists say that aluminum compounds are present in drinking water to help purify it. "...

Beware of aluminum in deodorant products


Beware of aluminum in deodorant products Tuesday, December 01, 2009 by Mike Adams , the Health Ranger Editor of NaturalNews.com (See all articles...) ... Aluminum compounds - particularly aluminum chlorohydrate - are easily absorbed through the skin and have, in the only reported trial to date, already been linked with higher risks of Alzheimer's. - by Dr. "...

Vaccinations and allergy shots causing allergies to aluminum


Netterlid thinks it's because the types of aluminum compounds used in vaccines and other mainstream medical treatments such as allergy desensitization shots have been changed over the years. ... Netterlid and her colleagues are currently conducting research to see if some kinds of aluminum compounds used in vaccinations and allergy shots are more likely to produce allergies than other formulations. "...

Aluminum Toxicity: Symptoms and Solutions


Soda cans are aluminum, cookware is made from aluminum, and of course aluminum foil can be found in most kitchens. ... However, you can take measures to reduce your overall exposure, such as: - Use glass storage containers and cookware instead of aluminum - Avoid hygiene products (like deodorant, antacids, and toothpaste) with aluminum hydroxide, aluminum chloride, aluminum chlorohydrate, or aluminum-zirconium compounds ...

Children's medicines coated with brain-damaging aluminum


Aluminum Lake food coloring, used to heavily coat liquid medicines for children, contains dangerous amounts of aluminum and harmful synthetic petrochemicals. "...

How to detox aluminum and why it's necessary


We are in the "Age of Aluminum", this according to a lecture by Dr. ... Aluminum compounds that are injected bypass the liver and kidneys and tend to remain in slow cellular replacing tissues. "...

Autism, mercury, aluminum and vaccine-induced encephalopathy


“…our current results are consistent with the existing evidence on the toxicology and pharmacokinetics of Aluminum adjuvants which altogether strongly implicate these compounds as contributors to the rising prevalence of neurobehavioral disorders in children. ... Use aluminum-containing vaccines with great caution, or not at all.” – Chris Shaw, PhD “Aluminum is an experimentally demonstrated neurotoxin and the most commonly used vaccine adjuvant…research clearly ...

Aluminum linked directly to early onset of Alzheimer's disease


Aluminum linked directly to early onset of Alzheimer’s disease Friday, February 17, 2017 by: Vicki Batts Aluminum dementia , Toxic Metals - (Natural News ) Aluminum is everywhere: it contaminates vaccines , it’s in a variety of medications, baby products, cosmetics, and it’s even in the food you eat . ... [RELATED: Learn more about toxic metals and other damaging compounds at Toxins.news ] Exley and his team concluded that their research indicates that the genetic ...

Switzerland may BAN aluminum salts used in deodorants because they cause cancer


The aluminum compounds found in antiperspirants temporarily block your sweat glands, and they can build up in your breast tissue, creating estrogen-like effects. ... Toxic aluminum found in popular prescription infant formulas Aluminum camping cookware lab tested by the Health Ranger: Is it safe to use? "...

It's not just thimerosal that makes vaccines poisonous: Yeast and other compounds cause serious health problems, too


Aluminum is used to make vaccines work “better,” but it is also a neurotoxic metal that can accumulate in the brain and body. ... In addition to aluminum, there are a number of strange vaccine ingredients that you’d think would have no place in the human body. "...

DEODORANT WARNING: Aluminum salts found in popular antiperspirant products cause tumor growth


It has long been surmised that the aluminum compounds used in many antiperspirant deodorant products may be a cause of cancer. "...

Why are vaccines laced with artificial coloring chemicals made with aluminum, a toxic metal that damages the brain?


The CDC list includes the color additive FD&C Yellow #6 aluminum lake dye. This color additive, according to the FDA , is made with aluminum cation and aluminum hydroxide. ... The food dye conundrum: Cancer, bone health issues and much more The aluminum compounds found in this food dye have been shown to cause severe side effects including stomach pain, painful urination and extreme drowsiness as well as loss of appetite, muscle weakness and severe fatigue....

CDC advises pregnant women to get aluminum- and formaldehyde-filled Tdap vaccine despite lack of safety


The official vaccination schedule issued by the U.S. ... But it is a fact that this aluminum- and formaldehyde-filled vaccine jab has never been safety tested in pregnant women, and shouldn't be administered to them. "...

Chronic fatigue syndromes and the Gardasil scandal: POTS and the dangers of aluminum-adjuvanted vaccines


Use aluminum-containing vaccines with great caution, or not at all.” – C. A. Shaw, PhD http://vaccinepapers.org/category/aluminum/ > > “Aluminum is an experimentally demonstrated neurotoxin and the most commonly used vaccine adjuvant…research clearly shows that aluminum adjuvants have a potential to induce serious immunological disorders in humans. ... Toxic aluminum found in popular prescription infant formulas Aluminum camping cookware lab tested ...

Are industrial farming practices and geoengineering destroying the Earth's soil?


When more aluminum is available to crops, it means the soil is more acidic. In humans, aluminum has been linked to causing neurological problems, s uch as Alzheimer’s disease . ... Aluminum is one of the key compounds featured in the chemtrail “cocktails” that are sprayed into the atmosphere, under the guise of “climate control.” "...

Green glue: Tannins from softwood are being used as a renewable alternative to toxic phenol compounds in glue


Green glue: Tannins from softwood are being used as a renewable alternative to toxic phenol compounds in glue Thursday, August 09, 2018 by: Rhonda Johansson eco-friendly , environmente , goodscience , natural alternative , natural glue , phenol adhesives , phenol resins , research , softwood , softwood barks , tannins , toxic phenols , trees , wood pulp - (Natural News ) A Finnish project begun last year seeks to provide a safe and natural alternative to the toxic phenol compounds ...

FDA tests Adya Clarity, confirms high level of aluminum, multiple label violations


Possibly because Adya, Inc. didn't actually want anyone to read the label and notice aluminum wasn't properly listed. • Label violation #2) The list of ingredients is incomplete and does not list the compounds used. ... So I guess since it has just about the same amount of Aluminum in it as Iron, then it is an "Aluminum supplement" also?! "...

Adya Clarity - how to intelligently read the label and calculate possible toxic exposures to excess iron and aluminum


An "official" MSDS actually looks like the following document, which shows the hazardous effects of aluminum sulfate, which is one of the mineral compounds found in Adya Clarity: http://www.deltachemical.com/PDFS/DeltaAlumS... ... The aluminum is in the form of "aluminum sulfate" and not free aluminum. When these substances meet the strong acid in your stomach, however, that's another story... "...

Natural News exclusive: Fluoride used in U.S. water supplies found contaminated with lead, tungsten, strontium, aluminum and uranium


The sodium fluoride added to U.S. water supplies is contaminated with the toxic elements lead, tungsten and aluminum, a Natural News Forensic Food Labs investigation has revealed. ... There are many different chemical compounds which contain fluorine elements in various configurations. "...