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Bug out survival planning: Transportation ideas during a financial crisis


But for many people, public transportation is the only option. When formulating your transportation plan, consider the costs of keeping a car at home compared to using it more frequently to spread the costs. ... During a recession, bikes are an even better option for affordable transportation. "...

Survival essentials: 11 Ways to communicate after SHTF


Another option is to get solar-powered chargers for continuous power when the grid is down. ... However, when the power grid goes down, you need a solar power charging option to keep the units charged. "...

The Netherlands is withdrawing sanctions against Russia WITHOUT EU permission


The Dutch ministries of Foreign Affairs, Economic Affairs, Finance, Infrastructure and Education have the option of granting exemptions. ... Watch the video below about the EU sanctions on Russia’s energy, finance and transport sectors. "...

Prepper essentials: Here's why you need to stock up on water before SHTF


The containers usually have a spigot and a handle to transport and dispense water and they can store five to seven gallons of water. ... Two-liter soda bottles If you don’t have the budget for expensive storage containers, two-liter soda bottles are a cheap and readily available option. "...

Americans too fat to be airlifted by medical helicopters


The alternative is to risk leaving critically sick and injured patients to other forms of transportation. ... The next available option is ground transportation - a traditional ambulance - but sometimes that can take twice as long, and that's extremely risky when seconds count. "...

Australian bank begins linking customer transactions to carbon footprint


The bank gives the customer the option to “pay a fee” to offset their carbon footprint, with the average listed as 1,280 kilograms, a long way from the ‘sustainable’ figure of 200 kilograms. ... Carbon units would be “deducted from the personal budget with every payment of transport fuel, home-heating fuels and electricity bills,” and anyone going over the limit would be forced to purchase additional units in the personal carbon market from those with excess to sell.” "...

Rail lines between China and Europe stall amid Ukraine conflict


As of March 17, bookings on the weekly China-Europe train from Shanghai saw a massive 40 percent decline in transport. ... One of the problems with switching to sea transport versus rail transport is that it takes twice as long to get goods to their destination via water. "...

Road "safety" surveillance: UK cars to be fitted with speed limiters


The European Commission first came up with this idea back in 2019, while the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) made the speed limiters a compulsory feature. ... The government also plans that this option be removed completely in the future. "...

Survival essentials: 9 Types of fuel you may need in your stockpile when SHTF


Despite these disadvantages, diesel is a great option for long-term storage compared to gasoline. ... Propane Propane is often used as fuel for backyard grills, but when SHTF it is a good option for your stockpile. "...

Biden considers activating National Guard to assist with worsening supply chain crisis


White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that the administration has not taken the option off the table. ... The White House’s willingness to explore the option of deploying the National Guard proves how serious it is about the issue. "...

Australia's largest bank is now tracking the carbon emissions of its clients through their financial transactions


CommBank is even providing customers with an option to pay a fee to allow the bank to offset their carbon footprint for them. ... This app, as per the bank’s statement, will give customers individualized breakdowns of their carbon emissions, which will then be divided into spending categories like utilities, transportation and personal shopping. "...

Toyota offers to buy back electric SUVs from customers following major glitch


One option for owners affected by the recall is to have free use of another Toyota vehicle until such time the automaker finds out what went wrong and how to fix the glitch. Those who choose this option will receive $5,000 as either a partial refund or as a car payment. "...

Range test finds gas pickup can tow 2,000-lb trailer 2.8 times farther than new electric pickup


Car experts agree gas trucks are still the better option Car journalists who commented on TFL Truck‘s investigation noted that the range test proves that internal combustion engine vehicles are still the best option, although electric vehicle technology is getting better. ... Sources include: WesternJournal.com TheDrive.com CarBuzz.com InsideEVs.com Brighteon.com Previous :Bill Gates heavily lobbied Joe Manchin to support the Inflation Reduction Act to further his own “green” agenda ...

Professor: Hate inflation? Take the bus, don't eat meat, cut back on pet care


“To deal with gas prices, it’s worth reconsidering public transportation if it’s an option where you live,” Ghilarducci says. After all, mass transport fares are up only 8 percent compared to 38 percent for gasoline. "...

People with Type 2 diabetes may suffer from magnesium deficiency, warn researchers


Topical magnesium is absorbed directly into the cells, so consider this option if you are not big on pills. ... Sources include: TheEpochTimes.com Healthline.com Brighteon.com Previous :A balanced diet that includes lean meat may be better for your mental health than a meatless diet, new research suggests Next : Bug out survival planning: Transportation ideas during a financial crisis - More news on #nutrition Age like fine wine: Tips for healthy and successful aging Consuming too ...

Food supply 101: Tips for preparing a healthy food stockpile


Another option is to dehydrate microgreens and add them to green powder or flour if you don’t eat them up that quickly. ... Cooking oil and fats help transport vitamins and flavors to foods. In fact, sauteing onions, pepper and celery in olive oil or butter carries the flavors of the food you’re preparing. "...

How do YOU sneeze? Experts say most of us are doing it wrong, and with flu season coming, it matters


According to the report, there is no mandatory flu education campaign in NSW schools or on public transport vehicles but principals have the option to have a poster in their school. ... (Education) in schools and transport helps,” AMA NSW president Brad Frankum expressed. "...

Get started with vermicomposting if you want to grow healthier plants


This option can be expensive but it is well-designed. It may also come in a kit for vermicomposting. ... Another option is to screen out large bits of newspaper and vegetation. If you don’t want to make a mess, wait until you have a good bin of castings. "...

Ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft cause increased traffic congestion in cities, research finds


Based on one study that surveyed almost 1,000 people, more than half of the participants admitted that they would have gone for public transportation options instead of using Uber or Lyft, or go with any other option like walking, biking, and even skipping their trips if neither service was available. ... People would have used other transportation options – notably, ones that already exist – if ride-sharing services weren’t available. "...

"Eco-friendly" scooters revealed to be largely a fraud: They're far dirtier for the environment than their advocates could have imagined


In fact, the researchers found that riding a bus, especially one powered by diesel, is a better option than riding an e-scooter. ... While it may be a more attractive option than going by car from an environmental standpoint , scooter riders need to know the true impact of their choice. "...