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Cancer testing outstrips allopathic treatments


Allopathic medicine cuts out tumors with surgery or shrinks them with chemotherapy and radiation. ... Allopathic medicine only practices what it knows, which is surgery, chemo and radiation. "...

Natural Allopathic medicine: the power to heal and cure cancer


A passionate doctor named Mark Allan Sircus, Ac., OMD has outlined key principles for the integration of Natural Allopathic Medicine. ... New book lays out principles for integration of non-invasive, natural approaches to allopathic standards of medicine In Dr. "...

Life-threatening infectious disease responds better to homeopathy than allopathic medicine


During the European Typhus Epidemic of 1813, those treated in homeopathic hospitals had a mortality rate of less than 1 percent while those treated with allopathic medicine had a mortality rate well over 30 percent. ... The rate of protection was an astounding 97 percent which was unheard of in allopathic medicine. "...

Protect your body and family from the allopathic assault of cigarettes, pharmaceuticals, vaccines and GMOs


Protect your body and family from the allopathic assault of cigarettes, pharmaceuticals, vaccines and GMOs Monday, March 16, 2015 by: S. ... Allopathic means never justify the results. Covering up symptoms and relieving you of them just puts off the inevitable. "...

Homeopathy dramatically more effective at preventing and treating whooping cough than allopathic medicine


Living in a toxic world isn't easy, but we can protect ourselves with a bit of knowledge and awareness. ... In one example, four children contracted whooping cough and were treated with allopathic medicine. "...

Western medicine believes health is a war, and the body is a \nbattleground that should be assaulted


Related Articles: • Systems of medicine explained: Conventional, alternative, integrative, complementary and more • The Case for Homeopathic Medicine: Consider the Historical and Scientific Evidence • Dispelling the Myths Surrounding Homeopathy • Modern Medicine, Part I: How Healing Illness Became Managing Illness • Study shows the public is turning to alternative medicine and away from dangerous prescription drugs • The Top Ten Technologies: #9 Vibrational Medicine Take Action: Support NaturalNews....

Compromise is the first step toward surrender: Here’s why homeopaths should not "bridge" to include allopathic medicine


Compromise is the first step toward surrender: Here’s why homeopaths should not “bridge” to include allopathic medicine Wednesday, April 25, 2018 by: Ralph Flores allopathic medicine , allopathy , alternative medicine , alternative treatments , Ayurveda , AYUSH , Big Pharma , contradictory medicine , harmful drugs , harmful medicine , healthcare systems , herbal medicine , homeopathic treatment , Homeopathy , Siddhi , systems of medicine , traditional medicine , Unani - (Natural ...

Is WebMD 'killing you softly?' A closer look reveals an allopathic nightmare of symptom cover-up scams


It is reported and documents reveal that WebMD received over $13 million to promote a government-run bureaucratic investment called Obamacare, as contracted by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). "...

The Medical Monopoly: It's not about who's right or wrong but who's in charge


The general public doesn't realize there is an ongoing war for the control of our bodies. ... Their intent was to send a warning to other doctors to stay within the boundaries of allopathic medicine. "...

Five lifestyle behaviors lower dementia risk by 60 percent, way more than any drug or allopathic advice


As we approach an epidemic in the number of newly diagnosed cases of dementia, including Alzheimer's disease, irrefutable evidence continues to emerge supporting the science behind following simple lifestyle modifications to dramatically lower the risk of developing memory-robbing illnesses and most other chronic diseases as well. ... Follow real-time breaking news headlines on Lifestyle behaviors at FETCH.news The world of independent media, all in one place. - More news on lifestyle behaviors Vitamin ...

Having already convinced most blue states to commit vaccine suicide, Jill Biden now targets RED states to make sure conservatives are exterminated, too


Wells allopathic , badhealth , COVID , covid vaccines , delta vaccine , depopulation , Joe Biden , mRNA toxic , murder , protein payload , vaccine abortion , vaccine death , Vaccine deaths , vaccine injury , vaccine jihad , vaccine wars Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.afinalwarning.com/534717.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) Including the swing states her husband’s CCP regime stole, Jill “Joe” Biden is touring conservative states to help make the upcoming vaccine-induced ...

Top 7 LIES about health and safety over 200 million Americans believe today


Wells allopathic , Big Pharma , dirty vaccines , disinformation , harmful medicine , lies , mRNA , pandemic , propaganda , truth , vaccine death , vaccine injury Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.afinalwarning.com/537650.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) As an American, no matter how smart you are, you’ve been brainwashed since you were a child to believe that the human immune system is very frail, from birth to death, and that you need at least 75 vaccines just to stay ...

Homeopathy Proven Better Than Conventional Medicine for Eczema


No other methods, including allopathic, could be used. Conventional, allopathic, doctors were chosen randomly from practices that specialize in pediatrics, dermatology, and family practice. ... Of 118 children, 54 received homeopathic treatment and 64 received allopathic drugs. "...

Chinese herbal medicine can treat cancer safely and effectively


Among cancer patients, 64% were treated with a combination of conventional allopathic cancer treatment and TCM. ... However, roughly half of those patients (TCM only) had received allopathic cancer treatment in the past. "...

Homeopathy for pets - safer and more effective than toxic drugs


Allopathic drugs act in such a way that they suppress symptoms, but in themselves, they don't necessarily cure disease. ... Allopathic drugs typically suppress symptoms but do not necessarily cure disease. "...

Undermining a self-sustaining system: A look at the reasons why modern medicine will NEVER be okay with natural health


There is no doubt that unscrupulous individuals who care little about others make money from both allopathic and complementary medicine – both are billion-dollar industries, after all. ... Yes, we’re grateful that doctors are there in an emergency, but when it comes to treating the whole person, preventing the very diseases that allopathic medicine promises to treat, you simply cannot beat doing it the natural way. "...

Dr. Carolyn Dean


Cancer diagnostic testing has finally outstripped allopathic cancer therapy. "...

TRUE CAUSES of the top 6 preventable diseases – plus remedies


Consider this: The American allopathic system of medicine relies on two major platforms in order to remain in business. ... Visit a naturopathic physician instead of those allopathic quacks who never studied a lick of nutrition in medical school. "...

Better together: Case study reveals how a combination of Ayurveda and allopathy helped in treating diabetic foot


Based on these results, the researchers concluded that an integrative approach which combines Ayurvedic and allopathic medicine with advanced techniques for maintaining the dry state of wounds is an effective way of managing cases of diabetic foot and preventing major amputation. ... - More news on allopathic medicine Better together: Case study reveals how a combination of Ayurveda and allopathy helped in treating diabetic foot Undermining a self-sustaining system: A look at the ...

A proven cure for autism, vaccine injuries, and chronic disease - Homeopathy


Prior to that, Amy and her husband faithfully followed the allopathic gospel of loading kids up on vaccinations. After realizing her son`s condition was caused by the allopathic field she had trusted, she looked into homeopathy. "...