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Prevent and fight cancer with allium and cruciferous vegetables


The lowdown on allium and cruciferous vegetables Allium vegetables are some of the most recognizable plants in the world. ... Allium vegetables are featured not only in different types of cuisine but also in many traditional medicines. "...

Eat your veggies: 6 allium vegetables and their health benefits


The 5 health benefits of alliums Aside from containing beneficial organosulfur compounds, allium vegetables are nutritious. ... In the meta-analysis, researchers reviewed the outcomes of 21 studies which focused on allium vegetables and gastric cancer. "...

The Science of Soup Vegetables Explained


Homemade soups are great for a number of reasons. ... Follow real-time breaking news headlines on Vegetables at FETCH.news The world of independent media, all in one place. - More news on vegetables Green vegetables proven to protect against breast cancer New study says seven portions of fruits and vegetables daily may reduce risk of dying Study says vegetables play role in positive and negative thinking Seven daily portions of fruits and vegetables ...

Munching on onions and garlic can reduce colorectal cancer risk, according to study


To effectively lower the risk of people in northeast China, the researchers calculated that a total intake of 16 kg of allium vegetables per year is necessary. ... (Related: Eat your veggies: 6 allium vegetables and their health benefits .) Dr. "...

Researchers explore the anti-cancer potential of a local onion from Iran


Researchers explore the anti-cancer potential of a local onion from Iran Monday, March 16, 2020 by: Evangelyn Rodriguez alliums , alternative medicine , anti-cancer , cancer cures , cancer solutions , cancer treatment , disease treatments , food cures , food is medicine , functional food , goodcancer , goodfood , goodmedicine , goodscience , herbal medicine , Herbs , natural cures , natural medicine , remedies , research , superfoods - (Natural News ) Many of the vegetables that are part ...

Protect your colon with food: Garlic and onions reduce risk of colorectal cancer


Bioactive compounds in Allium vegetables were previously reported to prevent breast cancer and prostate cancer . ... They found that eating at least 35 lbs. of Allium vegetables per year could slash colorectal cancer risk. "...

Delicious and nutritious: Detox and lose weight with these 10 anti-inflammatory vegetables


Sea vegetables Seaweed (e.g., kelp, nori, or wakame) and other sea vegetables like chlorella (a type of algae) are some of the most nutrient-dense foods. ... Eat these nutritious vegetables if you’re going on a detox diet. These vegetables can also promote weight loss and ease inflammation. "...

Consuming alliums like onions and garlic found to lower colorectal cancer risk by 79 percent


The researchers found that those who consumed high amounts of allium vegetables had a 79 percent reduced risk of colorectal cancer. ... Taken together, these studies offer ample proof that allium vegetables are excellent natural medicines for various types of cancer. "...

A powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, shallots are full of flavonols that fight disease


In addition, shallots and other Allium vegetables can help reduce the risk for gastric cancer. ... Allium vegetables in general can help reduce the risk of various forms of cancer. "...

Five research-proven reasons why onion is a powerful secret superfood


Onions are allium vegetables. ... It was found that men whose intake of allium vegetables was over 10 grams daily had a statistically significant lowered risk of contracting prostate cancer than those whose intake was below 2.2 grams daily. "...

Eat more broccoli and Brussels sprouts for a healthier heart


They also identified the types of vegetables they consumed, which included cruciferous, allium (onions, garlic), yellow/orange/red peppers, leafy greens, and legumes. ... Benefits of eating cruciferous vegetables Like all other foods, vegetables are not created the same. "...

ONIONS are just as effective as chemotherapy at beating cancer


In fact, as early as 2006, researchers from the University of Milan have established the protective role of onions and other Allium vegetables against several types of cancer. ... The researchers noted that their findings aligned with those previously reported by studies from China, where people regularly ate Allium vegetables as part of their daily diet. "...

The missing link - How to beat cancer with garlic


Cancer risk was cut by 60% for the people with the highest intake of allium-containing vegetables, including aged garlic. ... (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov ) If you don't like garlic or if you desire a handful of other vegetables in the Allium genus, go buy some organic onions, shallots, leeks, scallions or chive herbs. "...

Eat Like the Mediterraneans and Lower Risk of Metabolic Syndrome and Cognitive Impairment


Potent beneficial compound of Mediterranean eating revealed A study in Italy considered the relationship between dietary intake of allium vegetables and cardiovascular diseases. The allium family consists of versatile vegetables high in beneficial sulfur compounds that give them their distinctive taste and aroma. "...

This ethnomedicinal fern from Nepal is rich in antioxidants and essential nutrients


Vegetables are rich in essential nutrients and active plant compounds that benefit the health in various ways. Reduce your intake of meat and junk food and eat more vegetables and other plant-based foods to enjoy their numerous health benefits. "...

5 Colorful foods that help lower cancer


They include mushrooms as well as members of the allium family like garlic and onions. ... The allium family is high in a chemical called allicin, which is a powerful antioxidant. "...

Grow your own onions for a sustainable supply of natural medicine


The best types of vegetables to plant are ones that are easy to grow, mature quickly and have medicinal or health-boosting properties. ... It is theorized that the Allium genus's natural cancer-fighting properties are related to the organosulfur compounds they contain. "...

Healing cancer with food: Some recommendations


Vegetables. Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli , cauliflower, and kale are low in calorie but high in fiber and nutrients. ... Besides cruciferous vegetables, allium vegetables like garlic and leeks also offer anticancer benefits . "...

Top 8 foods and herbs for healing cancer


Sea Vegetables Kelp, kombu, and nori are three of the more common sea vegetables with remarkable effects on cancer. ... Garlic A double blind, randomized study with over 3000 human subjects for seven clinical years showed that cancer risk was cut by 60% for those with the highest intake of allium containing vegetables, including aged garlic. "...

Bye, bye, bugs: 12 plants to keep the bugs away


Bye, bye, bugs: 12 plants to keep the bugs away Wednesday, August 08, 2018 by: Frances Bloomfield allium , basil , chrysanthemum , gardening tips , homesteading , insect-repelling plants , Lavender , lemon thyme , lemongrass , marigold , Mint , nasturtium , natural insect repellents , Off Grid living , petunia , pitcher plant , Rosemary - (Natural News ) Protecting your garden and yourself from unwanted pests can be a hassle. ... According to MotherNatureNetwork.com , there are 12 plants ...