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Meta (Facebook) to cosponsor event with Pfizer celebrating communist China


Joining Meta and Pfizer are Uber, Citi, and Alliance Bernstein, all of which support the CCP and its tyrannical agenda. ... Sources for this article include: Dossier.substack.com NaturalNews.com Previous :Our turn: Americans have every right to sue over covid mandates, especially now that the CDC is backtracking on its guidance Next : Covid lockdowns killed 20X more people than they ever could have saved - More news on Alliance Bernstein Meta (Facebook) to cosponsor ...

Meta and Pfizer to sponsor upcoming event series celebrating China's subjugation of Hong Kong


(Article by Jordan Schachtel republished from Dossier.Substack.com ) Meta (formerly known as Facebook), Pfizer, Uber, Citi and Alliance Bernstein are listed as the sponsors for an upcoming pro-CCP event organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong. "...

Sell Monsanto! List of top mutual funds to ditch because they own Monsanto shares


. - 11,426,858 shares • FMR LLC - 11,118,244 shares • Marsico Capital Managements, LLC - 11,079,586 shares • AllianceBernstein, L.P. - 9,876,978 shares Top Mutual Fund Holders • Vanguard / Primecap Fund - 6,707,060 shares • Market Vectors ETF Tr-Agribusiness ETF - 6,624,107 shares • Davis New York Venture Fund - 6,600,196 shares • Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund - 6,204,474 shares • Fidelity Growth Company Fund - 4,789,978 shares • Vanguard 500 Index Fund - 4,771,300 shares ...

Glenn Beck: An economic and financial hurricane is coming and Americans need to prepare for it


(Related: First JPMorgan’s Dimon, now Goldman Sachs’ Waldron: The world is about to get hit with an economic “hurricane.” ) “That [economic] hurricane is right out there down the road coming our way,” said Dimon at a conference sponsored by AllianceBernstein Holdings. "...

McDonald's to test run AI-powered drive-thru windows that don't need employees to take orders


On Wednesday, June 2, Kempczinski spoke at the Strategic Decisions conference of investment firm Alliance Bernstein. "...

Now it makes sense: Biden wanted out of Afghanistan so his Chinese masters could take control of lithium deposits ahead of electric car push


Director of emerging market debt at asset management firm AllianceBernstein, Shamaila Khan told CNBC’s “Squawk Box Asia” that minerals in Afghanistan “can be exploited ,” and with the Taliban now in control of those valuable resources, it is a “very dangerous proposition for the world.” "...

Want to protect your assets against inflation? Consider owning precious metals like gold and silver


“There is nothing in the details of the data that suggest inflation is fading in any meaningful way,” said Eric Winograd, senior economist for finance company AllianceBernstein. "...

'Unconscionable': Pfizer, Moderna to rake in combined $93 billion in 2022 COVID vaccine sales


According to the People’s Vaccine Alliance, the companies are pricing their vaccines by as much as $41 billion above the estimated cost of production. ... Bernstein analyst Ronny Gal said the company could ring up an additional $10 billion in vaccine sales in 2021. "...

The conspiracy myth


Journalists sometimes defied the interests of the powerful, as with Seymour Hersh’s expose of the My Lai massacre, or Woodward & Bernstein’s reporting on Watergate. ... The loss of trust in science, journalism, and government reflects their long corruption: their arrogance and elitism, their alliance with corporate interests, and their institutionalized suppression of dissent. "...

Vaccination news, articles and information:


Bill Gates group hurries along mass vaccination agenda by buying $1 billion in vaccines from GSK, Merck, and Pfizer 5/17/2016 - The developing nations of the world are apparently moving too slow with their vaccination efforts, which has prompted the Bill Gates-backed GAVI Alliance to take matters into its own hands. ... How the medical monopoly hides inconvenient vaccine truths 10/29/2011 - Carl Bernstein, one of the journalists of Watergate fame, once cautioned that what isn't ...



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