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Washington Post pushes weak Trump/Epstein connection, ignores Bill Clinton 'pedo island' allegation


Washington Post pushes weak Trump/Epstein connection, ignores Bill Clinton ‘pedo island’ allegation Wednesday, August 05, 2020 by: News Editors bill clinton , Chauntae Davies , deception , democrats , epstein , fake news , Jeffrey Epstein , Journalism , lies , mainstream media , Media Lies , molestation , Pedophilia , politics , propaganda , sexual harassment , WaPo , Washington Post - (Natural News ) “Before President Trump wished Ghislaine Maxwell ‘well,’ they had mingled for years in ...

New whistleblower allegation: YouTube manipulated ‘Federal Reserve’ search results in response to MSNBC host’s complaint


New whistleblower allegation: YouTube manipulated ‘Federal Reserve’ search results in response to MSNBC host’s complaint Wednesday, July 31, 2019 by: News Editors Blacklist , Censorship , Chris Hayes , compaint , deep state , Federal Reserve , Google , manipulation , search engine , search results , Tyranny , YouTube - (Natural News ) Google-owned YouTube manually adjusted search results for “Federal Reserve” after MSNBC host Chris Hayes complained about the prominence of anti-Fed videos ...

FBI reportedly ignored mountains of evidence against pedophile Jeffrey Epstein including allegation Bill Clinton was with “2 young girls” on island


FBI reportedly ignored mountains of evidence against pedophile Jeffrey Epstein including allegation Bill Clinton was with “2 young girls” on island Monday, August 03, 2020 by: JD Heyes bill clinton , conspiracy , court documents , Cover-Up , deep state , evil , FBI , Ghislaine Maxwell , intelligence community , Jeffrey Epstein , lawsuit , Pedo Island , pedophile , Prince Andrew , Virginia Roberts Giuffre - (Natural News ) The first question that Hillary Clinton should be asked by a reporter ...

#LiberalLogic101: 'Every woman has the right to be believed': Except those raped by Bill Clinton, beaten by Keith Ellison, groped by Cory Booker or killed by Ted Kennedy


Now, these same buffoons are pushing an allegation with no substance. I am not an attorney, but even I know that the who, when, where and why of the allegation need to be known for the allegation to have any substance. ... Politicizing of this allegation will do immense damage to anyone in the future who makes an allegation that can be substantiated. "...

Stunning hypocrisy: Dem probe of sex abuse charges against Rep. Keith Ellison finds allegations alone NOT enough to conclude guilt


A woman makes an allegation and so it must be believed, period – sans evidence, sans corroboration, sans an investigation. ... Further, “She has thus repeatedly placed the existence of the video front and center to her allegation, but then has refused to disclose it.” "...

NBC News totally exposed as a lying FAKE NEWS propaganda network desperately trying to destroy Brett Kavanaugh


CNN’s Jake Tapper tweeted , “Kavanaugh is quoted in the New Yorker story denying the allegation so of course, he had heard about it prior to publication.” ... The network was criticized again after a fourth sexual abuse allegation surfaced. "...

Impeachable! Biden abandoning thousands of Americans in Afghanistan as he takes Afghani citizens out ahead of our own


But now, not only should Biden be impeached, but he literally should be charged with treason — a strong allegation, yes, but imminently accurate. Unlike President Donald Trump, whose allegation of ‘treason’ and ‘sedition’ was based on the lie that he “incited” the January 6 breach at the Capitol Building — which we know was really a false flag attack planned by the FBI — Biden leaving American citizens to rot in Taliban cells if they even survive is unforgivable and cannot be allowed ...

Nancy Pelosi invests $1 million in cyber-security firm that faked evidence during Russia-gate scandal


The previously unknown company’s explosive allegation set off a seismic chain of events that engulfs U.S. national politics to this day,” Mate noted of CrowdStrike’s role in the Russian collusion scam. ... U.S. intelligence officials would soon also endorse CrowdStrike’s allegation and pursue what amounted to a multi-year, all-consuming investigation of Russian interference and Trump’s potential complicity,” he added. "...

Family doctor suspended after sharing Christian beliefs online


Family doctor suspended after sharing Christian beliefs online Sunday, December 27, 2020 by: News Editors allegation , Anti Christ , banned , beliefs , Censored , Christian , Family Doctor , LGBT , religion , speech police , suspension , thought police Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.hangthecensors.com/482595.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) A family doctor has been suspended from medical practice in Australia after sharing his Christian beliefs online. ... Significantly, ...

Mueller report says flatly NO Americans “colluded” with Russia during 2016 election: Where are the apologies from Left-wing liars Swalwell, Schiff, and the media?


There is no allegation that the conspiracy altered the vote count or changed any election result. ... They’ve invested so much into this. … They got nothing,” Conway said , calling on Schiff to resign for “peddling a lie day after day” regarding the collusion allegation. "...

Kavanaugh speaks out against bogus sexual assault allegations: "This never happened”


“I categorically and unequivocally deny this allegation,” he said in a statement . ... “This is a completely false allegation,” Kavanaugh said in a statement released by the White House. "...

"Corroborating" signed statements against Kavanaugh are a media hoax; no corroboration is found in any of the statements


Ford penned a letter detailing this allegation, which she sent to Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s (D-CA) office in July. ... Of course, this allegation cannot be verified. And that’s the point: it’s all designed to run out the clock. "...

ALL media outlets PULL live voting total update feeds - too many Americans watching vote-switching


This allegation is not yet confirmed. If the allegation can be confirmed, then it is beginning to appear that the former Obama officials may be involved in the theft of the 2020 Presidential Election. "...

LA Times columnist admits vaccine passports will 'single out' vaccine skeptics, 'break the resistance down'


Read more at: NationalFile.com and VaccineHolocaust.org Previous :“The largest tax hike in generations” could pay for up to 75% of Biden’s next spending plan Next : New York Times begins to doxx Derek Chauvin jurors as murder case falls apart - More news on bill clinton LA Times columnist admits vaccine passports will ‘single out’ vaccine skeptics, ‘break the resistance down’ Biden pick for Homeland Security will be a disaster and lead the reversal of Trump-era policies that kept America safe Democrats ...

'Deliberately corrupt': Nets hide Comey getting called out in Senate Hearing


He said he didn’t know that he allegation that he loved to talk to people about, that was the one with prostitutes in Moscow — he didn’t know that was suspected to be Russian disinformation. ... He said he didn’t know that he allegation that he loved to talk to people about, that was the one with prostitutes in Moscow — he didn’t know that was suspected to be Russian disinformation. "...

CONFIRMED: Ilhan Omar married her brother to get him into the United States, defrauding U.S. government and taxpayers


Likely because of this, however, Omar’s media and party supporters have been aggressively uninterested in a disturbing allegation about Omar with legal ramifications: that in 2009, she seems to have married her brother. That allegation has been public for nearly two years without Omar addressing its specific foundations. "...

When will the New York Times issue a retraction, apology for publishing fake news about Russian collusion?


And even after he won, she and her cohorts continued to unseat him with false allegation after false allegation, splitting this country in half and creating much chaos and violence along the way. "...

USA Today smears Kavanaugh, implying he's a pedophile... this is the media that claims to have a monopoly on "facts"


USA Today smears Kavanaugh, implying he’s a pedophile… this is the media that claims to have a monopoly on “facts” Sunday, September 30, 2018 by: JD Heyes baseless allegation , Brett Kavanaugh , Christine Blasey Ford , dishonest media , fake news , hoax , insanity , Journalism , left cult , Libtards , mainstream media , news cartels , pedophile allegations , USA Today - (Natural News ) The so-called “mainstream” media’s coverage of the sexual assault accusations against Supreme Court nominee ...

New York Senate Majority Leader calls for Gov. Cuomo's resignation over sexual misconduct allegations


The woman’s supervisor recently became aware of the allegation and alerted the governor’s counsel of it on Monday, March 8. (Related: Fifth woman comes forward to accuse Cuomo of sexual assault, calls for his resignation. ) “All allegations that we learn of directly or indirectly are going promptly to the investigators appointed by the attorney general,” Cuomo’s acting counsel, Beth Garvey, said following the sixth allegation. "...

Russia collusion hoax COLLAPSES following Robert Mueller's disastrous “testimony"


“There is no allegation in this indictment that any American citizen committed a crime,” Rosenstein said . “There is no allegation that the conspiracy changed the vote count or affected any election result. "...