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Optimum vitamin D blood saturation reduces all-cause mortality by nearly thirty percent


The result of a new meta-analysis study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that adequate circulating vitamin D reduces the risk of all-cause mortality by 29 percent. ... New evidence suggests that calcium provided from natural food sources (590 mg per day) provides a synergistic effect with vitamin D to dramatically lower all-cause mortality. "...

Swedish study finds that covid vaccines deplete the immune system, INCREASE all-cause mortality by 20%


According to the all-cause Swedish mortality data from 2015 to 2019, there is an average of 3,300 deaths every two weeks for a population of roughly 10.6 million. ... When these numbers are compared to a 2021 cohort of fully vaccinated people, it appears that the vaccines are increasing the all-cause mortality rate by 20 percent. "...

Data show excess mortality all around the world due to covid "vaccines"


Data show excess mortality all around the world due to covid “vaccines” Thursday, November 11, 2021 by: Ethan Huff badhealth , badmedicine , Big Pharma , COVID , Dangerous Medicine , depopulation , excess mortality , genocide , pharmaceutical fraud , Plandemic , spike protein , vaccine damage , Vaccine deaths , vaccine injury , vaccines Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.afinalwarning.com/570096.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) Summer 2021 going into Fall ...

Covid jabs linked to sharp death increase in the Netherlands


Every area where lots of people got injected has seen all-cause mortality skyrocket, the data shows. ... The EuroMOMO Bulletin continues to publish reports indicating that “an elevated level of excess mortality” is being seen all across Europe. "...

New study reveals regular garlic intake may lower mortality risk


In the study, the researchers looked at how garlic consumption affects all-cause mortality among 27,437 Chinese adults with a mean age of 92.9 years. ... The researchers also noted that greater garlic consumption corresponded to a lower risk of all-cause mortality even after hazard ratios for mortality were adjusted. "...

Drink coffee, live longer: Recent research finds 3 cups daily reduces the risk of death – from ALL causes


Drink coffee, live longer: Recent research finds 3 cups daily reduces the risk of death – from ALL causes Tuesday, December 05, 2017 by: Russel Davis all-cause mortality , cancer , coffee , coffee consumption , coffee intake , death , heart disease , longevity - (Natural News ) Drinking up to three cups of coffee daily may improve longevity and reduce the risk of all-cause mortality, according to a study published in the Annals of Internal ...

Study: mRNA vaccines increase risk of death from other causes


Study: mRNA vaccines increase risk of death from other causes Monday, May 09, 2022 by: Belle Carter badhealth , badmedicine , badscience , Big Pharma , biological weapon , conspiracy , covid-19 , Dangerous Medicine , deception , FDA , Moderna , mRNA vaccine , pandemic , Pfizer , pharmaceutical fraud , research , spike protein , vaccine damage , Vaccine deaths , vaccine injury , vaccine wars This article may contain statements that reflect the opinion of the author Bypass censorship by sharing this ...

Soda consumption linked to accelerated aging and increased mortality risk


Soda consumption linked to accelerated aging and increased mortality risk Monday, April 26, 2021 by: Joven Gray aging , all-cause mortality , badfood , badhealth , diabetes , junk food , research , soda , soft drinks , sugar addiction , sugary drinks , sweetened drinks , toxic foods , toxic ingredients Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.afinalwarning.com/506821.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) A recent study by researcher from the University of ...

The Mediterranean Diet Reduces Mortality From All Causes


During follow up for all-cause mortality from 1995 to 2005, 27,799 deaths were documented. ... Results indicated that the Mediterranean diet was associated with reduced all-cause and cause-specific mortality . "...

The Mediterranean Diet Reduces Mortality From All Causes


During follow up for all-cause mortality from 1995 to 2005, 27,799 deaths were documented. ... Results indicated that the Mediterranean diet was associated with reduced all-cause and cause-specific mortality . "...

Seven daily portions of fruits and vegetables lower all-cause risk of death more than 40 percent


Nutrition scientists have been promoting the effects of a diet filled with fruits and vegetables in their natural form for the better part of the last two decades, touting the plethora of protective flavonoids and fiber provided by these natural wonders. Most people would be impressed by the latest research showing that eating just seven daily portions of fruits and vegetables is enough to slash the risk of all-cause mortality by more than 40 percent as compared to those ...

German doctor confirms: Covid "vaccines" are the cause of excess mortality


All these institutions have this data. Since June, they have seen that we have an inexplicable excess mortality rate that can only be explained by the vaccinations. And what are they all doing? They’re certainly not sounding the alarm.” Reitz says that upwards of 75 percent of all excess mortality last year was due to the jabs. "...

Life insurance claims skyrocket after COVID jab rollout, prompting insurers to take legal action against vaccine manufacturers


Risch says that vaccine manufacturers misrepresented the “all-cause mortality” from their very own clinical trials, not only deceiving the population into taking dangerous vaccines, but also misleading the insurance companies who are now forced to pay for thousands of needless deaths in young and middle-aged adults. ... Risch said the actuaries were deceived on “all-cause mortality…from the original [vaccine] trials.” "...

Excess deaths from COVID-19 vaccines log 30% increase compared to pre-pandemic average


He compared the all-cause mortality rates between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated in each age group. ... He saw that all-cause mortality is higher among the vaccinated than the unvaccinated. "...

The Dr. Hotze Report: COVID-19 is man-made and vaccines are killing people, says Dr. Lee Merritt – Brighteon.TV


“In America, we can see all-cause mortality is through the roof. We’ve never seen anything like this. ... The company said that a 10 percent increase in all-cause mortality would equate to a one in 200-year occurrence, which means that a 40 percent increase is unbelievable. "...

More people died following Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine vs. a placebo during clinical trial


All-cause mortality standard All-cause mortality is the number of death due to any cause in both the control and treated groups of a clinical trial. ... Bunker, said: “When dealing with mortality as an endpoint of treatment, all-cause mortality is ignored at the peril of the investigators and the public.” "...

Dr. Robert Malone tells Dr. Steve Hotze: Highly vaccinated people are most vulnerable to infections and diseases – Brighteon.TV


Malone, one of the inventors of mRNA technology , noted that more information is emerging that there is a tight correlation between all-cause mortality increases and waves of vaccination. “So there’s a tight correlation there in their data that shows that as they have waves of vaccination, they [also] get another wave of increase in all-cause mortality,” the internationally recognized scientist and physician said. "...

The vaccinated are clearly dying off faster than the unvaccinated, according to UK data


Now, real-world data from the United Kingdom is showing trends that the covid-19 vaccines are enhancing severe disease and raising all-cause mortality rates , even after adjusting for age. ... The best way to gauge vaccine effectiveness in the population is to investigate all-cause mortality rates, while adjusting for age. "...

Covid jabs "appear to expose people to an increased mortality" – science


“When it comes to the vaccine, ultimately, the only truly objective way to evaluate its overall risk [vs.] benefit is to compare the all-cause mortality for the vaccinated against the unvaccinated,” he told LBC Radio. ... “In fact, if you take account of the fact that newly vaccinated people [who] die, [are] likely being misclassified as unvaccinated – because that’s the most likely explanation for the strange things in the data – then you get to the conclusion that the ...

Get up and MOVE: Sitting too long is linked to a higher risk of premature death, warn researchers


Data from the device was then compared to the volunteers’ “objective amount of sedentary activity with all-cause mortality.” ... The researchers concluded that sitting too long without engaging in physical activity increases one’s risk for all-cause mortality and that working out regularly can help offset the harmful side effects of prolonged inactivity and risk of premature death. "...