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Processed Cocoa Loses Two-Thirds of Health-Enhancing Alkaloids


A common process used to make cocoa more easy to digest and to mix into other foods eliminates approximately two-thirds of the flavanols originally contained in the plant, according to research published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. ... Follow real-time breaking news headlines on Cacao at FETCH.news The world of independent media, all in one place. - More news on cacao Original cacao is ancient treasure of chocolate from the Ecuadorian rainforest (updated) The power of cacao ...

Natural alkaloids extracted from daffodils discovered to have anti-cancer effects


Natural alkaloids extracted from daffodils discovered to have anti-cancer effects Sunday, March 18, 2018 by: Vicki Batts alternative medicine , anti cancer foods , anti-cancer , cancer , cancer treatments , daffodils , disease treatments , extracts , herbal medicine , Herbs , natural medicine , natural remedies , plant-based medicine - (Natural News ) There are many plants that can be grown in your garden and hold a place in your medicine cabinet. ... Sources for this article include: ScienceDaily....

Compounds from two Nigerian vegetables found to inhibit enzymes implicated in neurodegenerative diseases


Alkaloids from two African vegetables can inhibit enzymes that break down neurotransmitters Plants produce alkaloids as part of their defense mechanism against herbivores. Alkaloids are known to have pharmacological properties that benefit human health. "...

Nigerian vegetables show promise in preventing neurodegeneration


Ironically, alkaloids and similar chemicals that drive off or kill certain animals will not harm other forms of life. ... Increasing the dosage – and the amount of alkaloids – improved an extract’s suppression of the enzyme’s harmful activities. "...

Fungal chemicals kill cancer cells


Scientists believe that fungi use ETP alkaloids to prevent other organisms from moving into the territory where they are living. ... Follow real-time breaking news headlines on Alkaloids at FETCH.news The world of independent media, all in one place. - More news on alkaloids Do nightshade plants contribute to inflammation in susceptible individuals? "...

Plants “adapt or die” too: Study finds botanical defense mechanisms evolve based on herbivores’ immunity to chemical toxins


On the matter of Apocynaceae species that continue to produce pyrrolizidine alkaloids, Dr. Livshutlz suggested that these particular species are more vulnerable to non-Danainae insects that the alkaloids do deter. "...

2 Commonly consumed vegetables in southern Nigeria found to prevent neurodegeneration


The primary alkaloids in the extracts were identified via gas chromatography using a flame ionization detector. - The in vitro test measured the inhibitory effect of the alkaloids on the activity of two cholinesterases (acetylcholinesterase and butyrylcholinesterase) and monoamine oxidase. ... The researchers concluded that the alkaloids in utazi and Lasianthera africana possessed potential as adjuncts for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. "...

Oregon grape extract: A natural treatment for psoriasis


This common use is attributed to the rich number of alkaloids found in M. aquifolium, the most important of which is berberine. Britannica defines alkaloids as naturally-occurring nitrogen-based compounds that exert physiological effects on humans. "...

Beriba found to be cytotoxic against human cancer cells


Overall, the results of the study show that beriba has potent antimicrobial and anticancer effects that can be attributed to the presence of aporphine alkaloids. ... ALKALOIDS AND BIOLOGICAL ACTIVITY OF BERIBÁ (ANNONA HYPOGLAUCA). The Brazilian Journal of Pharmacognosy. 22 September 2016;27(1). "...

Flowering plant from the Amazon rainforest found to have anticancer potential


Flowering plant from the Amazon rainforest found to have anticancer potential Friday, February 01, 2019 by: Ellaine Castillo alkaloids , Annona hypoglauca , anti-cancer , Antimicrobial , aporphine alkaloids , beriba , cancer treatment , cytotoxic , goodcancer , goodhealth , natural remedies - (Natural News ) Cancer is a highly dreaded disease. ... This supports the idea that aporphine alkaloids are responsible for the plant’s cytotoxic activity. "...

Discover the incredible healing properties of Cat's Claw


However, there are two forms of these alkaloids. The POA/TOA Controversy Many consider pentacyclic oxindole alkaloids or POAs to be the more beneficial form. It's claimed that these POAs are hampered by the other type of alkaloids known as tetracyclic oxindole alkaloids or TOAs. "...

Nightshade Vegetables may Cause Adverse Reactions in Some People


Plants produce alkaloids primarily designed to help protect them from insects. But in a pharmacological sense the interest has been the drug-like alkaloids best known in mandrake, tobacco and belladonna (deadly nightshade.) Close examination reveals these alkaloids are chemical substances with strong physiological effects. "...

Do nightshade plants contribute to inflammation in susceptible individuals?


Alkaloids cause nervous system imbalances Alkaloids are referred to as pro-inflammatory markers. Below are examples of these naturally occurring drugs: Common alkaloids and their sources: Solanine - Potato and eggplant Tomatine - Tomato Nicotine - Tobacco Capsaicin - Peppers Just like tobacco, these alkaloids might be partially to blame for your addictive behaviors to some foods. "...

Study finds that common verbena treats convulsions better than conventional drugs


Results of these tests revealed that alkaloids and glycosides were present in the extracts. Previous studies have shown that the alkaloids piperine and berberine have anticonvulsant activity, which could mean that the currently unidentified alkaloids in the extracts might also be responsible for the plant’s anticonvulsant activity. "...

This West African vegetable can be used to heal an impaired liver


The researchers suggested that the healing and protective effects of the fluted pumpkin seed extract may be attributed to its phytochemical contents, such as flavonoids, terpenes, and alkaloids. ... Alkaloids and glycosides have also been reported to prevent cancer, while chlorophyllin found in chlorophyll causes an anti-promoting effect on skin cancer in mice. "...

The pharmacology and phytochemistry of Carthamus tinctorius L. (safflower)


(safflower) Tuesday, July 09, 2019 by: Janine Acero alkaloids , alternative medicine , Carthamus tinctorius , clean food , disease treatments , flavonoids , folk medicine , food cures , food is medicine , functional food , goodfood , goodhealth , goodmedicine , goodscience , heart health , herbal medicine , Herbs , natural cures , natural medicine , pharmacology , phytochemistry , plant components , Plants , remedies , research , safflower , science , superfoods , TCM , traditional Chinese ...

Quinine, the most popular and effective natural remedy for malaria


Taking very large doses of the pure alkaloids, however, can be dangerous. So the best ways to consume safe, therapeutic doses of quinine is to use the bark to make tea, or to take it in the form of "bitters," which contain a variety of other synergistic medicinal herbs. ... "Like the other alkaloids, it is antispasmodic. The bitter constituents of cinchona, including the alkaloids and quinovin, produce a reflex stimulation of the digestion as a whole, increasing stomach ...

Scientists develop GMO plant that produces pharmaceutical drugs


Chemists then added halogens like chlorine and bromine to the plants' biosynthetic mechanisms, which altered the composition of the final alkaloids. So instead of producing their natural alkaloids, the altered periwinkles literally started producing synthetic pharmaceutical drug versions of those alkaloids instead. "...

TCM's Coptis chinensis found to have neuroprotective effects against disease causes by oxidative stress, including Parkinson's


. - When the research team tested the alkaloids in the Chinese goldthread, they found that berberine and coptisine were the main active compounds responsible for the observed neuroprotective effect of the plant. - However, the full extract of the Chinese goldthread was more effective than the tested single alkaloids. - In the animal model of Parkinson’s disease, the Chinese goldthread improved motor functions and increased tyrosine hydroxylase-positive neurons. In conclusion, Chinese ...

Ashwagandha root is a natural anti-anxiety therapy


The adaptogens and alkaloids in ashwagandha root provide natural relief for anxiety and stress Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic herb and one of the most effective ones in relieving anxiety . ... In addition to adaptogens, ashwagandha contains plenty of alkaloids that help people calm down and relax. "...