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California passes legislation allowing the liquification of human bodies


Also known as alkaline hydrolysis, Californians will be able to choose this cremation method for their loved ones as early as 2020. ... It remained this way until the 1990s when two researchers at Albany Medical College in New York began disposing of lab animals through alkaline hydrolysis. "...

"Eco-friendly" company comes up with ingenious way to dispose of the entire population using city sewage systems (seriously)


alkaline hydrolysis , badclimate , badhealth , badmedicine , badpollution , badscience , bio-cremation , Biosludge , Biosolids , burial , chemicals , cremation , depopulation , liquid cremation , medical ethics , population reduction , remains , weird science - (Natural News ) It’s not the most pleasant topic, but at some point, you’ve probably thought about what you’d like to happen to your remains when you pass away. ... Hilton’s Aquagreen Dispositions uses a process called “alkaline ...

California may legalize "liquid cremation" in bizarre attempt to fight global warming


According to the head of the school’s Donated Body Program, Dean Fisher, the process does not use acid; instead, a chemical called potassium hydroxide is used to catalyze the hydrogen in water so it attacks the chemical bonds between the body’s molecules faster in a process known as alkaline hydrolysis. "...

Human composting legalization now promoted as "organic" fertilizer, just like biosludge sewage sludge from cities


Bill 5001, which flew through Washington’s Senate and House of Representatives with bipartisan majorities, provisions that the remains of deceased humans can legally be turned into “liquid compost” through a dissolving process known as alkaline hydrolysis, and then applied to growing soils across the state. "...

Cuttlefish bone is a natural biologically-active material that possesses great bone and wound healing properties


Traditional methods used alkaline hydrolysis in a degenerative process that is applied in the disposal of human remains . "...

Biosludge spread on food crops will soon contain dead human tissue as Washington legalizes "human composting"


Bill 5001 will take effect on May 1, 2020, allowing for human corpses to undergo a process known as “liquid cremation,” whereby alkaline hydrolysis is used to turn rotting flesh and bones into an “organic fertilizer” sludge. "...

New "recycling" technology is actually CANNIBALISM: Dead people are liquefied, drained into city sewers, then dumped on food crops as "biosludge"


The company is called Hilton’s Aquagreen Dispositions and touts its approach to dissolving dead bodies as “eco-friendly alkaline hydrolysis.” "...