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Scientists uncover “alien metals” from METEORITES in 3,000-year-old jewelry

February 16, 2024 -

The Treasure of Villena is a hoard of 59 gold-plated objects found in 1963 in southeastern Spain. It was discovered by a team led by archaeologist Jose Maria Soler while the team was excavating a dry river bed, the Rambla del Panadero, three miles north of the city of Villena.

Researchers examining the gold objects found meteoric iron in two pieces of jewelry in the set of artifacts that make up the hoard. The meteoric iron is an early-universe protoplanetary disk remnant ...

NASA’s next lunar mission could discover existence of life on the moon

June 21, 2023 -

NASA's Artemis 3 mission will be the first human lunar landing since Apollo 17 in December 1972 – the final flight of the Apollo program. Apollo 17 astronauts Eugene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt were the last humans to walk on the moon.

The Artemis 3 mission is intended to be the first of a number of human missions to the Artemis Polar Exploration Zone, the region poleward of 84 degrees south latitude. So far, only one Artemis mission has been launched – Artemis 1, which ...

NASA scientist is “absolutely certain” there is ALIEN LIFE in the universe

August 29, 2023 -

Michelle Thaller, a research scientist working at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland, said during an interview with the U.S. Sun that she believes there is alien life hiding out there.

"I definitely think we’ll find life on another planet. I think that in our own solar system, we’re quite close to it, but once again we don’t have that 100 percent thing," said Thaller. "On Mars, we see chemistry that on Earth if it were here, we would say is due to life. But ...

Harvard scientists believe debris of unidentified object found near Papua New Guinea could be remains of INTERSTELLAR SPACECRAFT

July 12, 2023 -

The Harvard pair recovered around 50 unusual iron spheres after tracking down an unidentified object, known as IM1, off the coast of Papua New Guinea as part of a $1.5 million underwater search mission. (Related: Harvard physicist wants to prove METEORITE that fell near Papua New Guinea is an ALIEN PROBE.)

Avi Loeb, former chair of Harvard's astronomy department who headed the research, noted that the latest lab analysis of the metal spheres revealed they are "anomalous" ...

NASA warns that East, Gulf coasts SINKING FASTER than other US regions – and it’s NOT caused by “climate change”

June 06, 2023 -

Land subsidence – the downward motion of land – is a legitimate concern for scientists due to the higher flood risk in coastal cities. This phenomenon is caused by human activity, such as the extraction of oil, water or minerals from underground. Buildings can also cause land subsidence by adding weight on the soil and pushing it down.

But according to NASA scientist David Bekaert, some land subsidence is linked to deep natural processes over long periods of time – such ...

Life on the Red Planet: Meteorite from Mars shows evidence of “fossilized bacteria”

September 22, 2019 -

Assigned the dry designation of ALH-77005, the new meteorite displayed features and impressions that might have originated from microorganisms. These biosignatures offered additional evidence that ancient Mars might have supported alien life.

Researchers from the Hungarian Academy of Science (HAS) applied imaging technologies that were unavailable to NASA during the 1990s. They found tiny filaments that might have been made by fossilized Martian microorganisms.

Their ...

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Researchers discover microscopic plant compound on meteorite fragment

Unexpected meteorite crash in Nicaragua highlights necessity of space program to protect from imminent danger

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Researchers discover microscopic plant compound on meteorite fragment

February 05, 2016 - Researchers discover microscopic plant compound on meteorite fragment

Friday, February 05, 2016 by: David Gutierrez, staff writerTags: panspermia, meteorites, life forms

Did life's building blocks form in space?

Have we already colonized other worlds?

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More news on panspermia

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Fragments of a rare meteorite shower small Brazilian town

September 02, 2020 -

The biggest meteorite fragment found so far weighed 88 pounds and was estimated to be worth about $ 26,000 – equivalent to 10 years worth of the annual average wage in Santa Filomena, northeastern Brazil. It was found on August 27 and has attracted multiple bidders from around the world.

Locals have hailed the meteor shower as a “miracle,” calling the event the day when “money fell from the sky.” Others have said that it was sent by God as many of the bigger rocks ...

2 New minerals discovered inside meteorite that crashed to Earth

December 08, 2022 -

The minerals were found inside a single 2.5-ounce slab of rock taken from the space rock dubbed El Ali. They were named elaliite and elkinstantonite. The first mineral was named after the meteorite, while the second was named after scientist Lindy Elkins-Tanton, an expert on meteors and space rocks.

Elkins-Tanton, the managing director of Arizona State University's Interplanetary Initiative, is also the lead researcher of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's ...

Meteorite impact 29M years ago responsible for desert glass, geologists say

January 12, 2023 -

The material, also called Libyan desert glass, is widely spread across the sands of the Sahara Desert. It has even been used in several ancient jewelry pieces. Two such pieces – a scarab carved from desert glass and a piece of pectoral jewelry – were buried alongside King Tutankhamun's tomb.

Glass is often formed from silica sand that melts at high temperatures. When molten material cools too fast, the molecules are unable to arrange in order and structure similar to ...

Meteorite in Michigan may hold clues to origin of life on Earth

October 29, 2020 -

Researchers from the U.S., Canada, Germany and China were able to pick up and examine the rock before it got “contaminated” by microbes and other substances on the earth. This gave them the unique opportunity to study the rock in its pristine form. The researchers found that the rock was teeming with organic compounds thought to be key ingredients to life on Earth.Rare meteorite rich in organic compounds

In January 2018, a fiery meteor lit up the skies over the Midwest ...

Lunar meteorite hints at the moon having water, once upon a time

June 15, 2018 -

Furthermore, the researchers believe the moon may contain underground pockets of water ice. Astronauts might be able to use these water caches for drinking and spacecraft fuel.

The discovery was made by researchers from Tohoku University (Tohoku) in Japan. They were studying a lunar meteorite recovered from a northwestern African desert when they came across moganite.

Moganite is more or less a quartz with a different crystal structure. This silicon dioxide mineral ...

Winchombe meteorite that crashed on driveway found to contain the building blocks of life

January 25, 2023 -

An analysis of the meteorite, headed by Dr. Queenie Chan from the Department of Earth Sciences at Royal Holloway, University of London, has found organic compounds from space that may hold the secrets to the origin of life. (Related: Organic matter found in ancient meteorites may hold clues to understanding the birth of life on Earth.)

Results of the study was published on January 9 in the journal Meteoritics & Planetary Science.

Chan and her team found a series ...

Ancient “desert glass” turns out to be from a 29-million-year-old meteorite

December 13, 2019 -

There was a meteor involved, but how?

The origins of LDG have always been a mystery. Found in the deserts of Libya and Western Egypt, the glass has been widely used as jewelry. In fact, it's the material ancient jewelers used to create Tutankhamun's pectoral scarab.

Scholars have long-standing debates on where LDG comes from. According to some, the glass is the result of a meteor outburst -- similar to that of the recent Chelyabinsk meteor. Others, however, proposed ...

Unexpected meteorite crash in Nicaragua highlights necessity of space program to protect from imminent danger

September 28, 2014 - Unexpected meteorite crash in Nicaragua highlights necessity of space program to protect from imminent danger

Sunday, September 28, 2014 by: David Gutierrez, staff writerTags: meteorite, Nicaragua, space program

City residents witnessed the explosion

Earth unprepared for asteroid impacts

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Harvard physicist wants to prove METEORITE that fell near Papua New Guinea is an ALIEN PROBE

March 31, 2023 -

Some say aliens use probes to examine eyes, noses, mouths and most organic parts of the human body. Others say probes might be used by aliens to make humans spawn alien-human hybrids.

Harvard physicist Avi Loeb, dubbed as the world's top alien hunter, is planning a $1.5 million-expedition to Papua New Guinea. He and his team plan to look for fragments of the CNEOS1 2014-01-08 meteorite, which landed just off the coast of the Pacific nation in 2014. There appears to be solid ...

Violent collisions in space millions of years ago led to 100 times more meteorite impacts on Earth and unleashed space dust, studies suggest

August 01, 2020 -

Birger Schmitz of Lund University in Sweden is leading the research on the meteorites aged millions of years old. His team's findings, published in the journal Nature, show that the meteorites hold new and important evidence of Earth’s past.

“Many of these meteorites are as different from the meteorites that fall today as some of the animals that were living in that time are compared to today’s animals,” he said.Massive collisions in the asteroid belt increased ...

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