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Pre-crime algorithm news, articles and information:


Pre-crime algorithm news, articles and information: Tweet Pin It Subscribe to the Health Ranger's FREE email newsletter Follow @HealthRanger Concepts related to Pre-crime algorithm pre-crime algorithm on NaturalPedia™ Today's Top Stories on NaturalNews Today | Week | Month | Year - FRAUD FROM DAY ONE: Stunning new report notes that COVID vaccines NEVER prevented spread of the virus - Prepper essentials: 50 Emergency items to stock up on before disaster strikes - NaturalNews....

TMAP, medication algorithm horrors, and the drugging of our children


The algorithm gives physicians information about interactions and options for switching drugs." ... The Sierra Times. 11 Feb 2005. http://www.sierratimes.com "Texas Medication Algorithm Project." "...

Silicon valley algorithm manipulation is the only thing keeping mainstream media alive


The answer is algorithm manipulation. > Here's @YouTube 's CEO openly admitting to: > > 1) Ranking corporate news higher in YT's algorithim > 2)Suppressing independent news/politics channels > 3)Suppressing people creating content "from their basement" (THE ORIGINAL PURPOSE of YT) > > This is scandaloushttps://t.co/B8G2AYvBul > > — Jordan (@JordanChariton) April 22, 2021 Last month a very informative interview saw the CEO of YouTube, which is owned by Google, candidly discussing the way ...

Scientists develop an algorithm that can scan millions of papers, PREDICT discoveries and "uncover hidden knowledge"


Using this, the algorithm could then learn how each of the words were related to one another. ... To further test Word2vec, the team had the algorithm perform experiments “in the past” – that is, the algorithm was only given abstracts up to a certain point in time, for example, the year 2000. "...

BOMBSHELL: Facebook whistleblower exposes malicious algorithm to shadow ban and "de-boost" conservative content


Posted at this link on ProjectVeritas.com , a former high-level Facebook employee has gone public with irrefutable proof that Facebook applies a “de-boost” algorithm to conservative content in order to suppress its visibility and sharing. ... Find more science, news, commentary and inventions from the Health Ranger at: Brighteon.com:Brighteon.com/channel/hrreport Diaspora: (uncensored social network) Share.NaturalNews.com GAB:GAB.com/healthranger Podcasts: HealthRangerReport.com Online store:HealthRangerStore....

Google degenerates into Ministry of Truth; all knowledge must now be pre-approved by search algorithm


The search engine giant is reportedly pioneering a new search algorithm that will tailor search results not based on popularity or accuracy, but rather on what Google itself deems to be truthful or untruthful. ... Known as the "Knowledge Vault," the novel algorithm is described by The New American as "an automated and super-charged version of Google's manually compiled fact database called Knowledge Graph." "...

Researchers develop algorithm that will allow robots to work together with humans … or hunt us like prey


This algorithm considers both distance and time. The researchers tested the new algorithm and found that it was able to provide better estimates compared to previous alignment algorithms. When the algorithm was incorporated into motion predictors, the robot was able to more accurately anticipate when and where a person is headed. "...

Media giant News Corp targeting censorship by Facebook, Google and Amazon in push for “Algorithm Review Board”


As reported by The Western Journal , Thompson has endorsed the formation of an “algorithm review board” whose job it would be to expose any arbitrary and unnecessary content restrictions or preferences regarding the way the companies provide content and how they make such determinations. ... Facebook and Google, especially, have been under fire lately for ‘algorithm changes’ that have downgraded content from conservative or right-leaning news and information providers. "...

Google builds an algorithm that will allow Antifa and BLM to target non-black-owned businesses for arson attacks and extortion


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SPECIAL REPORT: Police pre-crime algorithm uses social media posts against you in real time


(Story by Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton , republished from TruthStreamMedia.com ) We have finally reached the moment where Orwell's nightmare in 1984 meets the movie Minority Report. ... Follow real-time breaking news headlines on Pre-crime algorithm at FETCH.news The world of independent media, all in one place. - More news on pre-crime algorithm Seen.is now live: Is this uncensored social media site the next big thing in online free speech? "...

This research-based algorithm will help you determine how much caffeine you need to stay alert and boost performance


This research-based algorithm will help you determine how much caffeine you need to stay alert and boost performance Tuesday, March 10, 2020 by: Ralph Flores #nutrition , alertness , apps , brain function , caffeine , coffee , computing , goodfood , goodhealth , goodscience , goodtech , internet , medical tech , online tool , service members , sleep , U.S. ... While the online tool’s algorithm can greatly boost a person’s alertness, he was quick to add that it can never replace ...

Facebook changed its hate speech detector algorithm after finding nine of 10 instances involved anti-white hatred


According to Information Liberation, last year Facebook altered its “race-blind” hate speech detection algorithm specifically to allow more anti-white hatred to be posted to the platform. ... As such, Facebook’s engineers obviously viewed their original algorithm as a failure of the system and thus it must now be changed to allow more anti-white hatred to be posted. "...

Amazon mimics Google: E-tailer giant changes its product-search algorithm to favor items more profitable for the company


Lawyers with Amazon tossed aside the first proposal for how to add profit directly into a new algorithm, noting that such a change could pose significant anti-trust issues for Amazon. ... Officials with Amazon would not say why the A9 search team thought the algorithm change to emphasize profitability would be a significant one — or much anything else about the project, the WSJ noted. "...

China's police state algorithm flags citizens who own too many books... because now even that's suspicious


Sources for this article include: TechnologyReview.com Previous :California is burning because of failed, ill-conceived left-wing “global warming” policies Next : Not a joke: “Ecosexual” college professors enjoy having sex with trees - More news on autonomy Blackout risk in California: EV owners told to avoid charging their vehicles or the power grid might collapse New York bill threatens basic rights of citizens with forced COVID vaccinations, quarantine camps Fauci now blaming “nature” for the ...

New study confirms: Facebook’s algorithm change is boosting liberal news sites while destroying traffic to conservative media


“This algorithm change, intentional or not, has in effect censored conservative viewpoints on the largest social media platform in the world. ... Sources include: TheOutline.com WesternJournal.com NaturalNews.com Previous :Report: “Internet Bill of Rights” concept gains traction as Trump gets alerted to big tech’s censorship Next : Alt-Left hate parade: Student carrying pro-Trump flag BEATEN during anti-gun school walkout - More news on Algorithm Stunning: Montana election integrity ...

New level of intelligence: A new AI can teach itself with a “reinforcement learning algorithm” resulting in “superhuman” abilities within hours


The AlphaZero algorithm, a collaboration between Google and DeepMind, has recently shattered records . ... On the other hand, the trained algorithm ran on a single machine that had four TPUs. "...

YouTube's search algorithm now shows you what Google WANTS you to see rather than what you're searching for


(Related: YouTube employees suddenly find themselves on the front lines of a shooting war that they started via censorship and oppression of speech. ) In the latest example of this avalanche of censorship, YouTube’s new search algorithm now presents you not with all the videos related to a specific search – and not even the videos most relevant to that search – but whichever videos Google, which purchased the site in November 2006, believes you should see . ... Sources for this article include: ...

Google rewrites algorithm to manually crush independent media because mainstream media's lies can't compete with the truth on a level playing field


According to Google, the decision to introduce the new algorithm was sparked by the 2016 presidential election, where the issue of so-called “fake news” was consistently debated on the national stage. ... Sources: Infowars.com DailyCaller.com Previous :Climate change cultists are now taking over your local weather forecast Next : Weather modification programs have been run by the US government since 1953 - More news on Algorithm Stunning: Montana election integrity organization ...

Google to start labeling true news "false" and fake news "true" - algorithm assumes official fake news sources always tell the truth


As reported by The Guardian , Google – which is following Facebook’s lead – has tweaked its news-gathering algorithm to weed out so-called “fake news” that it claims is spreading “misinformation” via the Internet: Googleis to start displaying fact-checking labels in its search results to highlight news and information that has been vetted and show whether it is considered to be true or false, as part of its efforts to help combat the spread of misinformation and fake news. ... Make sure ...

Researchers develop an algorithm that tells robots where humans are going: Tool can soon allow humans and robots to work in a factory setting… or someday hunt us like prey


When a new trajectory alignment algorithm was put in place, the robot became braver and its motion predicting software became more precise. ... An algorithm like this could, one day, allow robots to hunt us down like prey If an algorithm can train a robot to predict human movement and clear a human’s path, then that same programming can be used for more nefarious purposes. "...