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Dugin: World War 3 is coming


Meanwhile, here’s Putin’s favorite Russian nationalist ideologue, Alexander Dugin, with some rather less sunny words. ... Read more at: TheBurningPlatform.com Previous :With globalists using food as a weapon, skyrocketing violence in Democrat-run cities all across America will explode when people realize the food chain they knew is never coming back Next : Chicago declares itself a ‘sanctuary city’ for abortion, transgender surgeries - More news on Alexander Dugin ...

Assassination of top Putin adviser's daughter by suspected Ukrainian operatives puts Europe on hair-trigger for World War III


“The daughter of Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin was assassinated in Russia after a bomb detonated over the weekend. ... An addendum to the initial report, sent shortly after the original, provided an update: “There’s an anti-Putin Russian nationalist group calling themselves the National Republican Army who are taking responsibility for the car bomb that killed Alexander Dugin’s daughter. "...

Pro-Putin ideologue predicts World War III as Russian leader calls up 300,000 reservists for war in Ukraine


Alexander Dugin, one of Putin’s main cheerleaders, also warned that World War III looms . ... Dugin is not wrong that the West has turned the conflict in Ukraine into a proxy war against Russia. "...