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Methylcobalamin nutrient offers solution for sleep disorders, mental alertness


Consumers suffering from mental decline, sleeplessness or other nervous system disorders may be feeling the effects of vitamin B12 deficiency, according to recent research. ... Supplementation can also lead to better sleep quality, daytime alertness, increased concentration and better mood. "...

Dark chocolate increases attention and alertness while improving blood flow


There is some good news for the chocolate lovers out there: a new study carried out by researchers from Northern Arizona University reveals that the intake of dark chocolate with at least 60 percent cacao could be the key to improving attention and alertness and get you through the afternoon slump. ... He further notes that only dark chocolate that contains at least 60 percent cacao will boost alertness and attention, not the sugary, milky stuff a normal chocolate bar provides. ...

Blue light can help fight fatigue and improve your alertness


If you feel fatigued and have trouble maintaining focus at work, you aren't the only one. "...

Coffee myth busted: morning cups offer no boost in mental alertness


Coffee myth busted: morning cups offer no boost in mental alertness Monday, March 26, 2007 by: Christian Evans coffee , caffeine , coffee consumption - https://www.naturalnews.com/021738_coffee_caffeine.html Tweet View this article in a printer friendly layout - New research presented to the British Nutrition Foundation shows that regular consumption of coffee does not affect a person’s alertness. ... Bottom line • Coffee does not affect alertness, according to a new study ...

Smartphones are keeping kids up at night, damaging their development and alertness during the day


Smartphones are keeping kids up at night, damaging their development and alertness during the day Friday, November 18, 2016 by: D. ... Sources: Cbc.ca JamaNetwork.com StanfordHealthCare.org Science.NaturalNews.com Med.Umich.edu BabySafeProject.org Previous :Riding your bike to work significantly helps reduce your chance of heart disease Next : Venom from the world’s deadliest snakes could be used for pain relief - More news on Babysafeproject.org Smartphones are keeping kids up at night, ...

Coffee doesn't really boost your energy or alertness, study reveals


Regular coffee drinkers who received the placebo also scored lower on objective tests of alertness than members of all other groups. ... The study supports the theory that the body quickly develops a dependence on caffeine, soon requiring it just for normal levels of alertness. "...

This research-based algorithm will help you determine how much caffeine you need to stay alert and boost performance


The current tool provides a recommended dose of caffeine in terms of milligrams, based on self-reported data like desired peak-alertness periods, minimum desirable level of alertness and maximum tolerable daily coffee intake. It also predicts a person’s “average” alertness based on his sleep/wake and caffeine schedules, even if the person did not have a good night’s sleep. "...

Just THINKING about coffee is enough to give you a boost, says study


The researchers posited that the effect was possible because most Americans “associate coffee with productivity and alertness.” ... This isn’t the first study to suggest that you can enhance your mental alertness without drinking coffee. "...

Blue light found to improve brain function and focus better than coffee


Not only does exposure to blue light help promote better focus, according to the latest data, even in the presence of distractions, but it also enhances overall psychomotor function and alertness. ... Blue light also shown to help treat pain, improve brain function among blind individuals The study builds on related research involving the use of blue light to improve memory, alertness and reaction time. "...

Avoid Sugar and Caffeine - Natural Energy Boosters That Work


Herbal tonics are effective for increasing stamina, reaction speed, concentration and mental alertness. ... The smell of peppermint has been shown to lower fatigue, increase alertness, and decrease frustration. "...

Yawns really ARE contagious; science explains why


Yawns really ARE contagious; science explains why Wednesday, May 23, 2018 by: Michelle Simmons alertness , communication , contagious yawning , empathy , herd animals , mind body science , science , sleepiness , tiredness , yawn , yawning - (Natural News ) Do you find yourself with an urge to yawn after seeing someone else do it? ... However, today, they think that it can communicate a shift in alertness to boredom. "...

Put your phone away: Late-night smartphone use linked to sleep disorders and increased risk of serious health problems


Put your phone away: Late-night smartphone use linked to sleep disorders and increased risk of serious health problems Sunday, November 10, 2019 by: Lance D Johnson alertness , artificial light , badhealth , biological rhythms , blue light , devices , disease causes , Glitch , immunity , information technology , light exposure , light pollution , melatonin levels , mobile devices , mood , REM Sleep , rest , sleep cycles , sleep quality , stimulation , streaming - (Natural News ) When the ...

Science says there's no such thing as a sugar rush – it's actually a "sugar crash"


Science says there’s no such thing as a sugar rush – it’s actually a “sugar crash” Sunday, September 01, 2019 by: Zoey Sky added sugar , alertness , artificial sweeteners , badfood , badhealth , diabetes , diet , fight obesity , ingredients , junk food , mental health , metabolic syndrome , mood , obesity , research , science , snacks , soda , sugar , sugar consumption , sugar crash , sugar rush , sugary drinks , sugary snacks , sweeteners , toxic ingredients - (Natural News ) Some people ...

Drink matcha tea to enjoy these 6 health-boosting benefits


A super tea that improves focus and alertness while also purifying the body When it comes to amino acid content, matcha tea is the best among all teas. ... The caffeine in matcha increases the alertness and concentration of a person. At the same time, its high levels of L-theanine calms the person. "...

Why daytime napping is good for your brain


. - Napping improves alertness — When it comes to improving alertness, studies have shown that shorter naps are better compared to longer ones. ... Meanwhile, a 30-minute nap, which is great for helping with sleepiness and fatigue, can lead to a period of impaired alertness. "...

Research finds the performance enhancing benefits of caffeine are more profound in those who don’t drink coffee, tea or energy drinks on a daily basis


According to scientists, caffeine was known to enhance muscle strength, mental alertness, and overall performance by reducing the perception of effort during intense activity. ... “Initially, you will notice that you don’t quite get that same burst of energy, alertness, and focus as you did when you first started drinking coffee. "...

Using light-emitting electronic devices before bedtime can negatively impact sleep, overall health


"Participants reading an LE-eBook took longer to fall asleep and had reduced evening sleepiness, reduced melatonin secretion, later timing of their circadian clock and reduced next-morning alertness than when reading a printed book." ... The study, titled "Evening use of light-emitting eReaders negatively affects sleep, circadian timing, and next-morning alertness," provides further elaboration as to why this occurs: Mounting evidence from countries around the world shows the negative ...

Naps are good! 12 tips to get the best nap and 6 ways napping can improve your health


A study of night workers found that, though an evening nap plus caffeine was one way to stay awake, a nap alone improved alertness, and without the damaging caffeine side effects. - Nap smarter! ... 6 nap health benefits: - Again, napping is a boon to your alertness: A study by NASA found that there were higher measures of alertness in pilots after just a 40-minute nap, when compared to pilots who did not get one. "...

Everything you need to know about getting a good night's sleep


Everything you need to know about getting a good night’s sleep Monday, July 16, 2018 by: Zoey Sky alertness , brain function , brain health , mental health , mind body science , mind-brain connection , napping , neurocognitive health , Psychology , science , sleep , sleep deprivation , sleep misconceptions , sleep quality , sleep schedule - (Natural News ) Not many are aware that good sleep quality is linked to mental health, just as getting enough rest can help restore your physical health....

Aromatherapy in action - Peppermint aroma improves memory and concentration


Peppermint was shown to increase alertness and memory, while ylang-ylang appeared to impair both. Another study published in the International Journal of Neuroscience again showed the aroma of peppermint led to improved memory and alertness. "...