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Alcoholic beverages news, articles and information:


Alcoholic beverages news, articles and information: Tweet Pin It Concept-related articles: Alcohol: - Just how far will the alcohol industry go to protect its profits? ... - Light alcohol consumption tied to increased risk of breast cancer in women Beverages: - Consuming certain beverages will dehydrate the entire body Products: - Interview with Alan Friedman from Good Cause Wellness about Antioxidants, Agave Nectar and Chia Seeds Information: - Empower yourself ...

Missouri grocery store repurposing salad bars due for coronavirus – they now contain cereals, candies and even alcoholic beverages


Missouri grocery store repurposing salad bars due for coronavirus – they now contain cereals, candies and even alcoholic beverages Tuesday, May 26, 2020 by: Arsenio Toledo buffet , China , coronavirus , covid-19 , Dierbergs Markets , economy , Flu , government , grocery stores , hygiene , infections , outbreak , pandemic , reopening , restaurant , restaurant chains , restaurants , salad bar , superbugs , supermarket , virus Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.distributednews....

Expert says we're not drinking enough beer


For some readers, the headline to this story sounds like a dream come true, most likely. ... Sign the Food Babe's petition for full disclosure Scientists add electrolytes to beer in effort to create 'hangover-free' alcohol Hidden GMOs identified in popular beers The Big Beer Cover-Up Exposed; MillerCoors Caught Hiding Ingredients Facts from Consumers List of legal beer additives includes fish bladder, MSG, high-fructose corn syrup and insect dyes 10 reasons you should drink beer Filtration technique ...

Does your alcoholic beverage contain heavy metals?


But could a hidden danger be lurking in that enjoyable alcoholic drink? According to a recent study conducted by researchers from the U.S. ... However, the recent study found that food grade DE used to filter alcoholic beverages can have the opposite effect: It can actually increase the levels of heavy metals like arsenic in these drinks. "...

Consuming certain beverages will dehydrate the entire body


Consuming certain beverages will dehydrate the entire body Monday, June 17, 2013 by: Wendy Merrill dehydration , beverages , caffeine Paste your 728 x 90 Adsense code block here. ... Alcohol also shares the diuretic quality, so consuming beer and wine, though liquids, will accomplish the same dehydrating effect as the non-alcoholic beverages. "...

Consuming more than 5 alcoholic drinks per week increases your risk of oral cancer: Analysis


Studies also revealed that the type of alcohol being consumed is irrelevant as all alcoholic beverages contain ethanol. In fact, standard size drinks of any type all contain half an ounce of ethanol each while stronger and larger servings of alcoholic beverages contain more. "...

Migraine, again? Alcohol may be the reason why your head hurts


A study published in the European Journal of Neurology revealed that consumption of alcoholic beverages is a migraine trigger. ... In addition, the team found that red wine, in particular, would most likely trigger an attack among the alcoholic beverages studied. "...

Everything in moderation – including exercise: Researchers determine too much can cause heart disease, especially in white men


The phrase “everything in moderation” has usually been associated with eating delicious-but-deadly foods, drinking alcoholic beverages, and other obvious activities that can be dangerous in excess. "...

Alcohol abuse leads to cancer, strokes, heart disease, brain damage


While we often associate alcohol abuse with car crashes and cirrhosis of the liver, these are not the only health risks posed by drinking too many alcoholic beverages. ... According to a 2011 European study , consumption of alcoholic beverages is one of the most prevalent known causes of human cancer after smoking, chronic infection, and obesity. "...

Scientists study how proteins affect the quality, flavor and bubbles of beer


Scientists study how proteins affect the quality, flavor and bubbles of beer Wednesday, April 11, 2018 by: Janine Acero alcohol consumption , alcohol intake , beer , beer production , beer quality , brewing beer , dementia , food science , heart disease , kidney stones , Proteins , Type 2 Diabetes , weird science , xanthohumol - (Natural News ) People have been brewing beer for thousands of years, but few studies have explored the science behind the process of making one of the most popular alcoholic ...

Feds block herbal molecule that makes drinking alcohol less dangerous to your liver — Health Ranger


Feds block herbal molecule that makes drinking alcohol less dangerous to your liver — Health Ranger Wednesday, November 22, 2017 by: David Armstrong Alcohol , alcoholic beverages , bureaucracy , corporate interests , FDA , federal government , herbal molecule , licorice root , liver damage , liver protection , NTX , protective properties , reduced toxicity , USDA - (Natural News ) In recent weeks Natural News founder/editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger , exposed yet another monumental ...

"Firebreak" lockdown in Wales sees non-essential items covered in grocery stores


A report by Sun Online shared pictures of supermarket chains Tesco and Asda covering up non-essential goods such as books, clothes, beddings, alcoholic beverages, and electronics. "...

Avoid these 5 foods that lower testosterone levels


If you’re worried about your testosterone levels, avoid alcoholic beverages and foods like pastries and certain fats . "...

One of the best ways to preserve your hearing? Don't drink while listening to loud music


Don’t drink while listening to loud music Tuesday, May 29, 2018 by: Carol Anderson Alcohol , alcoholic beverage , auditory cortex , auditory nerves , badhealth , bloodstream , Brain , clubs , concert , disease causes , dizziness , drugs , ear fluid , ear hail cells , earplugs , ears , excessive drinking , hearing loss , music festivals , prevention , research , tinnitus - (Natural News ) Everyone knows that too much alcohol is bad for your health, but a new study says that it can also result ...

Why does drinking alcohol or sugary drinks make us thirsty?


Tuesday, May 15, 2018 by: Ralph Flores added sugar , addiction , Alcohol , alcohol addiction , brain function , FGF21 , fibroblast growth factor 21 , hormones , hydration , Liver , mind body science , proper nutrition , research , science , sugar , sugar addiction , sugary water , thirst , water intake - (Natural News ) Not all drinks were made to quench a person’s thirst: Far from it, alcoholic beverages and those that contain sugar make us even thirstier, and scientists may have ...

Alcohol bureau faces lawsuit for restricting free speech about safer drinking


Because health claims on alcoholic beverages are prohibited under the U.S. Treasury's Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau – the agency responsible for regulating marketing claims on alcoholic beverages, among other things – Chigurupati Technologies and Bellion Vodka cannot market their product for what it is. ... In other words, individual states have no control over labeling on alcoholic beverages. "...

Two Alcoholic Drinks Daily Raise Pancreatic Cancer Risk


The body of evidence linking alcohol consumption with increased cancer risk has been added to by a study recently published in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention, which found that drinking two alcoholic drinks every day can increase one's risk of getting pancreatic cancer. ... Based on available information on the study subjects' dietary habits, the researchers found that persons who consumed two or more alcoholic drinks per day had 22% increased risk of pancreatic cancer, ...

Cannabis beer? Researchers race to make recreational beverages from drinkable marijuana


The effects of edible marijuana are quite different from that of alcoholic drinks. ... Cannabiniers and like-minded companies have been developing non-alcoholic marijuana beverages that sped up the time it took for the effects to set in. "...

Government 'experts' claim all alcohol, including red wine, is bad for you: Here's why they're wrong


The government now recommends that both men and women refrain from consuming more than 14 units of alcoholic beverages per week (a unit is the equivalent of a shot, a glass of wine, or 12 ounces of a typical beer). ... It adds that it would be easier to achieve similar benefits with exercise and a good diet – although it is not clear why these options are mutually exclusive, or how getting regular exercise is easier than drinking a few alcoholic beverages per week....

Five ways drinking helps your health


Evading a mental problemIt cannot be denied that alcoholic beverages excel in keeping the brain safe from stroke. ... Escaping kidney concerns Scientific experts have also determined that alcoholic beverages shine in terms of their calcium-regulating capabilities. "...